USD/SAR 3.75034
Today's change +0.00006 (0.002%)
Today's High 3.75067
Today's Low 3.74986
Today's Open 3.75028
52wk High 3.75231
52wk Low 3.74956
52wk Open 3.75030

United States Dollar / Saudi Arabia Riyal

Current Dollar / Riyal Cross Rates

CurrencyBid (Price to Sell)Ask (Price to Buy)Change (Today)
AED/USD0.2722420.2722790.000016 (0.01%)AEDUSD Chart
AUD/SAR2.83352.83520.0167 (0.59%)AUDSAR Chart
AUD/USD0.755750.755930.00447 (0.59%)AUDUSD Chart
BCH/USD1266.400001270.20000146.05000 (10.33%)BCHUSD Chart
BHD/USD2.65252.65390.0014 (0.05%)BHDUSD Chart
BRL/USD0.28510.28520.0033 (1.14%)BRLUSD Chart
CAD/SAR2.91342.91450.0099 (0.34%)CADSAR Chart
CAD/USD0.776950.777070.00277 (0.36%)CADUSD Chart
CHF/SAR3.81283.81380.0177 (0.46%)CHFSAR Chart
CHF/USD1.016881.017070.00465 (0.46%)CHFUSD Chart
CNH/USD0.158140.158150.00062 (0.39%)CNHUSD Chart
CNY/USD0.15810.15820.0005 (0.32%)CNYUSD Chart
CZK/USD0.047790.047850.00027 (0.56%)CZKUSD Chart
DASH/USD458.00100460.2380067.24400 (12.78%)DASHUSD Chart
DKK/USD0.163380.163420.00089 (0.54%)DKKUSD Chart
ETC/USD18.6090018.721003.38750 (15.36%)ETCUSD Chart
ETH/USD616.42000616.7400087.31000 (12.40%)ETHUSD Chart
EUR/SAR4.56444.56510.0231 (0.50%)EURSAR Chart
EUR/USD1.217251.217370.00625 (0.51%)EURUSD Chart
GBP/SAR5.22485.22730.0171 (0.33%)GBPSAR Chart
GBP/USD1.393461.393660.00542 (0.39%)GBPUSD Chart
HKD/SAR0.47790.47800.0001 (0.02%)HKDSAR Chart
HKD/USD0.127430.127440.00001 (0.01%)HKDUSD Chart
HUF/USD0.003885310.003889130.00002665 (0.68%)HUFUSD Chart
IDR/USD0.000071780.000071860.00000017 (0.24%)IDRUSD Chart
INR/USD0.014898470.014921810.00013980 (0.93%)INRUSD Chart
JPY/SAR0.034281800.034293550.00016539 (0.48%)JPYSAR Chart
JPY/USD0.009145450.009146620.00004510 (0.49%)JPYUSD Chart
KRW/USD0.00092290.00092380.0000059 (0.63%)KRWUSD Chart
KWD/USD3.30803.33000.0077 (0.23%)KWDUSD Chart
LKR/USD0.006337140.006345180.00002624 (0.41%)LKRUSD Chart
LTC/USD145.18000145.3000019.67500 (11.93%)LTCUSD Chart
MXN/USD0.052620.052630.00053 (1.00%)MXNUSD Chart
MYR/USD0.25540.25580.0004 (0.16%)MYRUSD Chart
NOK/USD0.125390.125440.00119 (0.94%)NOKUSD Chart
NZD/USD0.706030.706260.00525 (0.74%)NZDUSD Chart
OMR/USD2.59742.59880.0007 (0.03%)OMRUSD Chart
PHP/USD0.019113150.019131430.00001461 (0.08%)PHPUSD Chart
PKR/USD0.008643040.008658010.00000075 (0.01%)PKRUSD Chart
PLN/USD0.287420.287630.00325 (1.12%)PLNUSD Chart
QAR/USD0.27470.27470.0001 (0.04%)QARUSD Chart
RON/USD0.26200.26230.0009 (0.34%)RONUSD Chart
RUB/USD0.0160100.0160210.000225 (1.39%)RUBUSD Chart
SAR/AUD0.35270.35290.0021 (0.60%)SARAUD Chart
SAR/CAD0.34310.34320.0011 (0.32%)SARCAD Chart
SAR/CHF0.26220.26230.0012 (0.46%)SARCHF Chart
SAR/EUR0.21910.21910.0011 (0.50%)SAREUR Chart
SAR/GBP0.19130.19140.0006 (0.31%)SARGBP Chart
SAR/HKD2.09212.09250.0005 (0.02%)SARHKD Chart
SAR/JPY29.1629.170.14 (0.48%)SARJPY Chart
SAR/SGD0.35430.35460.0018 (0.51%)SARSGD Chart
SAR/USD0.266540.266750.00001 (0.00%)SARUSD Chart
SEK/USD0.116750.116780.00075 (0.64%)SEKUSD Chart
SGD/SAR2.82032.82220.0153 (0.54%)SGDSAR Chart
SGD/USD0.752260.752430.00392 (0.52%)SGDUSD Chart
THB/USD0.031589590.031739990.00012886 (0.41%)THBUSD Chart
TRY/USD0.244050.244160.00053 (0.22%)TRYUSD Chart
