TRST/BTC 0.00002235
Today's change -0.00000054 (-2.358%)
Today's High 0.00002299
Today's Low 0.00002217
Today's Open 0.00002290
52wk High 0.00017963
52wk Low 0.00001801
52wk Open 0.00010204

Trustcoin Crypto Currency / Bitcoin Crypto Currency

Current Trustcoin / Bitcoin Cross Rates

CurrencyBid (Price to Sell)Ask (Price to Buy)Change (Today)
AUD/BTC0.000095100.000097010.00000118 (1.24%)AUDXBT Chart
CAD/BTC0.000101700.000103180.00000221 (2.20%)CADXBT Chart
CHF/BTC0.000127340.000129960.00000245 (1.94%)CHFXBT Chart
EUR/BTC0.000149450.000149450.00000210 (1.43%)EURXBT Chart
GBP/BTC0.000166670.000172410.00000018 (0.11%)GBPXBT Chart
HKD/BTC0.000016080.000016410.00000030 (1.88%)HKDXBT Chart
JPY/BTC0.000001150.000001160.00000003 (2.65%)JPYXBT Chart
NZD/BTC0.000087050.000088830.00000106 (1.22%)NZDXBT Chart
SGD/BTC0.000093870.000095760.00000130 (1.39%)SGDXBT Chart
USD/BTC0.000127500.000127640.00000239 (1.91%)USDXBT Chart
BTC/AUD10308.6700010515.70000127.97500 (1.21%)XBTAUD Chart
BTC/CAD9691.400009832.60000215.20000 (2.16%)XBTCAD Chart
BTC/CHF7694.840007853.08000150.49000 (1.90%)XBTCHF Chart
BTC/EUR6691.300006691.4000095.15000 (1.40%)XBTEUR Chart
BTC/GBP5800.000006000.000006.05000 (0.10%)XBTGBP Chart
BTC/HKD60935.0900062188.080001,141.47000 (1.82%)XBTHKD Chart
BTC/JPY860170.00000871357.0000015,797.00000 (1.79%)XBTJPY Chart
BTC/NZD11256.8600011488.22000139.39500 (1.21%)XBTNZD Chart
BTC/SGD10442.3200010652.67000145.93500 (1.36%)XBTSGD Chart
BTC/USD7834.600007842.90000149.55000 (1.87%)XBTUSD Chart

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