XAG/GBP 12.35505
Today's change +0.02154 (0.175%)
Today's High 12.37307
Today's Low 12.31601
Today's Open 12.32330
52wk High 13.87050
52wk Low 11.52175
52wk Open 13.55152

Silver Ounce / United Kingdom Pound

Current Ounce / Pound Cross Rates

CurrencyBid (Price to Sell)Ask (Price to Buy)Change (Today)
AED/GBP0.20360.20370.0010 (0.49%)AEDGBP Chart
AUD/GBP0.563890.564000.00009 (0.02%)AUDGBP Chart
AUD/XAG0.045610.045680.00010 (0.22%)AUDXAG Chart
CAD/GBP0.581110.581230.00063 (0.11%)CADGBP Chart
CAD/XAG0.047000.047080.00006 (0.13%)CADXAG Chart
CHF/GBP0.755250.755450.00543 (0.72%)CHFGBP Chart
CHF/XAG0.061070.061190.00029 (0.48%)CHFXAG Chart
CNH/GBP0.11730.11740.0001 (0.09%)CNHGBP Chart
CNY/GBP0.11710.11720.0002 (0.17%)CNYGBP Chart
CZK/GBP0.03410.03410.0001 (0.29%)CZKGBP Chart
DKK/GBP0.117790.117810.00004 (0.03%)DKKGBP Chart
ETH/GBP454.10000475.4700015.57000 (3.24%)ETHGBP Chart
EUR/GBP0.877580.877740.00062 (0.07%)EURGBP Chart
EUR/XAG0.070970.071090.00012 (0.17%)EURXAG Chart
GBP/AED4.90954.91200.0250 (0.51%)GBPAED Chart
GBP/AUD1.773061.773410.00029 (0.02%)GBPAUD Chart
GBP/CAD1.720491.720850.00186 (0.11%)GBPCAD Chart
GBP/CHF1.323711.324060.00959 (0.72%)GBPCHF Chart
GBP/CNH8.51768.52760.0096 (0.11%)GBPCNH Chart
GBP/CNY8.53408.53650.0210 (0.25%)GBPCNY Chart
GBP/CZK29.291129.31210.0298 (0.10%)GBPCZK Chart
GBP/DKK8.488018.490010.00299 (0.04%)GBPDKK Chart
GBP/ETH0.002103180.002202160.00006999 (3.36%)GBPETH Chart
GBP/EUR1.139291.139500.00082 (0.07%)GBPEUR Chart
GBP/HKD10.4907410.492960.05856 (0.56%)GBPHKD Chart
GBP/HUF363.096363.2860.625 (0.17%)GBPHUF Chart
GBP/INR91.2991.300.12 (0.13%)GBPINR Chart
GBP/JPY146.719146.7452.099 (1.41%)GBPJPY Chart
GBP/KRW1443.66001448.66004.6700 (0.32%)GBPKRW Chart
GBP/LTC0.010646230.010868380.00026306 (2.51%)GBPLTC Chart
GBP/MXN26.5700626.575460.00345 (0.01%)GBPMXN Chart
GBP/NOK10.8253610.828260.01070 (0.10%)GBPNOK Chart
GBP/NZD1.935711.936410.00008 (0.00%)GBPNZD Chart
GBP/PLN4.901894.905930.02104 (0.43%)GBPPLN Chart
GBP/RON5.27765.28010.0040 (0.08%)GBPRON Chart
GBP/RUB82.310082.34000.0620 (0.08%)GBPRUB Chart
GBP/SAR5.01605.01850.0231 (0.46%)GBPSAR Chart
GBP/SEK11.7015811.704430.03600 (0.31%)GBPSEK Chart
GBP/SGD1.796331.796930.00264 (0.15%)GBPSGD Chart
GBP/THB42.89742.9650.098 (0.23%)GBPTHB Chart
GBP/TRY6.448086.449730.08199 (1.29%)GBPTRY Chart
