XAG/USD 17.18351
Today's change -0.05162 (-0.299%)
Today's High 17.25666
Today's Low 17.16645
Today's Open 17.23069
52wk High 18.21571
52wk Low 14.95201
52wk Open 17.81087

Silver Ounce / United States Dollar

Current Ounce / Dollar Cross Rates

CurrencyBid (Price to Sell)Ask (Price to Buy)Change (Today)
AED/USD0.2722570.2722940.000001 (0.00%)AEDUSD Chart
AUD/USD0.771540.771720.00049 (0.06%)AUDUSD Chart
AUD/XAG0.044870.044940.00010 (0.22%)AUDXAG Chart
BCH/USD959.80000962.700005.20000 (0.54%)BCHUSD Chart
BHD/USD2.65112.65250 (0%)BHDUSD Chart
BRL/USD0.29500.29520 (0%)BRLUSD Chart
CAD/USD0.789280.789400.00005 (0.01%)CADUSD Chart
CAD/XAG0.045900.045970.00013 (0.28%)CADXAG Chart
CHF/USD1.028691.028910.00040 (0.04%)CHFUSD Chart
CHF/XAG0.059820.059930.00015 (0.25%)CHFXAG Chart
CNH/USD0.159240.159250.00002 (0.01%)CNHUSD Chart
CNY/USD0.15900.15910.0003 (0.19%)CNYUSD Chart
CZK/USD0.048700.048750.00001 (0.02%)CZKUSD Chart
DASH/USD428.16100430.390003.01350 (0.70%)DASHUSD Chart
DKK/USD0.165700.165740.00001 (0.01%)DKKUSD Chart
ETC/USD18.1060018.164000.26000 (1.41%)ETCUSD Chart
ETH/USD566.00000566.170002.45500 (0.43%)ETHUSD Chart
EUR/USD1.234141.234280.00011 (0.01%)EURUSD Chart
EUR/XAG0.071760.071890.00020 (0.28%)EURXAG Chart
GBP/USD1.407951.408150.00031 (0.02%)GBPUSD Chart
GBP/XAG0.081870.082010.00023 (0.28%)GBPXAG Chart
HKD/USD0.127430.127430.00001 (0.01%)HKDUSD Chart
HKD/XAG0.007410.007420.00002 (0.27%)HKDXAG Chart
HUF/USD0.003975680.003980560.00000084 (0.02%)HUFUSD Chart
IDR/USD0.000072360.000072390.00000016 (0.22%)IDRUSD Chart
INR/USD0.015199190.015217690.00000022 (0.00%)INRUSD Chart
JPY/USD0.009288410.009289450.00001638 (0.18%)JPYUSD Chart
JPY/XAG0.000540250.000540920.00000067 (0.12%)JPYXAG Chart
KRW/USD0.00093780.00093870.0000002 (0.02%)KRWUSD Chart
KWD/USD3.31563.33780 (0%)KWDUSD Chart
LKR/USD0.006397950.006400000.00000513 (0.08%)LKRUSD Chart
LTC/USD145.04000145.290001.41000 (0.96%)LTCUSD Chart
MXN/USD0.054180.054200.00001 (0.02%)MXNUSD Chart
MYR/USD0.25700.25700 (0%)MYRUSD Chart
NOK/USD0.128200.128280.00006 (0.05%)NOKUSD Chart
NZD/USD0.724360.724590.00083 (0.11%)NZDUSD Chart
NZD/XAG0.042120.042200.00008 (0.19%)NZDXAG Chart
OMR/USD2.59742.59880 (0%)OMRUSD Chart
PHP/USD0.019193860.019197540.00005877 (0.31%)PHPUSD Chart
PKR/USD0.008643040.008650520.00000300 (0.03%)PKRUSD Chart
PLN/USD0.296220.296540.00003 (0.01%)PLNUSD Chart
QAR/USD0.27470.27470.0001 (0.04%)QARUSD Chart
RON/USD0.26480.26510.0001 (0.04%)RONUSD Chart
RUB/USD0.0163920.0164050.000010 (0.06%)RUBUSD Chart
SAR/USD0.266590.266720 (0%)SARUSD Chart
SEK/USD0.118780.118840.00013 (0.11%)SEKUSD Chart
SGD/USD0.761970.762140.00016 (0.02%)SGDUSD Chart
SGD/XAG0.044310.044390.00013 (0.29%)SGDXAG Chart
THB/USD0.031920330.032073900.00000717 (0.02%)THBUSD Chart
TRY/USD0.247110.247220.00007 (0.03%)TRYUSD Chart
TWD/USD0.03390.03400.0001 (0.29%)TWDUSD Chart
USD/AED3.67253.67300 (0%)USDAED Chart
USD/AUD1.295811.296110.00082 (0.06%)USDAUD Chart
USD/BCH0.001038750.001041880.00000559 (0.54%)USDBCH Chart
USD/BHD0.37700.37720 (0%)USDBHD Chart
USD/BRL3.38753.38950 (0%)USDBRL Chart
USD/CAD1.266781.266980.00008 (0.01%)USDCAD Chart
USD/CHF0.971900.972110.00037 (0.04%)USDCHF Chart
USD/CNH6.279416.279790.00053 (0.01%)USDCNH Chart
