XRP/EUR 0.52050
Today's change -0.02262 (-4.172%)
Today's High 0.52429
Today's Low 0.51340
Today's Open 0.52241
52wk High 2.80705
52wk Low 0.18950
52wk Open 0.20028

Ripple Crypto Currency / European Union Euro

Current Ripple / Euro Cross Rates

CurrencyBid (Price to Sell)Ask (Price to Buy)Change (Today)
AED/EUR0.23340.23350.0024 (1.04%)AEDEUR Chart
AUD/EUR0.647200.647300.00433 (0.67%)AUDEUR Chart
BCH/EUR861.10000864.00000101.60000 (10.54%)BCHEUR Chart
CAD/EUR0.660570.660680.00132 (0.20%)CADEUR Chart
CHF/EUR0.864340.864490.00934 (1.09%)CHFEUR Chart
CNH/EUR0.13410.13420.0005 (0.37%)CNHEUR Chart
CNY/EUR0.13410.13420.0009 (0.68%)CNYEUR Chart
CZK/EUR0.038860.038900.00005 (0.13%)CZKEUR Chart
DASH/EUR272.20500273.6990030.03300 (9.91%)DASHEUR Chart
DKK/EUR0.134250.134270.00001 (0.01%)DKKEUR Chart
ETC/EUR13.0140013.052000.79250 (5.73%)ETCEUR Chart
ETH/EUR492.86000492.8800052.37000 (9.60%)ETHEUR Chart
EUR/AED4.28254.28500.0448 (1.04%)EURAED Chart
EUR/AUD1.544871.545120.01041 (0.67%)EURAUD Chart
EUR/BCH0.001157410.001161310.00012218 (11.78%)EURBCH Chart
EUR/CAD1.513591.513840.00300 (0.20%)EURCAD Chart
EUR/CHF1.156751.156950.01264 (1.08%)EURCHF Chart
EUR/CNH7.45227.45550.0314 (0.42%)EURCNH Chart
EUR/CNY7.45077.45600.0532 (0.71%)EURCNY Chart
EUR/CZK25.7086125.731370.03319 (0.13%)EURCZK Chart
EUR/DASH0.003653650.003673700.00036315 (11.00%)EURDASH Chart
EUR/DKK7.447597.448760.00045 (0.01%)EURDKK Chart
EUR/ETC0.076616610.076840330.00439826 (6.08%)EURETC Chart
EUR/ETH0.002028890.002028970.00019487 (10.63%)EURETH Chart
EUR/GBP0.876150.876300.00082 (0.09%)EURGBP Chart
EUR/HKD9.151819.153530.10096 (1.09%)EURHKD Chart
EUR/HUF319.135319.4351.336 (0.42%)EURHUF Chart
EUR/INR79.0579.051.16 (1.45%)EURINR Chart
EUR/JPY127.560127.5792.960 (2.27%)EURJPY Chart
EUR/KRW1255.20001257.70008.6500 (0.68%)EURKRW Chart
EUR/LTC0.009901970.009915720.00072651 (7.91%)EURLTC Chart
EUR/MXN22.7811322.783980.51205 (2.20%)EURMXN Chart
EUR/NOK9.518599.521910.03087 (0.33%)EURNOK Chart
EUR/NZD1.685361.685790.01231 (0.73%)EURNZD Chart
EUR/PLN4.307514.311520.02711 (0.63%)EURPLN Chart
EUR/REP0.030327840.030446030.00432175 (16.58%)EURREP Chart
EUR/RON4.62394.63170.0019 (0.04%)EURRON Chart
EUR/RUB72.684072.75900.6165 (0.86%)EURRUB Chart
EUR/SAR4.37394.37460.0464 (1.05%)EURSAR Chart
EUR/SEK10.2116110.214910.02229 (0.22%)EURSEK Chart
EUR/SGD1.564311.564770.01356 (0.86%)EURSGD Chart
EUR/THB37.18037.2800.513 (1.36%)EURTHB Chart
EUR/TRY5.499725.501670.08382 (1.50%)EURTRY Chart
EUR/TWD34.948134.97310.2630 (0.75%)EURTWD Chart
EUR/USD1.166281.166410.01251 (1.06%)EURUSD Chart
EUR/XAG0.070500.070620.00059 (0.83%)EURXAG Chart
EUR/XAU0.000894410.000894690.00001651 (1.81%)EURXAU Chart
EUR/BTC0.000159000.000159000.00001165 (7.91%)EURXBT Chart
EUR/XMR0.007124540.007125550.00039964 (5.94%)EURXMR Chart
EUR/XRP1.919348961.923076920.07889674 (4.28%)EURXRP Chart
EUR/ZAR14.5626714.576230.25085 (1.69%)EURZAR Chart
EUR/ZEC0.004442080.004459910.00066006 (17.41%)EURZEC Chart
GBP/EUR1.141161.141360.00105 (0.09%)GBPEUR Chart
HKD/EUR0.109250.109270.00119 (1.10%)HKDEUR Chart
HUF/EUR0.003130530.003133470.00001316 (0.42%)HUFEUR Chart
INR/EUR0.012650220.012650220.00018295 (1.47%)INREUR Chart
JPY/EUR0.007838280.007839450.00017773 (2.32%)JPYEUR Chart
KRW/EUR0.00079510.00079670.0000054 (0.68%)KRWEUR Chart
LTC/EUR100.85000100.990007.98500 (7.33%)LTCEUR Chart
MXN/EUR0.043890.043900.00096 (2.24%)MXNEUR Chart
NOK/EUR0.105020.105060.00034 (0.32%)NOKEUR Chart
NZD/EUR0.593190.593350.00430 (0.73%)NZDEUR Chart
PLN/EUR0.231940.232150.00147 (0.63%)PLNEUR Chart
REP/EUR32.8450032.973005.45650 (14.22%)REPEUR Chart
RON/EUR0.21590.21630.0001 (0.05%)RONEUR Chart
RUB/EUR0.0137440.0137580.000118 (0.85%)RUBEUR Chart
SAR/EUR0.22860.22860.0024 (1.06%)SAREUR Chart
SEK/EUR0.097900.097930.00021 (0.21%)SEKEUR Chart
SGD/EUR0.639070.639260.00549 (0.87%)SGDEUR Chart
THB/EUR0.026824030.026896180.00036507 (1.38%)THBEUR Chart
TRY/EUR0.181760.181830.00272 (1.52%)TRYEUR Chart
TWD/EUR0.02860.02860.0002 (0.70%)TWDEUR Chart
USD/EUR0.857330.857430.00910 (1.07%)USDEUR Chart
USD/XRP1.649838321.652100650.08670956 (5.54%)USDXRP Chart
XAG/EUR14.1607014.184300.11741 (0.84%)XAGEUR Chart
XAU/EUR1117.7091118.05720.255 (1.85%)XAUEUR Chart
BTC/EUR6289.200006289.30000497.25000 (7.33%)XBTEUR Chart
XMR/EUR140.34000140.360008.34000 (5.61%)XMREUR Chart
XRP/EUR0.520000.521010.02229 (4.11%)XRPEUR Chart
XRP/USD0.605290.606120.03358 (5.25%)XRPUSD Chart
ZAR/EUR0.068600.068670.00115 (1.70%)ZAREUR Chart
ZEC/EUR224.22000225.1200039.12000 (14.83%)ZECEUR Chart

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