300/BTC 0.08498938
Today's change +0.00246128 (2.982%)
Today's High 0.08502765
Today's Low 0.08249004
Today's Open 0.08252830
52wk High 0.44000000
52wk Low 0.01120000
52wk Open 0.20000000

300 Token Crypto Currency / Bitcoin Crypto Currency

Current 300 Token / Bitcoin Cross Rates

CurrencyBid (Price to Sell)Ask (Price to Buy)Change (Today)
AUD/BTC0.000086460.000088210.00000076 (0.88%)AUDXBT Chart
CAD/BTC0.000094370.000098370.00000392 (3.91%)CADXBT Chart
CHF/BTC0.000115590.000117930.00000102 (0.88%)CHFXBT Chart
EUR/BTC0.000139790.000139810.00000139 (1.00%)EURXBT Chart
GBP/BTC0.000160440.000167560.00000394 (2.46%)GBPXBT Chart
HKD/BTC0.000014360.000014650.00000013 (0.90%)HKDXBT Chart
JPY/BTC0.000001040.000001060.00000001 (0.96%)JPYXBT Chart
NZD/BTC0.000081200.000082840.00000074 (0.91%)NZDXBT Chart
SGD/BTC0.000085580.000087310.00000076 (0.89%)SGDXBT Chart
USD/BTC0.000113640.000113880.00000108 (0.96%)USDXBT Chart
BTC/AUD11336.7900011565.8000099.76500 (0.86%)XBTAUD Chart
BTC/CAD10165.7000010596.20000409.20000 (4.10%)XBTCAD Chart
BTC/CHF8479.760008651.0600075.79000 (0.88%)XBTCHF Chart
BTC/EUR7152.400007153.6000071.95000 (1.00%)XBTEUR Chart
BTC/GBP5967.900006232.80000147.60000 (2.36%)XBTGBP Chart
BTC/HKD68254.4000069633.22000611.83500 (0.88%)XBTHKD Chart
BTC/JPY942738.00000957280.000007,418.00000 (0.77%)XBTJPY Chart
BTC/NZD12072.1200012315.99000110.47000 (0.90%)XBTNZD Chart
BTC/SGD11453.9700011685.35000101.49000 (0.87%)XBTSGD Chart
BTC/USD8780.800008799.6000084.75000 (0.95%)XBTUSD Chart

Latest News

  • CONTRACT UNIT -The Cboe Bitcoin Futures Contract will use the ticker XBT and will equal one bitcoin. -The CME Bitcoin Futures Contract will use the ticker BTC and will equal five bitcoins. PRICING AND SETTLEMENT -Both Cboe's and …
  • Its smaller rival, CBOE or Chicago Board Options Exchange, started trading bitcoin futures on December 10 under the ticker symbol "XBT." Some analysts were …
  • After getting the ball rolling behind the dish, the B/R MLB 300 now moves up 90 feet to the most power-packed ... What he does have, however, is a 57 XBT% that jumps off the page. That dwarfs this list's average of about 35 percent. It's …
  • After stopping off at the hot corner, the B/R MLB 300 now moves to the outfield for a look at the ... and the eight additional outs he's run into on the basepaths mars his excellent 56 XBT%. The only way for him to go is up, but he's made …
  • The S&P bubble (see yesterday's post) is only up 300% in 8 years - hardly a blip on a chart where BitCoins (/XBT) is now up 6,500% in 3 years. Amazingly, it was only two weeks ago when I said "We Will All Be Billionaires" if the markets …
  • The hackers demanded to be paid in Bitcoin (XBT), an electronic money that's difficult to trace ... Keeping the ransom low -- typically $300 or so -- increases the likelihood people will pay to get their files back. But in this case, Methodist …
  • XBT's investment in building a worldwide content delivery network saw Universal CDN increase its sustained total network throughout surpass 300 Gbps. With a strategy of focused targeting industries like e-commerce, financial services and …
  • Shares of The Crypto Company (CRCW) have surged nearly 160% in the past five days, more than 1,800% in the past month and 17,000% in the past three months, as investors and traders have bid up the price of bitcoin (XBT ... up more …
  • "I would be happy if litecoin stays at around $300 by the end of next year," Lee told CNBC's Squawk ... Asked about the introduction of bitcoin futures on the CBOE (Exchange: @XBT.1.S) and the introduction of CME bitcoin futures shortly, …

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