CAD/JPY 82.858
Today's change +0.053 (0.062%)
Today's High 83.047
Today's Low 82.257
Today's Open 82.561
52wk High 91.642
52wk Low 80.549
52wk Open 83.841

Canada Dollar / Japan Yen

Current Dollar / Yen Cross Rates

CurrencyBid (Price to Sell)Ask (Price to Buy)Change (Today)
AUD/CAD0.987110.987570.01607 (1.65%)AUDCAD Chart
AUD/JPY81.80181.8202.109 (2.51%)AUDJPY Chart
CAD/AUD1.012591.013060.01677 (1.63%)CADAUD Chart
CAD/CHF0.743850.744150.03014 (3.89%)CADCHF Chart
CAD/CNY4.89994.90090.0663 (1.33%)CADCNY Chart
CAD/CZK16.676116.68610.3170 (1.86%)CADCZK Chart
CAD/DKK4.816284.816730.11391 (2.31%)CADDKK Chart
CAD/ETH0.001675290.001697450.00043734 (35.01%)CADETH Chart
CAD/EUR0.646130.646250.01575 (2.38%)CADEUR Chart
CAD/GBP0.567930.568170.01249 (2.15%)CADGBP Chart
CAD/HKD5.910875.912620.21355 (3.49%)CADHKD Chart
CAD/HUF209.862209.9590.350 (0.17%)CADHUF Chart
CAD/INR51.1551.171.93 (3.64%)CADINR Chart
CAD/JPY82.84382.8723.548 (4.11%)CADJPY Chart
CAD/LTC0.008956560.009114940.00294389 (48.32%)CADLTC Chart
CAD/MXN15.0771815.079730.33946 (2.20%)CADMXN Chart
CAD/NOK6.093836.096680.18571 (2.96%)CADNOK Chart
CAD/NZD1.089321.089790.03437 (3.06%)CADNZD Chart
CAD/PLN2.793382.794730.04046 (1.43%)CADPLN Chart
CAD/RUB47.336047.43600.3960 (0.83%)CADRUB Chart
CAD/SAR2.82552.82660.0951 (3.26%)CADSAR Chart
CAD/SEK6.668386.670030.10210 (1.51%)CADSEK Chart
CAD/SGD1.023321.023840.02103 (2.01%)CADSGD Chart
CAD/THB24.78624.8310.171 (0.68%)CADTHB Chart
CAD/TRY3.527733.528480.16211 (4.39%)CADTRY Chart
CAD/TWD22.833622.84860.4720 (2.02%)CADTWD Chart
CAD/USD0.753320.753450.02694 (3.45%)CADUSD Chart
CAD/XAG0.045780.045850.00129 (2.74%)CADXAG Chart
CAD/XAU0.000593160.000593400.00000978 (1.62%)CADXAU Chart
CAD/BTC0.000127750.000129220.00002825 (28.19%)CADXBT Chart
CAD/ZAR10.107610.10860.2995 (3.05%)CADZAR Chart
CHF/CAD1.343821.344360.05233 (4.05%)CHFCAD Chart
CHF/JPY111.352111.3930.240 (0.22%)CHFJPY Chart
CNY/CAD0.20400.20410.0027 (1.34%)CNYCAD Chart
CNY/JPY16.9116.920.47 (2.70%)CNYJPY Chart
CZK/CAD0.05990.06000.0011 (1.87%)CZKCAD Chart
CZK/JPY4.966684.969530.11451 (2.25%)CZKJPY Chart
DKK/CAD0.207610.207630.00480 (2.37%)DKKCAD Chart
DKK/JPY17.19917.2050.315 (1.80%)DKKJPY Chart
ETH/CAD589.12000596.91000207.66500 (25.94%)ETHCAD Chart
ETH/JPY50787.0000051450.0000019,577.50000 (27.69%)ETHJPY Chart
EUR/CAD1.547391.547670.03682 (2.44%)EURCAD Chart
EUR/JPY128.219128.2412.299 (1.76%)EURJPY Chart
GBP/CAD1.760051.760770.03788 (2.20%)GBPCAD Chart
GBP/JPY145.850145.8822.965 (1.99%)GBPJPY Chart
HKD/CAD0.169130.169180.00589 (3.61%)HKDCAD Chart
HKD/JPY14.0144514.017300.09015 (0.64%)HKDJPY Chart
HUF/CAD0.004762830.004765040.00000792 (0.17%)HUFCAD Chart
HUF/JPY0.394720.394880.01583 (3.86%)HUFJPY Chart
INR/CAD0.019542700.019550340.00071058 (3.77%)INRCAD Chart
INR/JPY1.61991.62040.0051 (0.31%)INRJPY Chart
JPY/AUD0.012221950.012224790.00030712 (2.58%)JPYAUD Chart
JPY/CAD0.012066800.012071030.00049544 (4.28%)JPYCAD Chart
JPY/CHF0.008977220.008980530.00001926 (0.21%)JPYCHF Chart
JPY/CNY0.059101650.059136610.00156517 (2.72%)JPYCNY Chart
JPY/CZK0.201230.201340.00453 (2.30%)JPYCZK Chart
JPY/DKK0.058122640.058142920.00104375 (1.83%)JPYDKK Chart
