EUR/NZD 1.68569
Today's change -0.00155 (-0.093%)
Today's High 1.69056
Today's Low 1.68186
Today's Open 1.68956
52wk High 1.74813
52wk Low 1.52370
52wk Open 1.53715

European Union Euro / New Zealand Dollar

Current Euro / Dollar Cross Rates

CurrencyBid (Price to Sell)Ask (Price to Buy)Change (Today)
AED/EUR0.23340.23350.0024 (1.04%)AEDEUR Chart
AUD/EUR0.638090.638220.00477 (0.74%)AUDEUR Chart
AUD/NZD1.075531.076030.01585 (1.45%)AUDNZD Chart
BCH/EUR634.40000634.50000329.70000 (34.20%)BCHEUR Chart
CAD/EUR0.646210.646330.01567 (2.37%)CADEUR Chart
CAD/NZD1.089151.089660.03452 (3.07%)CADNZD Chart
CHF/EUR0.868270.868420.01327 (1.55%)CHFEUR Chart
CHF/NZD1.463461.464210.01202 (0.83%)CHFNZD Chart
CNH/EUR0.13170.13180.0019 (1.42%)CNHEUR Chart
CNY/EUR0.13180.13190.0014 (1.05%)CNYEUR Chart
CZK/EUR0.038720.038790.00018 (0.46%)CZKEUR Chart
DASH/EUR204.00000204.7300098.62000 (32.55%)DASHEUR Chart
DKK/EUR0.134140.134170.00010 (0.07%)DKKEUR Chart
ETC/EUR12.5690012.627001.22750 (8.88%)ETCEUR Chart
ETH/EUR392.44000392.51000152.76500 (28.02%)ETHEUR Chart
ETH/NZD658.43000671.74000257.70500 (27.93%)ETHNZD Chart
EUR/AED4.28234.28480.0450 (1.04%)EURAED Chart
EUR/AUD1.566861.567180.01162 (0.75%)EURAUD Chart
EUR/BCH0.001576040.001576290.00053898 (51.97%)EURBCH Chart
EUR/CAD1.547191.547490.03663 (2.42%)EURCAD Chart
EUR/CHF1.151511.151720.01788 (1.53%)EURCHF Chart
EUR/CNH7.59007.59330.1064 (1.42%)EURCNH Chart
EUR/CNY7.58097.58860.0782 (1.04%)EURCNY Chart
EUR/CZK25.7815425.827540.11774 (0.46%)EURCZK Chart
EUR/DASH0.004884480.004901960.00159270 (48.26%)EURDASH Chart
EUR/DKK7.453417.454670.00542 (0.07%)EURDKK Chart
EUR/ETC0.079195370.079560820.00704788 (9.74%)EURETC Chart
EUR/ETH0.002547710.002548160.00071387 (38.92%)EURETH Chart
EUR/GBP0.879250.879440.00230 (0.26%)EURGBP Chart
EUR/HKD9.148569.150560.10407 (1.12%)EURHKD Chart
EUR/HUF324.529325.1236.877 (2.16%)EURHUF Chart
EUR/INR79.1779.171.04 (1.30%)EURINR Chart
EUR/JPY128.223128.2442.296 (1.76%)EURJPY Chart
EUR/KRW1294.90001297.400031.0500 (2.45%)EURKRW Chart
EUR/LTC0.014054810.014088480.00488931 (53.25%)EURLTC Chart
EUR/MXN23.3370323.339880.04385 (0.19%)EURMXN Chart
EUR/NOK9.429319.433400.05803 (0.61%)EURNOK Chart
EUR/NZD1.685421.685970.01219 (0.72%)EURNZD Chart
EUR/PLN4.321684.327120.04200 (0.98%)EURPLN Chart
EUR/REP0.038330330.038461540.01233075 (47.31%)EURREP Chart
EUR/RON4.65574.66570.0348 (0.75%)EURRON Chart
EUR/RUB73.306073.32701.2115 (1.68%)EURRUB Chart
EUR/SAR4.37164.37230.0487 (1.10%)EURSAR Chart
EUR/SEK10.3160110.321240.08307 (0.81%)EURSEK Chart
EUR/SGD1.583881.584530.00610 (0.39%)EURSGD Chart
EUR/THB38.33838.4380.645 (1.71%)EURTHB Chart
EUR/TRY5.453085.455030.13046 (2.34%)EURTRY Chart
EUR/TWD35.340135.36510.1290 (0.37%)EURTWD Chart
EUR/USD1.165931.166090.01284 (1.09%)EURUSD Chart
EUR/XAG0.070850.070970.00024 (0.34%)EURXAG Chart
EUR/XAU0.000917930.000918350.00000708 (0.78%)EURXAU Chart
EUR/BTC0.000192680.000192910.00004544 (30.84%)EURXBT Chart