USD/CNY6.28386.28810.0067 (0.11%)USDCNY Chart
USD/CZK20.5109620.534960.00295 (0.01%)USDCZK Chart
USD/DASH0.002323470.002335570.00001622 (0.70%)USDDASH Chart
USD/DKK6.033496.035010.00039 (0.01%)USDDKK Chart
USD/ETC0.055053950.055230310.00077949 (1.43%)USDETC Chart
USD/ETH0.001766250.001766780.00000762 (0.43%)USDETH Chart
USD/EUR0.810190.810280.00007 (0.01%)USDEUR Chart
USD/GBP0.710150.710250.00015 (0.02%)USDGBP Chart
USD/HKD7.847147.847530.00069 (0.01%)USDHKD Chart
USD/HUF251.221251.5290.053 (0.02%)USDHUF Chart
USD/IDR13815.0013820.0032.00 (0.23%)USDIDR Chart
USD/INR65.71365.7930.001 (0.00%)USDINR Chart
USD/JPY107.649107.6610.190 (0.18%)USDJPY Chart
USD/KRW1065.35001066.35000.2500 (0.02%)USDKRW Chart
USD/KWD0.29960.30160 (0%)USDKWD Chart
USD/LKR156.25156.300.12 (0.08%)USDLKR Chart
USD/LTC0.006882790.006894650.00006626 (0.97%)USDLTC Chart
USD/MXN18.4501518.457420.00234 (0.01%)USDMXN Chart
USD/MYR3.89153.89180.0001 (0.00%)USDMYR Chart
USD/NOK7.795627.800370.00354 (0.05%)USDNOK Chart
USD/NZD1.380091.380530.00158 (0.11%)USDNZD Chart
USD/OMR0.38480.38500 (0%)USDOMR Chart
USD/PHP52.0952.100.16 (0.31%)USDPHP Chart
USD/PKR115.60115.700.04 (0.03%)USDPKR Chart
USD/PLN3.372183.375880.00040 (0.01%)USDPLN Chart
USD/QAR3.63983.64080.0015 (0.04%)USDQAR Chart
USD/RON3.77153.77670.0008 (0.02%)USDRON Chart
USD/RUB60.956061.00600.0353 (0.06%)USDRUB Chart
USD/SAR3.749263.751110.00001 (0.00%)USDSAR Chart
USD/SEK8.414618.418670.00883 (0.11%)USDSEK Chart
USD/SGD1.312091.312390.00027 (0.02%)USDSGD Chart
USD/THB31.17831.3280.007 (0.02%)USDTHB Chart
USD/TRY4.044924.046780.00121 (0.03%)USDTRY Chart
USDT/USD1.000801.000900.00100 (0.10%)USDTUSD Chart
USD/TWD29.383129.48110.0040 (0.01%)USDTWD Chart
USD/USDT0.999100810.999200640.00099931 (0.10%)USDUSDT Chart
USD/VND22770.0022780.007.00 (0.03%)USDVND Chart
USD/XAG0.058160.058230.00017 (0.29%)USDXAG Chart
USD/XAU0.000744960.000745130.00000106 (0.14%)USDXAU Chart
USD/BTC0.000120670.000120720.00000016 (0.13%)USDXBT Chart
USD/XMR0.004108460.004120650.00009563 (2.27%)USDXMR Chart
USD/XRP1.218219691.219928760.05684472 (4.46%)USDXRP Chart
USD/ZAR11.9625411.973910.00092 (0.01%)USDZAR Chart
USD/ZEC0.003855050.003866830.00008032 (2.12%)USDZEC Chart
VND/USD0.000043900.000043920.00000002 (0.05%)VNDUSD Chart
XAG/AUD22.2539922.284490.05300 (0.24%)XAGAUD Chart
XAG/CAD21.7516021.787100.06397 (0.29%)XAGCAD Chart
XAG/CHF16.6856416.717540.04449 (0.27%)XAGCHF Chart
XAG/EUR13.9108813.934480.04077 (0.29%)XAGEUR Chart
XAG/GBP12.1930512.214650.03404 (0.28%)XAGGBP Chart
XAG/HKD134.72672134.962220.41758 (0.31%)XAGHKD Chart
XAG/JPY1848.711851.012.30 (0.12%)XAGJPY Chart
XAG/NZD23.6982823.739160.04433 (0.19%)XAGNZD Chart
XAG/SGD22.5276422.569940.06313 (0.28%)XAGSGD Chart
XAG/USD17.1738717.193140.05172 (0.30%)XAGUSD Chart
XAG/XAU0.012792800.012811810.00002019 (0.16%)XAGXAU Chart
XAU/USD1342.0491342.3571.918 (0.14%)XAUUSD Chart
XAU/XAG78.05378.1690.123 (0.16%)XAUXAG Chart
BTC/USD8283.900008287.2000010.70000 (0.13%)XBTUSD Chart
XMR/USD242.68000243.400005.52000 (2.32%)XMRUSD Chart
XRP/USD0.819720.820870.03654 (4.66%)XRPUSD Chart
ZAR/USD0.083510.083590.00001 (0.01%)ZARUSD Chart
ZEC/USD258.61000259.400005.50500 (2.08%)ZECUSD Chart

