SAR/CHF 0.2622
Today's change +0.0011 (0.421%)
Today's High 0.2624
Today's Low 0.2610
Today's Open 0.2610
52wk High 0.2693
52wk Low 0.2469
52wk Open 0.2652

Saudi Arabia Riyal / Switzerland Francs

Current Riyal / Francs Cross Rates

CurrencyBid (Price to Sell)Ask (Price to Buy)Change (Today)
AUD/CHF0.743070.743390.00097 (0.13%)AUDCHF Chart
AUD/SAR2.83292.83460.0173 (0.61%)AUDSAR Chart
CAD/CHF0.764060.764290.00088 (0.12%)CADCHF Chart
CAD/SAR2.91292.91400.0104 (0.36%)CADSAR Chart
CHF/AUD1.345191.345770.00176 (0.13%)CHFAUD Chart
CHF/CAD1.308401.308800.00152 (0.12%)CHFCAD Chart
CHF/CNY6.42996.43240.0079 (0.12%)CHFCNY Chart
CHF/CZK21.258921.27030.0200 (0.09%)CHFCZK Chart
CHF/DKK6.224436.224880.00489 (0.08%)CHFDKK Chart
CHF/ETH0.001642980.001675430.00020792 (14.33%)CHFETH Chart
CHF/EUR0.835300.835440.00041 (0.05%)CHFEUR Chart
CHF/GBP0.729580.729770.00058 (0.08%)CHFGBP Chart
CHF/HKD7.978747.980680.03717 (0.46%)CHFHKD Chart
CHF/HUF261.536261.6350.560 (0.21%)CHFHUF Chart
CHF/INR68.1468.150.24 (0.35%)CHFINR Chart
CHF/JPY111.176111.2010.035 (0.03%)CHFJPY Chart
CHF/LTC0.006970100.007116420.00084336 (13.60%)CHFLTC Chart
CHF/MXN19.3308819.333130.11304 (0.59%)CHFMXN Chart
CHF/NOK8.107538.109780.03874 (0.48%)CHFNOK Chart
CHF/NZD1.439721.440420.00397 (0.28%)CHFNZD Chart
CHF/PLN3.536233.537280.02279 (0.65%)CHFPLN Chart
CHF/RUB63.416063.44100.5660 (0.90%)CHFRUB Chart
CHF/SAR3.81313.81410.0174 (0.45%)CHFSAR Chart
CHF/SEK8.707888.709530.01440 (0.17%)CHFSEK Chart
CHF/SGD1.351371.351970.00080 (0.06%)CHFSGD Chart
CHF/THB32.09432.1420.013 (0.04%)CHFTHB Chart
CHF/TRY4.167784.168830.01020 (0.24%)CHFTRY Chart
CHF/TWD30.218130.24310.0390 (0.13%)CHFTWD Chart
CHF/USD1.016811.016990.00472 (0.46%)CHFUSD Chart
CHF/XAG0.061370.061490.00039 (0.64%)CHFXAG Chart
CHF/XAU0.000769600.000769920.00000262 (0.34%)CHFXAU Chart
CHF/BTC0.000113340.000115570.00000861 (8.13%)CHFXBT Chart
CHF/ZAR12.6816512.691130.08335 (0.66%)CHFZAR Chart
CNY/CHF0.15550.15550.0002 (0.13%)CNYCHF Chart
CZK/CHF0.04700.04700.0001 (0.21%)CZKCHF Chart
DKK/CHF0.160650.160660.00013 (0.08%)DKKCHF Chart
ETH/CHF596.86000608.6500086.36000 (12.53%)ETHCHF Chart
EUR/CHF1.196981.197180.00058 (0.05%)EURCHF Chart
EUR/SAR4.56484.56550.0227 (0.49%)EURSAR Chart
GBP/CHF1.370301.370650.00108 (0.08%)GBPCHF Chart
GBP/SAR5.22495.22740.0170 (0.32%)GBPSAR Chart
HKD/CHF0.125300.125330.00057 (0.46%)HKDCHF Chart
HKD/SAR0.47790.47800.0001 (0.02%)HKDSAR Chart
HUF/CHF0.003822120.003823570.00000820 (0.21%)HUFCHF Chart
INR/CHF0.014673510.014675670.00005295 (0.36%)INRCHF Chart
JPY/CHF0.008992720.008994750.00000292 (0.03%)JPYCHF Chart
JPY/SAR0.034281800.034293550.00016539 (0.48%)JPYSAR Chart
LTC/CHF140.52000143.4700019.31500 (11.97%)LTCCHF Chart
MXN/CHF0.051720.051730.00031 (0.60%)MXNCHF Chart
NOK/CHF0.123310.123340.00060 (0.48%)NOKCHF Chart
NZD/CHF0.694240.694580.00192 (0.28%)NZDCHF Chart
PLN/CHF0.282700.282790.00184 (0.65%)PLNCHF Chart
RUB/CHF0.0157630.0157690.000142 (0.89%)RUBCHF Chart
SAR/AUD0.35280.35300.0022 (0.63%)SARAUD Chart
SAR/CAD0.34320.34330.0012 (0.35%)SARCAD Chart
SAR/CHF0.26220.26230.0012 (0.46%)SARCHF Chart
SAR/EUR0.21900.21910.0010 (0.46%)SAREUR Chart
SAR/GBP0.19130.19140.0006 (0.31%)SARGBP Chart
SAR/HKD2.09212.09250.0005 (0.02%)SARHKD Chart
SAR/JPY29.1629.170.14 (0.48%)SARJPY Chart
SAR/SGD0.35430.35450.0018 (0.51%)SARSGD Chart
SAR/USD0.266540.266750.00001 (0.00%)SARUSD Chart
SEK/CHF0.114820.114840.00019 (0.17%)SEKCHF Chart
SGD/CHF0.739660.739990.00044 (0.06%)SGDCHF Chart
SGD/SAR2.82072.82260.0149 (0.53%)SGDSAR Chart
THB/CHF0.031111940.031158470.00001259 (0.04%)THBCHF Chart
TRY/CHF0.239880.239940.00059 (0.25%)TRYCHF Chart
TWD/CHF0.03310.03310.0001 (0.30%)TWDCHF Chart
USD/CHF0.983290.983470.00454 (0.46%)USDCHF Chart
USD/SAR3.748843.751840.00006 (0.00%)USDSAR Chart
XAG/CHF16.2627016.294600.10273 (0.63%)XAGCHF Chart
XAU/CHF1298.8331299.3704.442 (0.34%)XAUCHF Chart
BTC/CHF8652.880008822.72000710.74000 (7.52%)XBTCHF Chart
ZAR/CHF0.078800.078850.00053 (0.67%)ZARCHF Chart

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  • His mother, the former Sue Bremer, is the Knights of Ak-Sar-Ben Foundation Coronation and Scholarship ... The escort’s mother, the former Jolene LeGrande, is a registered nurse for the Heart Failure Study at the University of Nebraska …
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  • The International Monetary Fund makes no warranties, express or implied, regarding these tables or the performance of this site. The Fund shall not be liable for any losses or damages incurred in connection with this site.
  • c) If your application needs to be referred to HKSAR Immigration Department for processing, you are required to pay a Communication Fee of CHF 20 to the Embassy prior to submission of your application, in addition to the HKSAR visa …
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  • His aunt Suzanne Osborne Hincewasa countess in 1991, and his grandfather Tom Osborne was king of Ak-Sar-Ben in 2007 ... is a registered nurse for the Heart Failure Study at the University of Nebraska Medical Center College of Nursing.

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