EUR/XMR0.010557430.010606700.00385666 (57.34%)EURXMR Chart
EUR/XRP2.429720342.433504490.58929621 (31.99%)EURXRP Chart
EUR/ZAR15.6495715.665670.83732 (5.65%)EURZAR Chart
EUR/ZEC0.006897120.006913720.00311449 (82.16%)EURZEC Chart
GBP/EUR1.137091.137330.00300 (0.26%)GBPEUR Chart
GBP/NZD1.916681.917400.01894 (0.98%)GBPNZD Chart
HKD/EUR0.109280.109310.00122 (1.13%)HKDEUR Chart
HKD/NZD0.184220.184290.00077 (0.42%)HKDNZD Chart
HUF/EUR0.003075760.003081390.00006659 (2.12%)HUFEUR Chart
INR/EUR0.012631050.012631050.00016378 (1.31%)INREUR Chart
JPY/EUR0.007797640.007798910.00013714 (1.79%)JPYEUR Chart
JPY/NZD0.013143020.013148210.00013790 (1.06%)JPYNZD Chart
KRW/EUR0.00077080.00077230.0000190 (2.40%)KRWEUR Chart
LTC/EUR70.9800071.1500037.84000 (34.75%)LTCEUR Chart
LTC/NZD118.81000121.2400064.62000 (35.00%)LTCNZD Chart
MXN/EUR0.042850.042850.00008 (0.19%)MXNEUR Chart
NOK/EUR0.106010.106050.00065 (0.62%)NOKEUR Chart
NZD/AUD0.929340.929770.01349 (1.47%)NZDAUD Chart
NZD/CAD0.917720.918150.02819 (3.17%)NZDCAD Chart
NZD/CHF0.682960.683310.00567 (0.82%)NZDCHF Chart
NZD/ETH0.001488670.001518760.00041993 (38.75%)NZDETH Chart
NZD/EUR0.593130.593320.00425 (0.72%)NZDEUR Chart
NZD/GBP0.521540.521740.00511 (0.99%)NZDGBP Chart
NZD/HKD5.426245.428380.02273 (0.42%)NZDHKD Chart
NZD/JPY76.05676.0860.806 (1.05%)NZDJPY Chart
NZD/LTC0.008248100.008416800.00291607 (53.84%)NZDLTC Chart
NZD/RUB43.508043.52871.0088 (2.37%)NZDRUB Chart
NZD/SGD0.939460.939980.01026 (1.10%)NZDSGD Chart
NZD/USD0.691540.691770.00267 (0.38%)NZDUSD Chart
NZD/XAG0.042020.042100.00016 (0.38%)NZDXAG Chart
NZD/XAU0.000544460.000544780.00000804 (1.50%)NZDXAU Chart
NZD/BTC0.000113510.000115820.00002778 (31.98%)NZDXBT Chart
PLN/EUR0.231100.231390.00227 (0.97%)PLNEUR Chart
REP/EUR26.0000026.0890012.32100 (32.11%)REPEUR Chart
RON/EUR0.21430.21480.0017 (0.79%)RONEUR Chart
RUB/EUR0.0136380.0136410.000230 (1.66%)RUBEUR Chart
RUB/NZD0.0229730.0229840.000546 (2.32%)RUBNZD Chart
SAR/EUR0.22870.22870.0025 (1.11%)SAREUR Chart
SEK/EUR0.096890.096940.00079 (0.81%)SEKEUR Chart
SGD/EUR0.631100.631360.00244 (0.39%)SGDEUR Chart
SGD/NZD1.063851.064440.01175 (1.09%)SGDNZD Chart
THB/EUR0.026015920.026083780.00044518 (1.68%)THBEUR Chart
TRY/EUR0.183320.183380.00428 (2.39%)TRYEUR Chart
TWD/EUR0.02830.02830.0001 (0.35%)TWDEUR Chart
USD/EUR0.857570.857680.00934 (1.10%)USDEUR Chart
USD/NZD1.445571.446050.00556 (0.39%)USDNZD Chart
XAG/EUR14.0913114.114910.04802 (0.34%)XAGEUR Chart
XAG/NZD23.7550823.795960.08864 (0.37%)XAGNZD Chart
XAU/EUR1088.9131089.4038.470 (0.77%)XAUEUR Chart
XAU/NZD1835.6021836.67927.524 (1.48%)XAUNZD Chart
BTC/EUR5183.700005190.000001,599.65000 (23.57%)XBTEUR Chart
BTC/NZD8634.440008809.590002,789.92000 (24.24%)XBTNZD Chart
XMR/EUR94.2800094.7200054.19000 (36.44%)XMREUR Chart
XRP/EUR0.410930.411570.13154 (24.23%)XRPEUR Chart
ZAR/EUR0.063830.063900.00362 (5.36%)ZAREUR Chart
ZEC/EUR144.64000144.98800118.97600 (45.10%)ZECEUR Chart