Latest News

  • XAG/USD is currently trading around $16.82 marks. It made intraday high at $16.82 and low at $16.71 levels. Intraday bias remains bullish till the time pair holds key …
  • Silver continues to show its weakened outlook further, more decline is likely in the days ahead. Resistance comes in at the 17.40 level with a cut through here opening the door for more downwards momentum towards the 17.196 level. Further …
  • XAG/USD is currently trading around $16.70 marks. It made intraday high at …
  • Silver remains in red after yesterday’s session and met its target and strong support at 17.697, where a temporary footstep was found. Near term action is in narrow consolidation above the 17.697 handle and holds below the broken support, …
  • Bias: Long Silver on Aggressive Move Higher Despite USD Strength Point to Establish Long Exposure: Spot at the Market Spot: $19.37/oz Target 1: $21.11/oz 2016 High Target 2: $25.01/oz August 2013 High Invalidation Level: Close below …
  • The intraday bias on Silver remains on the upside for the moment. Current rise from 17.012 is still in progress for 17.182 high. At this point, there is no clear sign of uptrend resumption yet. Hence, we’ll be cautious on strong resistance from …
  • Silver is in recovery mode for the day after bears showed signs of stall ahead of key supports at the 16.91 level. The pair after some fresh recovery attempts is underway and looks to rally showing a strong rejection at the zone. The pair’s …
  • Bears showed a strong indecision above the daily cloud which twisted earlier today and is widening on the Silver Commodities. The pair’s double rejection on the four hour chart and the recent doji is a sign that the pair may be tested …

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