THB/HKD 0.23837914
Today's change +0.00009060 (0.037%)
Today's High 0.23872058
Today's Low 0.23792541
Today's Open 0.23849285
52wk High 0.25227058
52wk Low 0.22872838
52wk Open 0.22983233

Thailand Baht / Hong Kong Dollar

Current Baht / Dollar Cross Rates

CurrencyBid (Price to Sell)Ask (Price to Buy)Change (Today)
AUD/HKD5.837765.839510.11058 (1.86%)AUDHKD Chart
AUD/THB24.46624.5130.222 (0.91%)AUDTHB Chart
CAD/HKD5.912045.913790.21238 (3.47%)CADHKD Chart
CAD/THB24.77324.8180.184 (0.74%)CADTHB Chart
CHF/HKD7.944117.946190.03266 (0.41%)CHFHKD Chart
CHF/THB33.30033.3481.048 (3.25%)CHFTHB Chart
CNY/HKD1.20611.20690.0265 (2.15%)CNYHKD Chart
CZK/HKD0.35450.35460.0057 (1.58%)CZKHKD Chart
DKK/HKD1.227731.227960.01453 (1.17%)DKKHKD Chart
ETH/HKD3614.870003688.240001,374.68000 (27.35%)ETHHKD Chart
EUR/HKD9.150849.152490.10197 (1.10%)EURHKD Chart
EUR/THB38.33638.4360.643 (1.70%)EURTHB Chart
GBP/HKD10.4048510.407070.14445 (1.37%)GBPHKD Chart
GBP/THB43.62143.6890.626 (1.45%)GBPTHB Chart
HKD/AUD0.171250.171300.00318 (1.89%)HKDAUD Chart
HKD/CAD0.169100.169150.00586 (3.59%)HKDCAD Chart
HKD/CHF0.125850.125880.00052 (0.41%)HKDCHF Chart
HKD/CNY0.82860.82910.0177 (2.18%)HKDCNY Chart
HKD/CZK2.82002.82100.0440 (1.58%)HKDCZK Chart
HKD/DKK0.814360.814510.00952 (1.18%)HKDDKK Chart
HKD/ETH0.000271130.000276640.00007490 (37.64%)HKDETH Chart
HKD/EUR0.109260.109280.00120 (1.11%)HKDEUR Chart
HKD/GBP0.096090.096110.00132 (1.39%)HKDGBP Chart
HKD/HUF35.48535.4991.132 (3.29%)HKDHUF Chart
HKD/INR8.65098.65140.0156 (0.18%)HKDINR Chart
HKD/JPY14.0129414.015820.09164 (0.65%)HKDJPY Chart
HKD/KRW141.0900142.09005.2300 (3.84%)HKDKRW Chart
HKD/LTC0.001513480.001542420.00053352 (53.65%)HKDLTC Chart
HKD/MXN2.550882.551330.03320 (1.32%)HKDMXN Chart
HKD/NOK1.030481.030930.01020 (1.00%)HKDNOK Chart
HKD/NZD0.184180.184250.00073 (0.40%)HKDNZD Chart
HKD/PLN0.472430.472880.00965 (2.08%)HKDPLN Chart
HKD/RUB8.01238.01590.2107 (2.70%)HKDRUB Chart
HKD/SAR0.47790.47800.0001 (0.02%)HKDSAR Chart
HKD/SEK1.127331.127780.02205 (1.99%)HKDSEK Chart
HKD/SGD0.173110.173170.00260 (1.52%)HKDSGD Chart
HKD/THB4.1924.1980.117 (2.87%)HKDTHB Chart
HKD/TRY0.596330.596780.00706 (1.17%)HKDTRY Chart
HKD/TWD3.86233.86400.0567 (1.49%)HKDTWD Chart
HKD/USD0.127430.127440.00004 (0.03%)HKDUSD Chart
HKD/XAG0.007740.007750.00005 (0.65%)HKDXAG Chart
HKD/XAU0.000100320.000100360.00000189 (1.92%)HKDXAU Chart
HKD/BTC0.000020720.000021260.00000504 (31.60%)HKDXBT Chart
HKD/ZAR1.71321.71370.1122 (7.01%)HKDZAR Chart
HUF/HKD0.028169810.028180920.00092825 (3.19%)HUFHKD Chart
INR/HKD0.11560.11560.0002 (0.17%)INRHKD Chart
JPY/HKD0.071350.071360.00046 (0.65%)JPYHKD Chart
JPY/THB0.299080.299530.00992 (3.43%)JPYTHB Chart
KRW/HKD0.00703780.00708770.0002709 (3.69%)KRWHKD Chart
LTC/HKD648.33000660.73000351.18000 (34.92%)LTCHKD Chart
MXN/HKD0.391950.392020.00518 (1.30%)MXNHKD Chart
NOK/HKD0.970000.970420.00970 (0.99%)NOKHKD Chart
NZD/HKD5.427325.429460.02165 (0.40%)NZDHKD Chart
PLN/HKD2.114702.116720.04409 (2.04%)PLNHKD Chart
RUB/HKD0.124750.124810.00337 (2.63%)RUBHKD Chart
SAR/HKD2.09212.09250.0004 (0.02%)SARHKD Chart
SEK/HKD0.886700.887050.01769 (1.96%)SEKHKD Chart
SGD/HKD5.774815.776770.08796 (1.50%)SGDHKD Chart
SGD/THB24.20724.2490.314 (1.31%)SGDTHB Chart
THB/AUD0.040794680.040873050.00037355 (0.91%)THBAUD Chart
THB/CAD0.040293340.040366530.00029547 (0.74%)THBCAD Chart
THB/CHF0.029986810.030030030.00097437 (3.14%)THBCHF Chart
THB/EUR0.026017280.026085140.00044382 (1.68%)THBEUR Chart
THB/GBP0.022889060.022924740.00033299 (1.43%)THBGBP Chart
THB/HKD0.238208670.238549620.00683924 (2.79%)THBHKD Chart
THB/JPY3.338613.343610.11460 (3.32%)THBJPY Chart
THB/SGD0.041238810.041310360.00054196 (1.30%)THBSGD Chart
THB/USD0.030305790.030444180.00085567 (2.74%)THBUSD Chart
TRY/HKD1.675661.676920.01959 (1.18%)TRYHKD Chart
TWD/HKD0.25880.25890.0039 (1.48%)TWDHKD Chart
USD/HKD7.846727.847260.00276 (0.04%)USDHKD Chart
USD/THB32.84732.9970.902 (2.82%)USDTHB Chart
XAG/HKD129.01137129.246870.93126 (0.72%)XAGHKD Chart
XAU/HKD9964.6249967.774190.825 (1.88%)XAUHKD Chart
BTC/HKD47037.3100048268.2900015,050.25500 (24.00%)XBTHKD Chart
ZAR/HKD0.58350.58370.0410 (6.56%)ZARHKD Chart

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