SGD/JPY 81.770
Today's change -0.136 (-0.166%)
Today's High 82.071
Today's Low 81.725
Today's Open 81.906
52wk High 85.363
52wk Low 78.660
52wk Open 79.368

Singapore Dollar / Japan Yen

Current Dollar / Yen Cross Rates

CurrencyBid (Price to Sell)Ask (Price to Buy)Change (Today)
AUD/JPY82.55082.5860 (0%)AUDJPY Chart
AUD/SGD1.009071.010540.00001 (0.00%)AUDSGD Chart
CAD/JPY84.30484.3460 (0%)CADJPY Chart
CAD/SGD1.030341.031960 (0%)CADSGD Chart
CHF/JPY110.395110.4370 (0%)CHFJPY Chart
CHF/SGD1.349421.351280 (0%)CHFSGD Chart
CNY/JPY17.1017.110.01 (0.06%)CNYJPY Chart
CNY/SGD0.20900.20900 (0%)CNYSGD Chart
CZK/JPY5.214785.217630.00001 (0.00%)CZKJPY Chart
CZK/SGD0.06370.06380.0001 (0.16%)CZKSGD Chart
DKK/JPY17.75517.7610 (0%)DKKJPY Chart
DKK/SGD0.217000.217230.00001 (0.00%)DKKSGD Chart
ETH/JPY64373.0000066609.000001,252.50000 (1.88%)ETHJPY Chart
ETH/SGD785.92000801.8200019.03500 (2.34%)ETHSGD Chart
EUR/JPY132.262132.2960 (0%)EURJPY Chart
EUR/SGD1.616981.618450.00001 (0.00%)EURSGD Chart
GBP/JPY150.693150.7450 (0%)GBPJPY Chart
GBP/SGD1.842071.844140 (0%)GBPSGD Chart
HKD/JPY13.7206013.726420 (0%)HKDJPY Chart
HKD/SGD0.167750.167920 (0%)HKDSGD Chart
HUF/JPY0.425290.425480.00001 (0.00%)HUFJPY Chart
HUF/SGD0.005201720.005203320 (0%)HUFSGD Chart
IDR/SGD0.0000950.0000950 (0%)IDRSGD Chart
INR/JPY1.62501.62550 (0%)INRJPY Chart
INR/SGD0.01990.01990 (0%)INRSGD Chart
JPY/AUD0.012108590.012113870 (0%)JPYAUD Chart
JPY/CAD0.011855930.011861830 (0%)JPYCAD Chart
JPY/CHF0.009054940.009058380 (0%)JPYCHF Chart
JPY/CNY0.058445350.058479530 (0%)JPYCNY Chart
JPY/CZK0.191660.191760 (0%)JPYCZK Chart
JPY/DKK0.056303140.056322160 (0%)JPYDKK Chart
JPY/ETH0.000015010.000015530.00000029 (1.94%)JPYETH Chart
JPY/EUR0.007558810.007560750 (0%)JPYEUR Chart
JPY/GBP0.006633720.006636010 (0%)JPYGBP Chart
JPY/HKD0.072850.072880.00001 (0.01%)JPYHKD Chart
JPY/HUF2.350312.351310 (0%)JPYHUF Chart
JPY/INR0.61520.61540 (0%)JPYINR Chart
JPY/KRW9.93609.98600 (0%)JPYKRW Chart
JPY/LTC0.000062000.000063260.00000302 (5.07%)JPYLTC Chart
JPY/MXN0.172150.172200.00001 (0.01%)JPYMXN Chart
JPY/NOK0.072674420.072711410 (0%)JPYNOK Chart
JPY/NZD0.012879960.012888920 (0%)JPYNZD Chart
JPY/PLN0.031539770.031550720 (0%)JPYPLN Chart
JPY/RUB0.569800.571430 (0%)JPYRUB Chart
JPY/SAR0.034843210.034843210 (0%)JPYSAR Chart
JPY/SEK0.078449830.078480620 (0%)JPYSEK Chart
JPY/SGD0.012225690.012233160.00000001 (0.00%)JPYSGD Chart
JPY/THB0.290490.290910 (0%)JPYTHB Chart
JPY/TRY0.037832930.037904630 (0%)JPYTRY Chart
JPY/TWD0.27380.27400 (0%)JPYTWD Chart
JPY/USD0.009288240.009290400 (0%)JPYUSD Chart
JPY/XAG0.000541310.000543520.00000001 (0.00%)JPYXAG Chart
JPY/XAU0.000006950.000006960 (0%)JPYXAU Chart
JPY/BTC0.000001040.000001060.00000001 (0.96%)JPYXBT Chart
JPY/ZAR0.112271250.112523910 (0%)JPYZAR Chart
KRW/JPY0.1001400.1006440 (0%)KRWJPY Chart
KRW/SGD0.00122720.00122870.0000001 (0.01%)KRWSGD Chart
LTC/JPY15807.0000016129.00000808.50000 (4.82%)LTCJPY Chart