JPY/ETH0.000019440.000019690.00000542 (38.30%)JPYETH Chart
JPY/EUR0.007797820.007799160.00013736 (1.79%)JPYEUR Chart
JPY/GBP0.006854860.006856360.00013658 (2.03%)JPYGBP Chart
JPY/HKD0.071340.071350.00045 (0.63%)JPYHKD Chart
JPY/HUF2.532412.533410.09760 (4.01%)JPYHUF Chart
JPY/INR0.61710.61730.0019 (0.31%)JPYINR Chart
JPY/KRW10.078010.12800.4270 (4.41%)JPYKRW Chart
JPY/LTC0.000107990.000110190.00003861 (54.78%)JPYLTC Chart
JPY/MXN0.181990.182040.00350 (1.96%)JPYMXN Chart
JPY/NOK0.073567280.073599760.00087739 (1.21%)JPYNOK Chart
JPY/NZD0.013147520.013152180.00014214 (1.09%)JPYNZD Chart
JPY/PLN0.033735920.033749580.00093543 (2.85%)JPYPLN Chart
JPY/RUB0.570970.572610.01808 (3.27%)JPYRUB Chart
JPY/SAR0.034094780.034106410.00021377 (0.63%)JPYSAR Chart
JPY/SEK0.080489380.080521780.00206498 (2.63%)JPYSEK Chart
JPY/SGD0.012351170.012355140.00026352 (2.18%)JPYSGD Chart
JPY/THB0.299060.299510.00990 (3.42%)JPYTHB Chart
JPY/TRY0.042545950.042636650.00019316 (0.45%)JPYTRY Chart
JPY/TWD0.27550.27570.0056 (2.07%)JPYTWD Chart
JPY/USD0.009091820.009093060.00006142 (0.68%)JPYUSD Chart
JPY/XAG0.000552510.000553280.00000786 (1.44%)JPYXAG Chart
JPY/XAU0.000007160.000007160.00000018 (2.58%)JPYXAU Chart
JPY/BTC0.000001480.000001500.00000036 (31.86%)JPYXBT Chart
JPY/ZAR0.121906620.122144860.00849249 (7.48%)JPYZAR Chart
KRW/JPY0.0987360.0992260.004368 (4.23%)KRWJPY Chart
LTC/CAD109.71000111.6500053.49000 (32.58%)LTCCAD Chart
LTC/JPY9075.000009260.000005,023.00000 (35.40%)LTCJPY Chart
MXN/CAD0.066310.066330.00146 (2.25%)MXNCAD Chart
MXN/JPY5.493185.494830.10801 (1.93%)MXNJPY Chart
NOK/CAD0.164020.164100.00485 (3.05%)NOKCAD Chart
NOK/JPY13.58713.5930.164 (1.19%)NOKJPY Chart
NZD/CAD0.917610.918000.02806 (3.15%)NZDCAD Chart
NZD/JPY76.03376.0600.831 (1.08%)NZDJPY Chart
PLN/CAD0.357820.357990.00510 (1.45%)PLNCAD Chart
PLN/JPY29.63029.6420.845 (2.77%)PLNJPY Chart
RUB/CAD0.0210810.0211260.000175 (0.84%)RUBCAD Chart
RUB/JPY1.74641.75140.0571 (3.16%)RUBJPY Chart
SAR/CAD0.35380.35390.0115 (3.36%)SARCAD Chart
SAR/JPY29.3229.330.19 (0.64%)SARJPY Chart
SEK/CAD0.149920.149960.00226 (1.53%)SEKCAD Chart
SEK/JPY12.41912.4240.327 (2.57%)SEKJPY Chart
SGD/CAD0.976720.977210.01966 (2.05%)SGDCAD Chart
SGD/JPY80.93880.9641.764 (2.13%)SGDJPY Chart
THB/CAD0.040272240.040345360.00027434 (0.69%)THBCAD Chart
THB/JPY3.338813.343810.11440 (3.31%)THBJPY Chart
TRY/CAD0.283410.283470.01245 (4.59%)TRYCAD Chart
TRY/JPY23.45423.5040.106 (0.45%)TRYJPY Chart
TWD/CAD0.04380.04380.0009 (2.10%)TWDCAD Chart
TWD/JPY3.62673.62960.0753 (2.03%)TWDJPY Chart
USD/CAD1.327231.327460.04581 (3.57%)USDCAD Chart
USD/JPY109.974109.9890.749 (0.68%)USDJPY Chart
XAG/CAD21.8091121.844610.59349 (2.80%)XAGCAD Chart
XAG/JPY1807.411809.9126.10 (1.42%)XAGJPY Chart
XAU/CAD1685.1951685.89927.333 (1.65%)XAUCAD Chart
XAU/JPY139634.5139688.53,612.5 (2.52%)XAUJPY Chart
BTC/CAD7738.700007827.800002,193.95000 (21.99%)XBTCAD Chart
BTC/JPY665791.00000673668.00000211,831.00000 (24.03%)XBTJPY Chart
ZAR/CAD0.09890.09890.0031 (3.04%)ZARCAD Chart
ZAR/JPY8.1878.2030.613 (6.96%)ZARJPY Chart

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