HKD/CAD 0.16544
Today's change +0.00033 (0.202%)
Today's High 0.16553
Today's Low 0.16416
Today's Open 0.16420
52wk High 0.17385
52wk Low 0.15458
52wk Open 0.17263

Hong Kong Dollar / Canada Dollar

Current Dollar / Dollar Cross Rates

CurrencyBid (Price to Sell)Ask (Price to Buy)Change (Today)
AUD/CAD0.979860.980110.00871 (0.90%)AUDCAD Chart
AUD/HKD5.923515.925260.02483 (0.42%)AUDHKD Chart
CAD/AUD1.020291.020550.00917 (0.89%)CADAUD Chart
CAD/CHF0.764190.764420.00984 (1.27%)CADCHF Chart
CAD/CNY4.92374.92470.0425 (0.86%)CADCNY Chart
CAD/CZK16.984116.99410.0090 (0.05%)CADCZK Chart
CAD/DKK4.920114.920610.01005 (0.20%)CADDKK Chart
CAD/ETH0.001346090.001362250.00010514 (8.42%)CADETH Chart
CAD/EUR0.660570.660680.00132 (0.20%)CADEUR Chart
CAD/GBP0.578600.578720.00188 (0.32%)CADGBP Chart
CAD/HKD6.043096.044840.08133 (1.33%)CADHKD Chart
CAD/HUF210.872210.9690.660 (0.31%)CADHUF Chart
CAD/INR52.2052.210.89 (1.68%)CADINR Chart
CAD/JPY84.29484.3152.101 (2.43%)CADJPY Chart
CAD/LTC0.006475430.006608950.00045033 (7.39%)CADLTC Chart
CAD/MXN15.0491815.051730.36746 (2.38%)CADMXN Chart
CAD/NOK6.285036.287880.00549 (0.09%)CADNOK Chart
CAD/NZD1.113831.114180.00992 (0.88%)CADNZD Chart
CAD/PLN2.845932.847280.01209 (0.43%)CADPLN Chart
CAD/RUB47.945048.04500.2130 (0.45%)CADRUB Chart
CAD/SAR2.88932.89040.0313 (1.07%)CADSAR Chart
CAD/SEK6.737936.739580.03255 (0.48%)CADSEK Chart
CAD/SGD1.033391.033910.01096 (1.05%)CADSGD Chart
CAD/THB24.57924.6240.378 (1.51%)CADTHB Chart
CAD/TRY3.632133.632880.05771 (1.56%)CADTRY Chart
CAD/TWD23.078623.09360.2270 (0.97%)CADTWD Chart
CAD/USD0.770490.770610.00977 (1.25%)CADUSD Chart
CAD/XAG0.046570.046640.00050 (1.06%)CADXAG Chart
CAD/XAU0.000590810.000591020.00001215 (2.01%)CADXAU Chart
CAD/BTC0.000106100.000106930.00000628 (6.27%)CADXBT Chart
CAD/ZAR9.62689.62780.1813 (1.85%)CADZAR Chart
CHF/CAD1.308181.308580.01662 (1.29%)CHFCAD Chart
CHF/HKD7.909287.911220.00224 (0.03%)CHFHKD Chart
CNY/CAD0.20310.20310.0018 (0.89%)CNYCAD Chart
CNY/HKD1.22731.22800.0054 (0.44%)CNYHKD Chart
CZK/CAD0.05880.05890 (0%)CZKCAD Chart
CZK/HKD0.35580.35600.0043 (1.19%)CZKHKD Chart
DKK/CAD0.203230.203250.00042 (0.21%)DKKCAD Chart
DKK/HKD1.228911.229140.01335 (1.07%)DKKHKD Chart
ETH/CAD734.08000742.8900062.19500 (7.77%)ETHCAD Chart
ETH/HKD4468.150004558.53000512.89500 (10.20%)ETHHKD Chart
EUR/CAD1.513591.513840.00300 (0.20%)EURCAD Chart
EUR/HKD9.151819.153530.10096 (1.09%)EURHKD Chart
GBP/CAD1.727961.728300.00560 (0.33%)GBPCAD Chart
GBP/HKD10.4470310.449250.10227 (0.97%)GBPHKD Chart
HKD/AUD0.168770.168820.00070 (0.42%)HKDAUD Chart
HKD/CAD0.165430.165480.00219 (1.34%)HKDCAD Chart
HKD/CHF0.126400.126430.00003 (0.02%)HKDCHF Chart
HKD/CNY0.81430.81480.0034 (0.42%)HKDCNY Chart
HKD/CZK2.80932.81030.0333 (1.20%)HKDCZK Chart
HKD/DKK0.813580.813730.00874 (1.09%)HKDDKK Chart
HKD/ETH0.000219370.000223810.00002261 (11.36%)HKDETH Chart
HKD/EUR0.109250.109270.00119 (1.10%)HKDEUR Chart
HKD/GBP0.095700.095720.00093 (0.98%)HKDGBP Chart
HKD/HUF34.89234.9060.539 (1.57%)HKDHUF Chart
HKD/INR8.63538.63580.0312 (0.36%)HKDINR Chart
