HKD/GBP 0.09115
Today's change -0.00013 (-0.143%)
Today's High 0.09118
Today's Low 0.09088
Today's Open 0.09104
52wk High 0.10183
52wk Low 0.08861
52wk Open 0.09938

Hong Kong Dollar / United Kingdom Pound

Current Dollar / Pound Cross Rates

CurrencyBid (Price to Sell)Ask (Price to Buy)Change (Today)
AED/GBP0.19450.19460.0001 (0.05%)AEDGBP Chart
AUD/GBP0.547140.547230.00022 (0.04%)AUDGBP Chart
AUD/HKD6.002716.004460.00496 (0.08%)AUDHKD Chart
CAD/GBP0.559440.559540.00019 (0.03%)CADGBP Chart
CAD/HKD6.137136.138880.00586 (0.10%)CADHKD Chart
CHF/GBP0.732630.732820.00102 (0.14%)CHFGBP Chart
CHF/HKD8.037808.039740.00142 (0.02%)CHFHKD Chart
CNH/GBP0.11350.11350.0001 (0.09%)CNHGBP Chart
CNY/GBP0.11340.11340.0001 (0.09%)CNYGBP Chart
CNY/HKD1.24421.24500.0014 (0.11%)CNYHKD Chart
CZK/GBP0.03460.03460 (0%)CZKGBP Chart
CZK/HKD0.37950.37970.0002 (0.05%)CZKHKD Chart
DKK/GBP0.117760.117790.00009 (0.08%)DKKGBP Chart
DKK/HKD1.291941.292190.00067 (0.05%)DKKHKD Chart
ETH/GBP384.65000429.990006.51500 (1.63%)ETHGBP Chart
ETH/HKD4955.910005056.13000143.93500 (2.96%)ETHHKD Chart
EUR/GBP0.877080.877220.00066 (0.08%)EURGBP Chart
EUR/HKD9.622949.624530.00384 (0.04%)EURHKD Chart
GBP/AED5.13875.14120.0033 (0.06%)GBPAED Chart
GBP/AUD1.827371.827680.00076 (0.04%)GBPAUD Chart
GBP/CAD1.787181.787510.00061 (0.03%)GBPCAD Chart
GBP/CHF1.364601.364950.00190 (0.14%)GBPCHF Chart
GBP/CNH8.80808.81100.0061 (0.07%)GBPCNH Chart
GBP/CNY8.81518.81760.0020 (0.02%)GBPCNY Chart
GBP/CZK28.898128.91910.0295 (0.10%)GBPCZK Chart
GBP/DKK8.490018.492010.00650 (0.08%)GBPDKK Chart
GBP/ETH0.002325640.002599770.00004682 (1.87%)GBPETH Chart
GBP/EUR1.139961.140150.00086 (0.08%)GBPEUR Chart
GBP/HKD10.9700110.972230.01381 (0.13%)GBPHKD Chart
GBP/HUF354.581354.7710.100 (0.03%)GBPHUF Chart
GBP/INR92.7192.730.01 (0.01%)GBPINR Chart
GBP/JPY150.908150.9340.117 (0.08%)GBPJPY Chart
GBP/KRW1495.58001500.58002.1099 (0.14%)GBPKRW Chart
GBP/LTC0.009169260.009355410.00029249 (3.06%)GBPLTC Chart
GBP/MXN26.0706626.076060.12095 (0.47%)GBPMXN Chart
GBP/NOK10.9708110.973510.00390 (0.04%)GBPNOK Chart
GBP/NZD1.943651.944350.00040 (0.02%)GBPNZD Chart
GBP/PLN4.761764.765800.00073 (0.02%)GBPPLN Chart
GBP/RON5.30735.30980.0206 (0.39%)GBPRON Chart
GBP/RUB86.445086.47500.4550 (0.53%)GBPRUB Chart
GBP/SAR5.24695.24940.0030 (0.06%)GBPSAR Chart
GBP/SEK11.8439311.846780.00439 (0.04%)GBPSEK Chart
GBP/SGD1.845141.845740.00069 (0.04%)GBPSGD Chart
GBP/THB43.98644.0550.132 (0.30%)GBPTHB Chart
GBP/TRY5.729435.731080.01680 (0.29%)GBPTRY Chart
GBP/TWD41.438141.46310.1000 (0.24%)GBPTWD Chart
GBP/USD1.398801.399000.00142 (0.10%)GBPUSD Chart
GBP/XAG0.081900.082040.00001 (0.01%)GBPXAG Chart
GBP/XAU0.001049720.001050080.00000050 (0.05%)GBPXAU Chart
GBP/BTC0.000167220.000184830.00000574 (3.16%)GBPXBT Chart
GBP/ZAR17.1221617.134890.18903 (1.12%)GBPZAR Chart
HKD/AUD0.166540.166590.00013 (0.08%)HKDAUD Chart
HKD/CAD0.162900.162940.00016 (0.10%)HKDCAD Chart
HKD/CHF0.124380.124410.00003 (0.02%)HKDCHF Chart
HKD/CNY0.80320.80370.0009 (0.11%)HKDCNY Chart
HKD/CZK2.63402.63480.0013 (0.05%)HKDCZK Chart
HKD/DKK0.773880.774030.00040 (0.05%)HKDDKK Chart
HKD/ETH0.000197780.000201780.00000591 (2.87%)HKDETH Chart
HKD/EUR0.103900.103920.00004 (0.04%)HKDEUR Chart
HKD/GBP0.091140.091160.00012 (0.13%)HKDGBP Chart