LTC/SGD193.27000197.210009.72000 (4.74%)LTCSGD Chart
MXN/JPY5.807185.808830 (0%)MXNJPY Chart
MXN/SGD0.070970.071000.00001 (0.01%)MXNSGD Chart
MYR/SGD0.33750.33770 (0%)MYRSGD Chart
NOK/JPY13.75313.7600 (0%)NOKJPY Chart
NOK/SGD0.168070.168210 (0%)NOKSGD Chart
NZD/JPY77.58677.6400 (0%)NZDJPY Chart
NZD/SGD0.948240.949800 (0%)NZDSGD Chart
PLN/JPY31.69531.7060 (0%)PLNJPY Chart
PLN/SGD0.387380.387720 (0%)PLNSGD Chart
RUB/JPY1.75001.75500 (0%)RUBJPY Chart
RUB/SGD0.0214210.0214440.000001 (0.00%)RUBSGD Chart
SAR/JPY28.7028.700 (0%)SARJPY Chart
SAR/SGD0.35080.35110 (0%)SARSGD Chart
SEK/JPY12.74212.7470.001 (0.01%)SEKJPY Chart
SEK/SGD0.155770.155890 (0%)SEKSGD Chart
SGD/AUD0.989570.991010 (0%)SGDAUD Chart
SGD/CAD0.969030.970550 (0%)SGDCAD Chart
SGD/CHF0.740040.741060 (0%)SGDCHF Chart
SGD/CNY4.78364.78460 (0%)SGDCNY Chart
SGD/CZK15.677615.69380 (0%)SGDCZK Chart
SGD/DKK4.603414.608210 (0%)SGDDKK Chart
SGD/ETH0.001247160.001272390.00002949 (2.40%)SGDETH Chart
SGD/EUR0.617880.618440 (0%)SGDEUR Chart
SGD/GBP0.542260.542870 (0%)SGDGBP Chart
SGD/HKD5.955295.961410 (0%)SGDHKD Chart
SGD/HUF192.185192.2440 (0%)SGDHUF Chart
SGD/IDR10541.981410542.08110.0001 (0.00%)SGDIDR Chart
SGD/INR50.300150.31010 (0%)SGDINR Chart
SGD/JPY81.74581.7950 (0%)SGDJPY Chart
SGD/KRW813.8400814.84000 (0%)SGDKRW Chart
SGD/LTC0.005070740.005174110.00024293 (4.98%)SGDLTC Chart
SGD/MXN14.0849114.089910 (0%)SGDMXN Chart
SGD/MYR2.96162.96260 (0%)SGDMYR Chart
SGD/NOK5.944915.949910 (0%)SGDNOK Chart
SGD/NZD1.052851.054590 (0%)SGDNZD Chart
SGD/PLN2.579182.581430.00001 (0.00%)SGDPLN Chart
SGD/RUB46.633046.68300 (0%)SGDRUB Chart
SGD/SAR2.84852.85040.0001 (0.00%)SGDSAR Chart
SGD/SEK6.414716.419810 (0%)SGDSEK Chart
SGD/THB23.78923.8310 (0%)SGDTHB Chart
SGD/TRY3.097033.098380.00001 (0.00%)SGDTRY Chart
SGD/TWD22.387022.40320 (0%)SGDTWD Chart
SGD/USD0.759320.759840 (0%)SGDUSD Chart
SGD/VND17277.800817327.80080 (0%)SGDVND Chart
SGD/XAG0.044260.044440 (0%)SGDXAG Chart
SGD/XAU0.000568260.000568940 (0%)SGDXAU Chart
SGD/BTC0.000085490.000087220.00000066 (0.77%)SGDXBT Chart
SGD/ZAR9.18939.19130 (0%)SGDZAR Chart
THB/JPY3.437513.442510 (0%)THBJPY Chart
THB/SGD0.041962150.042036240 (0%)THBSGD Chart
TRY/JPY26.38226.4320 (0%)TRYJPY Chart
TRY/SGD0.322750.322890 (0%)TRYSGD Chart
TWD/JPY3.64983.65270.0001 (0.00%)TWDJPY Chart
TWD/SGD0.04460.04470.0001 (0.22%)TWDSGD Chart
USD/JPY107.638107.6630 (0%)USDJPY Chart
USD/SGD1.316071.316970 (0%)USDSGD Chart
VND/SGD0.0000580.0000580 (0%)VNDSGD Chart
XAG/JPY1839.861847.360 (0%)XAGJPY Chart
XAG/SGD22.5007822.592980 (0%)XAGSGD Chart
XAU/JPY143765.0143865.00 (0%)XAUJPY Chart
XAU/SGD1757.6641759.7620 (0%)XAUSGD Chart
BTC/JPY942738.00000957280.000007,418.00000 (0.77%)XBTJPY Chart
BTC/SGD11465.4200011697.0700089.90500 (0.77%)XBTSGD Chart
ZAR/JPY8.8878.9070 (0%)ZARJPY Chart
ZAR/SGD0.10880.10880 (0%)ZARSGD Chart

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