TWD/USD0.03350.03370.0001 (0.30%)TWDUSD Chart
USD/AED3.67273.67320.0002 (0.01%)USDAED Chart
USD/AUD1.322871.323190.00778 (0.59%)USDAUD Chart
USD/BCH0.000787280.000789640.00008142 (11.52%)USDBCH Chart
USD/BHD0.37680.37700.0002 (0.05%)USDBHD Chart
USD/BRL3.50613.50810.0393 (1.13%)USDBRL Chart
USD/CAD1.286881.287080.00457 (0.36%)USDCAD Chart
USD/CHF0.983220.983400.00447 (0.46%)USDCHF Chart
USD/CNH6.322996.323560.02453 (0.39%)USDCNH Chart
USD/CNY6.32196.32620.0200 (0.32%)USDCNY Chart
USD/CZK20.9000620.924060.11799 (0.57%)USDCZK Chart
USD/DASH0.002172790.002183400.00027825 (14.65%)USDDASH Chart
USD/DKK6.119316.120730.03339 (0.55%)USDDKK Chart
USD/ETC0.053415950.053737440.00823022 (18.15%)USDETC Chart
USD/ETH0.001621430.001622270.00020117 (14.16%)USDETH Chart
USD/EUR0.821440.821520.00420 (0.51%)USDEUR Chart
USD/GBP0.717540.717640.00279 (0.39%)USDGBP Chart
USD/HKD7.846797.847220.00011 (0.00%)USDHKD Chart
USD/HUF257.127257.3801.751 (0.69%)USDHUF Chart
USD/IDR13916.0013931.0033.00 (0.24%)USDIDR Chart
USD/INR67.01667.1210.622 (0.94%)USDINR Chart
USD/JPY109.330109.3440.537 (0.49%)USDJPY Chart
USD/KRW1082.51001083.51006.8100 (0.63%)USDKRW Chart
USD/KWD0.30030.30230.0007 (0.23%)USDKWD Chart
USD/LKR157.60157.800.65 (0.41%)USDLKR Chart
USD/LTC0.006882310.006888000.00082141 (13.55%)USDLTC Chart
USD/MXN18.9993519.004110.18642 (0.99%)USDMXN Chart
USD/MYR3.91003.91500.0070 (0.18%)USDMYR Chart
USD/NOK7.971997.975090.07462 (0.94%)USDNOK Chart
USD/NZD1.415911.416370.01045 (0.74%)USDNZD Chart
USD/OMR0.38480.38500.0001 (0.03%)USDOMR Chart
USD/PHP52.2752.320.05 (0.10%)USDPHP Chart
USD/PKR115.50115.700.01 (0.01%)USDPKR Chart
USD/PLN3.476693.479190.03873 (1.13%)USDPLN Chart
USD/QAR3.63983.64080.0015 (0.04%)USDQAR Chart
USD/RON3.81293.81750.0127 (0.33%)USDRON Chart
USD/RUB62.416362.46130.8608 (1.40%)USDRUB Chart
USD/SAR3.748843.751840.00006 (0.00%)USDSAR Chart
USD/SEK8.562768.565340.05405 (0.64%)USDSEK Chart
USD/SGD1.329031.329330.00689 (0.52%)USDSGD Chart
USD/THB31.50631.6560.128 (0.41%)USDTHB Chart
USD/TRY4.095754.097450.00877 (0.21%)USDTRY Chart
USDT/USD1.001201.001800.00015 (0.01%)USDTUSD Chart
USD/TWD29.714129.81210.1020 (0.34%)USDTWD Chart
USD/USDT0.998203230.998801440.00014961 (0.01%)USDUSDT Chart
USD/VND22767.0022777.000 (0%)USDVND Chart
USD/XAG0.060380.060440.00066 (1.10%)USDXAG Chart
USD/XAU0.000756520.000756700.00000571 (0.76%)USDXAU Chart
USD/BTC0.000111940.000112050.00000852 (8.23%)USDXBT Chart
USD/XMR0.003878830.003890450.00046677 (13.66%)USDXMR Chart
USD/XRP1.250062501.253101430.16873288 (15.58%)USDXRP Chart
USD/ZAR12.4776112.485000.14541 (1.18%)USDZAR Chart
USD/ZEC0.003637690.003651370.00049536 (15.73%)USDZEC Chart
VND/USD0.000043900.000043920 (0%)VNDUSD Chart
XAG/USD16.5457316.562530.18231 (1.09%)XAGUSD Chart
XAU/USD1321.5351321.84510.053 (0.75%)XAUUSD Chart
BTC/USD8924.300008933.00000736.45000 (7.62%)XBTUSD Chart
XMR/USD257.04000257.8100035.15500 (12.02%)XMRUSD Chart
XRP/USD0.798020.799960.12450 (13.48%)XRPUSD Chart
ZAR/USD0.080100.080140.00094 (1.16%)ZARUSD Chart
ZEC/USD273.87000274.9000043.16000 (13.59%)ZECUSD Chart

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