HKD/HUF32.27332.2870.017 (0.05%)HKDHUF Chart
HKD/INR8.45348.45390.0115 (0.14%)HKDINR Chart
HKD/JPY13.7548913.757110.00622 (0.05%)HKDJPY Chart
HKD/KRW136.0000137.00000.0800 (0.06%)HKDKRW Chart
HKD/LTC0.000835610.000852590.00002593 (2.98%)HKDLTC Chart
HKD/MXN2.375182.375630.01279 (0.54%)HKDMXN Chart
HKD/NOK0.999781.000230.00170 (0.17%)HKDNOK Chart
HKD/NZD0.177160.177220.00018 (0.10%)HKDNZD Chart
HKD/PLN0.433880.434330.00034 (0.08%)HKDPLN Chart
HKD/RUB7.81377.82180.0159 (0.20%)HKDRUB Chart
HKD/SAR0.47830.47840.0001 (0.02%)HKDSAR Chart
HKD/SEK1.079381.079830.00170 (0.16%)HKDSEK Chart
HKD/SGD0.168180.168240.00028 (0.17%)HKDSGD Chart
HKD/THB4.0104.0160.017 (0.43%)HKDTHB Chart
HKD/TRY0.519780.519930.00020 (0.04%)HKDTRY Chart
HKD/TWD3.77593.77760.0121 (0.32%)HKDTWD Chart
HKD/USD0.127500.127510.00002 (0.02%)HKDUSD Chart
HKD/XAG0.007460.007480.00001 (0.13%)HKDXAG Chart
HKD/XAU0.000095680.000095710.00000008 (0.08%)HKDXAU Chart
HKD/BTC0.000014150.000014430.00000021 (1.45%)HKDXBT Chart
HKD/ZAR1.56121.56170.0193 (1.25%)HKDZAR Chart
HUF/GBP0.002818720.002820230.00000080 (0.03%)HUFGBP Chart
HUF/HKD0.030972220.030985650.00001633 (0.05%)HUFHKD Chart
INR/GBP0.010784000.010786320.00000174 (0.02%)INRGBP Chart
INR/HKD0.11830.11830.0002 (0.17%)INRHKD Chart
JPY/GBP0.006625410.006626550.00000513 (0.08%)JPYGBP Chart
JPY/HKD0.072690.072700.00004 (0.05%)JPYHKD Chart
KRW/GBP0.00066640.00066860.0000009 (0.14%)KRWGBP Chart
KRW/HKD0.00729930.00735290.0000043 (0.06%)KRWHKD Chart
LTC/GBP106.89000109.060003.30500 (3.16%)LTCGBP Chart
LTC/HKD1172.890001196.7300035.30000 (3.07%)LTCHKD Chart
MXN/GBP0.038350.038360.00018 (0.47%)MXNGBP Chart
MXN/HKD0.420940.421020.00228 (0.54%)MXNHKD Chart
NOK/GBP0.091130.091150.00003 (0.03%)NOKGBP Chart
NOK/HKD0.999771.000220.00171 (0.17%)NOKHKD Chart
NZD/GBP0.514310.514500.00010 (0.02%)NZDGBP Chart
NZD/HKD5.642585.644720.00588 (0.10%)NZDHKD Chart
PLN/GBP0.209830.210010.00003 (0.01%)PLNGBP Chart
PLN/HKD2.302402.304780.00186 (0.08%)PLNHKD Chart
RON/GBP0.18830.18840.0006 (0.32%)RONGBP Chart
RUB/GBP0.0115640.0115680.000061 (0.52%)RUBGBP Chart
RUB/HKD0.127850.127980.00025 (0.20%)RUBHKD Chart
SAR/GBP0.19050.19060.0001 (0.05%)SARGBP Chart
SAR/HKD2.09032.09070.0009 (0.04%)SARHKD Chart
SEK/GBP0.084410.084430.00003 (0.04%)SEKGBP Chart
SEK/HKD0.926070.926460.00147 (0.16%)SEKHKD Chart
SGD/GBP0.541790.541960.00021 (0.04%)SGDGBP Chart
SGD/HKD5.944055.946010.00967 (0.16%)SGDHKD Chart
THB/GBP0.022698900.022734510.00006859 (0.30%)THBGBP Chart
THB/HKD0.249003980.249376560.00106012 (0.42%)THBHKD Chart
TRY/GBP0.174490.174540.00052 (0.30%)TRYGBP Chart
TRY/HKD1.923341.923890.00074 (0.04%)TRYHKD Chart
TWD/GBP0.02410.02410.0001 (0.41%)TWDGBP Chart
TWD/HKD0.26470.26480.0009 (0.34%)TWDHKD Chart
USD/GBP0.714800.714900.00073 (0.10%)USDGBP Chart
USD/HKD7.842517.842900.00191 (0.02%)USDHKD Chart
XAG/GBP12.1885812.210180.00182 (0.01%)XAGGBP Chart
XAG/HKD133.72671133.962210.18458 (0.14%)XAGHKD Chart
XAU/GBP952.310952.6390.459 (0.05%)XAUGBP Chart
XAU/HKD10448.26610451.1238.096 (0.08%)XAUHKD Chart
BTC/GBP5410.500005980.00000159.35000 (2.88%)XBTGBP Chart
BTC/HKD69280.9500070693.88000994.63500 (1.44%)XBTHKD Chart
ZAR/GBP0.058360.058400.00065 (1.10%)ZARGBP Chart
ZAR/HKD0.64030.64050.0081 (1.25%)ZARHKD Chart

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