HKD/JPY13.9411113.943550.16369 (1.16%)HKDJPY Chart
HKD/KRW136.7700137.77000.9100 (0.67%)HKDKRW Chart
HKD/LTC0.001069670.001092410.00008661 (8.71%)HKDLTC Chart
HKD/MXN2.484082.484530.03360 (1.33%)HKDMXN Chart
HKD/NOK1.039581.040030.01930 (1.89%)HKDNOK Chart
HKD/NZD0.184200.184270.00075 (0.41%)HKDNZD Chart
HKD/PLN0.470830.471280.00805 (1.74%)HKDPLN Chart
HKD/RUB7.93387.94340.1352 (1.73%)HKDRUB Chart
HKD/SAR0.47810.47820.0003 (0.06%)HKDSAR Chart
HKD/SEK1.115631.116080.01035 (0.94%)HKDSEK Chart
HKD/SGD0.170970.171030.00046 (0.27%)HKDSGD Chart
HKD/THB4.0674.0720.009 (0.22%)HKDTHB Chart
HKD/TRY0.599580.600030.00381 (0.63%)HKDTRY Chart
HKD/TWD3.82033.82200.0147 (0.39%)HKDTWD Chart
HKD/USD0.127460.127460.00007 (0.05%)HKDUSD Chart
HKD/XAG0.007700.007720.00002 (0.26%)HKDXAG Chart
HKD/XAU0.000097720.000097750.00000071 (0.72%)HKDXAU Chart
HKD/BTC0.000017200.000017540.00000142 (8.90%)HKDXBT Chart
HKD/ZAR1.59041.59090.0106 (0.66%)HKDZAR Chart
HUF/CAD0.004740030.004742210.00001489 (0.31%)HUFCAD Chart
HUF/HKD0.028648370.028659860.00044950 (1.54%)HUFHKD Chart
INR/CAD0.019153420.019157090.00031931 (1.70%)INRCAD Chart
INR/HKD0.11580.11580.0004 (0.35%)INRHKD Chart
JPY/CAD0.011860290.011863240.00028829 (2.49%)JPYCAD Chart
JPY/HKD0.071720.071730.00083 (1.17%)JPYHKD Chart
KRW/HKD0.00725850.00731150.0000486 (0.66%)KRWHKD Chart
LTC/CAD151.31000154.4300011.30000 (6.88%)LTCCAD Chart
LTC/HKD915.41000934.8700080.57000 (8.01%)LTCHKD Chart
MXN/CAD0.066440.066450.00158 (2.44%)MXNCAD Chart
MXN/HKD0.402490.402560.00536 (1.35%)MXNHKD Chart
NOK/CAD0.159040.159110.00014 (0.09%)NOKCAD Chart
NOK/HKD0.961510.961930.01819 (1.86%)NOKHKD Chart
NZD/CAD0.897520.897800.00792 (0.89%)NZDCAD Chart
NZD/HKD5.426725.428860.02225 (0.41%)NZDHKD Chart
PLN/CAD0.351210.351380.00151 (0.43%)PLNCAD Chart
PLN/HKD2.121882.123910.03691 (1.71%)PLNHKD Chart
RUB/CAD0.0208140.0208570.000093 (0.44%)RUBCAD Chart
RUB/HKD0.125890.126040.00219 (1.71%)RUBHKD Chart
SAR/CAD0.34600.34610.0037 (1.08%)SARCAD Chart
SAR/HKD2.09122.09160.0013 (0.06%)SARHKD Chart
SEK/CAD0.148380.148410.00071 (0.48%)SEKCAD Chart
SEK/HKD0.895990.896350.00839 (0.93%)SEKHKD Chart
SGD/CAD0.967200.967690.01014 (1.06%)SGDCAD Chart
SGD/HKD5.847075.849030.01570 (0.27%)SGDHKD Chart
THB/CAD0.040610790.040685140.00061350 (1.53%)THBCAD Chart
THB/HKD0.245579570.245881490.00051215 (0.21%)THBHKD Chart
TRY/CAD0.275260.275320.00430 (1.59%)TRYCAD Chart
TRY/HKD1.666581.667830.01050 (0.63%)TRYHKD Chart
TWD/CAD0.04330.04330.0004 (0.93%)TWDCAD Chart
TWD/HKD0.26160.26180.0010 (0.38%)TWDHKD Chart
USD/CAD1.297671.297870.01624 (1.27%)USDCAD Chart
USD/HKD7.845497.845850.00408 (0.05%)USDHKD Chart
XAG/CAD21.4387521.474250.22313 (1.05%)XAGCAD Chart
XAG/HKD129.56199129.797490.38064 (0.29%)XAGHKD Chart
XAU/CAD1691.9771692.59634.072 (2.05%)XAUCAD Chart
XAU/HKD10230.22610233.51074.844 (0.74%)XAUHKD Chart
BTC/CAD9351.900009424.90000588.80000 (5.90%)XBTCAD Chart
BTC/HKD56998.5100058128.750005,139.42500 (8.20%)XBTHKD Chart
ZAR/CAD0.10390.10390.0019 (1.86%)ZARCAD Chart
ZAR/HKD0.62860.62880.0041 (0.66%)ZARHKD Chart

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