ZEC/EUR 210.12400
Today's change -0.60500 (-0.282%)
Today's High 216.55500
Today's Low 208.54500
Today's Open 214.29450
52wk High 690.50000
52wk Low 141.21250
52wk Open 265.10500

Zcash Crypto Currency / European Union Euro

Current Zcash / Euro Cross Rates

CurrencyBid (Price to Sell)Ask (Price to Buy)Change (Today)
AED/EUR0.22050.22070 (0%)AEDEUR Chart
AUD/EUR0.625110.625220.00037 (0.06%)AUDEUR Chart
BCH/EUR778.10000780.500005.20000 (0.66%)BCHEUR Chart
CAD/EUR0.639490.639590.00002 (0.00%)CADEUR Chart
CHF/EUR0.833480.833640.00020 (0.02%)CHFEUR Chart
CNH/EUR0.12900.12910 (0%)CNHEUR Chart
CNY/EUR0.12890.12890.0001 (0.08%)CNYEUR Chart
CZK/EUR0.039460.039500 (0%)CZKEUR Chart
DASH/EUR348.10000349.000001.79000 (0.51%)DASHEUR Chart
DKK/EUR0.134260.134290 (0%)DKKEUR Chart
ETC/EUR14.7040014.757000.15700 (1.05%)ETCEUR Chart
ETH/EUR457.65000457.660004.08000 (0.88%)ETHEUR Chart
EUR/AED4.53174.53420.0005 (0.01%)EURAED Chart
EUR/AUD1.599441.599710.00092 (0.06%)EURAUD Chart
EUR/BCH0.001281230.001285180.00000850 (0.67%)EURBCH Chart
EUR/CAD1.563491.563750.00005 (0.00%)EURCAD Chart
EUR/CHF1.199561.199790.00028 (0.02%)EURCHF Chart
EUR/CNH7.74887.75210.0004 (0.01%)EURCNH Chart
EUR/CNY7.75687.75980.0075 (0.10%)EURCNY Chart
EUR/CZK25.3180425.341030.00063 (0.00%)EURCZK Chart
EUR/DASH0.002865330.002872740.00001464 (0.51%)EURDASH Chart
EUR/DKK7.446847.448100.00043 (0.01%)EURDKK Chart
EUR/ETC0.067764450.068008710.00071609 (1.07%)EURETC Chart
EUR/ETH0.002185030.002185080.00001931 (0.89%)EURETH Chart
EUR/GBP0.876510.876690.00017 (0.02%)EURGBP Chart
EUR/HKD9.684449.686030.00167 (0.02%)EURHKD Chart
EUR/HUF310.080310.4010.014 (0.00%)EURHUF Chart
EUR/INR81.5181.520.12 (0.15%)EURINR Chart
EUR/JPY132.857132.8750.217 (0.16%)EURJPY Chart
EUR/KRW1314.40001316.90000.5000 (0.04%)EURKRW Chart
EUR/LTC0.008479610.008499070.00008136 (0.97%)EURLTC Chart
EUR/MXN22.7742322.777080.00030 (0.00%)EURMXN Chart
EUR/NOK9.621969.627600.00377 (0.04%)EURNOK Chart
EUR/NZD1.703511.703940.00196 (0.12%)EURNZD Chart
EUR/PLN4.162184.166070.00095 (0.02%)EURPLN Chart
EUR/REP0.033788350.033881080.00143648 (4.43%)EURREP Chart
EUR/RON4.65684.65930.0009 (0.02%)EURRON Chart
EUR/RUB75.230075.25200.0145 (0.02%)EURRUB Chart
EUR/SAR4.62804.62870.0005 (0.01%)EURSAR Chart
EUR/SEK10.3851610.389790.00932 (0.09%)EURSEK Chart
EUR/SGD1.619391.619810.00022 (0.01%)EURSGD Chart
EUR/THB38.52138.6210.013 (0.03%)EURTHB Chart
EUR/TRY4.992584.994530.00190 (0.04%)EURTRY Chart
EUR/TWD36.313136.33810.0150 (0.04%)EURTWD Chart
EUR/USD1.234151.234290.00010 (0.01%)EURUSD Chart
EUR/XAG0.071760.071890.00020 (0.28%)EURXAG Chart
EUR/XAU0.000919380.000919700.00000124 (0.14%)EURXAU Chart
EUR/BTC0.000148840.000148840.00000003 (0.02%)EURXBT Chart
EUR/XMR0.005076140.005078720.00011469 (2.21%)EURXMR Chart
EUR/XRP1.504845601.504868250.06721370 (4.28%)EURXRP Chart
EUR/ZAR14.7623614.780270.00007 (0.00%)EURZAR Chart
EUR/ZEC0.004747910.004770990.00009438 (2.02%)EURZEC Chart
GBP/EUR1.140651.140890.00023 (0.02%)GBPEUR Chart
HKD/EUR0.103240.103260.00002 (0.02%)HKDEUR Chart
HUF/EUR0.003221640.003224970.00000015 (0.00%)HUFEUR Chart
INR/EUR0.012266930.012268430.00001803 (0.15%)INREUR Chart
JPY/EUR0.007525870.007526890.00001228 (0.16%)JPYEUR Chart
KRW/EUR0.00075940.00076080.0000003 (0.04%)KRWEUR Chart
LTC/EUR117.66000117.930001.14000 (0.96%)LTCEUR Chart
MXN/EUR0.043900.043910.00001 (0.02%)MXNEUR Chart
NOK/EUR0.103870.103930.00004 (0.04%)NOKEUR Chart
NZD/EUR0.586880.587020.00068 (0.12%)NZDEUR Chart
PLN/EUR0.240030.240260.00005 (0.02%)PLNEUR Chart
REP/EUR29.5150029.596001.31050 (4.25%)REPEUR Chart
RON/EUR0.21460.21470.0001 (0.05%)RONEUR Chart
RUB/EUR0.0132890.0132930.000002 (0.02%)RUBEUR Chart
SAR/EUR0.21600.21610 (0%)SAREUR Chart
SEK/EUR0.096250.096290.00009 (0.09%)SEKEUR Chart
SGD/EUR0.617360.617520.00008 (0.01%)SGDEUR Chart
THB/EUR0.025892650.025959870.00000874 (0.03%)THBEUR Chart
TRY/EUR0.200220.200300.00008 (0.04%)TRYEUR Chart
TWD/EUR0.02750.02750 (0%)TWDEUR Chart
USD/EUR0.810180.810270.00006 (0.01%)USDEUR Chart
USD/ZEC0.003856240.003866830.00008091 (2.14%)USDZEC Chart
XAG/EUR13.9108813.934480.04077 (0.29%)XAGEUR Chart
XAU/EUR1087.3151087.6841.467 (0.13%)XAUEUR Chart
BTC/EUR6718.600006718.700001.55000 (0.02%)XBTEUR Chart
XMR/EUR196.90000197.000004.35000 (2.26%)XMREUR Chart
XRP/EUR0.664510.664520.02840 (4.46%)XRPEUR Chart
ZAR/EUR0.067660.067740 (0%)ZAREUR Chart
ZEC/EUR209.60000210.619004.25150 (1.98%)ZECEUR Chart
ZEC/USD258.61000259.320005.54500 (2.10%)ZECUSD Chart

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