CurrencyDex Data Services

Instant access to the worlds Currency Market Data

Global Currency markets, Gold, Silver and Crypto Currency data


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Flexible Pricing

Select a pre-configured service or build your own data service - every aspect of your data service may be customized to meet your Corporate or Personal data requirements.

Simple Integration

Standards based data formats include JSON, CSV or XML. Select the format that works best for you, your existing systems, or developers preference.

Accurate Rates

CurrencyDex data engine receives data from many sources and locations. Minimal internal latency ensures that new pricing data is available promptly, while advanced outlier detection helps keep it real.

Flexible & Powerful Data API

CurrencyDex Currency Data API provides unified access to many global Currency, Metals and Blockchain markets. Providing Tick Data, OHLC Data and Real-Time Currency Conversion from around the world.

Customizable API Limits

Whether you need Daily data access, Hourly data, or Tick data 1,000,000 times a day, CurrencyDex has you covered, even as your requirements change.

Real-Time or Historical Data

Real-Time Tick Data includes Bid, Ask, Mid market rates.
Real-Time OHLC (Candlestick data) is up to date - accurate up to and including the latest Tick, across all data intervals.


Consistent, reliable live market and historical pricing data

The CurrencyDex Currency data API offers real-time latest Bid/Ask/Mid, as well as "Live" and Historical OHLC market data (ie "Candlestick" data). With 23 different data intervals ranging from 5-second to yearly, including several not commonly available.


High Frequency Data Updates and API Requests

Data updates up to several times per second, depending on the market and the time of day.

Live OHLC (Candlestick) data is always live, up to and including the latest tick across all OHLC intervals.