Latest News

  • EURNZD appears to be done with its slide as it failed in its last two attempts to break below the 1.6600 handle. Price has then formed a double bottom pattern …
  • Bearish: Currently we are at 1.6706 in a well-built range. We completed the move out of the slope support. IF we can break this support, we are looking for a …
  • - EURAUD and EURNZD continue to trade in the confines of triangles. - AUDNZD may be flagging for a move towards N$1.2200. - See the September forex seasonality report. The US Dollar will be heavily influenced by all things Fed …
  • The euro is still the most overrated currency among the majors. I am holding my EUR/USD short, but planning to short EUR/NZD too. The Australian dollar is becoming overbought. As you know, every week, Splendid Exchange looks at …
  • 06/08 EUR/NZD touched a yesterday low at 1.67274 [11:05 GMT] #forex #fx #finance #.. 06/07 EUR/NZD touched a weekly high at 1.67701 [07:48 GMT] #forex #fx #finance #EU.. 06/07 EUR/NZD touched a yesterday high at 1.67504 [02:03 …
  • Technical Outlook: EURNZD rebounded off confluence support earlier this week at 1.5122 where the 38.2% retracement of the 2017 range converges on down-slope support. The rally is now testing initial resistance at the trendline extending off …
  • The EUR/NZD is set to conclude the trading week with the creation of an inside bar. So far in today’s session, the pair has failed to exceed Thursdays high or low. These points can now be used to pinpoint a breakout in next week’s trading. …
  • The EUR/NZD is set to conclude the trading week with the creation of an inside bar. So far in today’s session, the pair has failed to exceed Thursdays high or low. These points can now be used to pinpoint a breakout in next week’s trading. …
  • The EUR/NZD is trading in a 278 pip range as seen in the daily chart above. Resistance for the range is found at the March 27th high at a price of 1.5464. Alternatively support is found at the March 31st low of 1.5186. Traders may plan for a …

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