GBP/TWD40.141140.16610.0005 (0.00%)GBPTWD Chart
GBP/USD1.336491.336690.00746 (0.56%)GBPUSD Chart
GBP/XAG0.080870.081010.00018 (0.22%)GBPXAG Chart
GBP/XAU0.001032690.001033090.00000584 (0.56%)GBPXAU Chart
GBP/BTC0.000166670.000172410.00000018 (0.11%)GBPXBT Chart
GBP/ZAR16.8051616.816740.08624 (0.51%)GBPZAR Chart
HKD/GBP0.095300.095320.00053 (0.56%)HKDGBP Chart
HKD/XAG0.007710.007720.00002 (0.26%)HKDXAG Chart
HUF/GBP0.002752650.002754090.00000475 (0.17%)HUFGBP Chart
INR/GBP0.010952900.010954100.00001318 (0.12%)INRGBP Chart
JPY/GBP0.006814540.006815750.00009611 (1.43%)JPYGBP Chart
JPY/XAG0.000551260.000551930.00000656 (1.20%)JPYXAG Chart
KRW/GBP0.00069030.00069270.0000022 (0.32%)KRWGBP Chart
LTC/GBP92.0100093.930002.33000 (2.44%)LTCGBP Chart
MXN/GBP0.037630.037640.00001 (0.03%)MXNGBP Chart
NOK/GBP0.092350.092380.00009 (0.10%)NOKGBP Chart
NZD/GBP0.516420.516610.00002 (0.00%)NZDGBP Chart
NZD/XAG0.041770.041840.00010 (0.24%)NZDXAG Chart
PLN/GBP0.203830.204000.00089 (0.43%)PLNGBP Chart
RON/GBP0.18940.18950.0002 (0.11%)RONGBP Chart
RUB/GBP0.0121450.0121490.000009 (0.07%)RUBGBP Chart
SAR/GBP0.19930.19940.0009 (0.45%)SARGBP Chart
SEK/GBP0.085440.085460.00026 (0.30%)SEKGBP Chart
SGD/GBP0.556500.556690.00081 (0.15%)SGDGBP Chart
SGD/XAG0.045010.045090.00003 (0.07%)SGDXAG Chart
THB/GBP0.023274760.023311650.00005331 (0.23%)THBGBP Chart
TRY/GBP0.155050.155080.00200 (1.27%)TRYGBP Chart
TWD/GBP0.02490.02490 (0%)TWDGBP Chart
USD/GBP0.748120.748230.00415 (0.56%)USDGBP Chart
USD/XAG0.060520.060590.00020 (0.33%)USDXAG Chart
XAG/AUD21.8925821.923080.04714 (0.22%)XAGAUD Chart
XAG/CAD21.2411721.276670.02555 (0.12%)XAGCAD Chart
XAG/CHF16.3415716.373470.07986 (0.49%)XAGCHF Chart
XAG/EUR14.0660314.089630.02274 (0.16%)XAGEUR Chart
XAG/GBP12.3442512.365850.02751 (0.22%)XAGGBP Chart
XAG/HKD129.50948129.744980.43315 (0.33%)XAGHKD Chart
XAG/JPY1811.811814.0121.85 (1.19%)XAGJPY Chart
XAG/NZD23.8996323.940510.05591 (0.23%)XAGNZD Chart
XAG/SGD22.1762322.218530.01694 (0.08%)XAGSGD Chart
XAG/USD16.5046316.522530.05519 (0.33%)XAGUSD Chart
XAG/XAU0.012751850.012770580.00004322 (0.34%)XAGXAU Chart
XAU/GBP967.966968.3445.439 (0.56%)XAUGBP Chart
XAU/XAG78.30578.4200.264 (0.34%)XAUXAG Chart
BTC/GBP5800.000006000.000006.05000 (0.10%)XBTGBP Chart
ZAR/GBP0.059460.059510.00030 (0.51%)ZARGBP Chart

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