XAG/JPY 1730.36
Today's change -0.20 (-0.01%)
Today's High 1733.56
Today's Low 1723.96
Today's Open 1724.21
52wk High 2040.06
52wk Low 1691.96
52wk Open 1977.56

Silver Ounce / Japan Yen

Current Ounce / Yen Cross Rates

CurrencyBid (Price to Sell)Ask (Price to Buy)Change (Today)
AUD/JPY81.71481.7320.158 (0.19%)AUDJPY Chart
AUD/XAG0.047190.047260.00026 (0.55%)AUDXAG Chart
CAD/JPY81.65081.6710.213 (0.26%)CADJPY Chart
CAD/XAG0.047150.047230.00004 (0.08%)CADXAG Chart
CHF/JPY111.519111.5390.141 (0.13%)CHFJPY Chart
CHF/XAG0.064380.064520.00014 (0.22%)CHFXAG Chart
CNY/JPY16.8016.820.01 (0.06%)CNYJPY Chart
CZK/JPY5.134685.137530.00650 (0.13%)CZKJPY Chart
DKK/JPY17.52917.5340.021 (0.12%)DKKJPY Chart
ETH/JPY61444.0000068943.000002,982.50000 (4.79%)ETHJPY Chart
EUR/JPY130.581130.5970.160 (0.12%)EURJPY Chart
EUR/XAG0.075400.075530.00018 (0.24%)EURXAG Chart
GBP/JPY149.584149.6100.467 (0.31%)GBPJPY Chart
GBP/XAG0.086370.086530.00003 (0.03%)GBPXAG Chart
HKD/JPY13.5513813.553430.02270 (0.17%)HKDJPY Chart
HKD/XAG0.007820.007840.00004 (0.51%)HKDXAG Chart
HUF/JPY0.419270.419440.00057 (0.14%)HUFJPY Chart
INR/JPY1.63061.63110.0016 (0.10%)INRJPY Chart
JPY/AUD0.012235110.012237810.00002361 (0.19%)JPYAUD Chart
JPY/CAD0.012244250.012247400.00003218 (0.26%)JPYCAD Chart
JPY/CHF0.008965470.008967080.00001132 (0.13%)JPYCHF Chart
JPY/CNY0.059453030.059523810.00005305 (0.09%)JPYCNY Chart
JPY/CZK0.194650.194750.00025 (0.13%)JPYCZK Chart
JPY/DKK0.057032050.057048320.00007167 (0.13%)JPYDKK Chart
JPY/ETH0.000014500.000016270.00000076 (4.71%)JPYETH Chart
JPY/EUR0.007657140.007658080.00000940 (0.12%)JPYEUR Chart
JPY/GBP0.006684050.006685210.00002091 (0.31%)JPYGBP Chart
JPY/HKD0.073780.073790.00011 (0.15%)JPYHKD Chart
JPY/HUF2.384112.385110.00330 (0.14%)JPYHUF Chart
JPY/INR0.61310.61330.0006 (0.10%)JPYINR Chart
JPY/KRW10.053010.10300.0240 (0.24%)JPYKRW Chart
JPY/LTC0.000053630.000054710.00000138 (2.48%)JPYLTC Chart
JPY/MXN0.174790.174820.00138 (0.78%)JPYMXN Chart
JPY/NOK0.072769610.072785500.00007407 (0.10%)JPYNOK Chart
JPY/NZD0.013118710.013123360.00003468 (0.27%)JPYNZD Chart
JPY/PLN0.032452780.032465420.00002737 (0.08%)JPYPLN Chart
JPY/RUB0.540250.541710.00061 (0.11%)JPYRUB Chart
JPY/SAR0.035248500.035260930.00004964 (0.14%)JPYSAR Chart
JPY/SEK0.077226040.077261840.00008344 (0.11%)JPYSEK Chart
JPY/SGD0.012399410.012403100.00001558 (0.13%)JPYSGD Chart
JPY/THB0.293430.293860.00059 (0.20%)JPYTHB Chart
JPY/TRY0.036984980.037019210.00006217 (0.17%)JPYTRY Chart
JPY/TWD0.27480.27500.0007 (0.26%)JPYTWD Chart
JPY/USD0.009403450.009404510.00001365 (0.15%)JPYUSD Chart
JPY/XAG0.000577560.000578270.00000200 (0.34%)JPYXAG Chart
JPY/XAU0.000007150.000007150.00000002 (0.28%)JPYXAU Chart
JPY/BTC0.000001020.000001030.00000001 (0.97%)JPYXBT Chart
JPY/ZAR0.112701450.112841350.00039278 (0.35%)JPYZAR Chart
KRW/JPY0.0989810.0994730.000237 (0.24%)KRWJPY Chart
LTC/JPY18277.0000018647.00000457.00000 (2.54%)LTCJPY Chart
MXN/JPY5.720015.721010.04447 (0.78%)MXNJPY Chart
NOK/JPY13.73913.7420.015 (0.11%)NOKJPY Chart
NZD/JPY76.20076.2270.203 (0.27%)NZDJPY Chart
NZD/XAG0.044000.044080.00027 (0.61%)NZDXAG Chart
PLN/JPY30.80230.8140.026 (0.08%)PLNJPY Chart
RUB/JPY1.84601.85100.0021 (0.11%)RUBJPY Chart
SAR/JPY28.3628.370.05 (0.18%)SARJPY Chart
SEK/JPY12.94312.9490.014 (0.11%)SEKJPY Chart
SGD/JPY80.62580.6490.102 (0.13%)SGDJPY Chart
SGD/XAG0.046550.046640.00023 (0.49%)SGDXAG Chart
THB/JPY3.403013.408010.00690 (0.20%)THBJPY Chart
TRY/JPY27.01327.0380.046 (0.17%)TRYJPY Chart
TWD/JPY3.63643.63930.0097 (0.27%)TWDJPY Chart
USD/JPY106.332106.3440.155 (0.15%)USDJPY Chart
USD/XAG0.061420.061480.00030 (0.49%)USDXAG Chart
XAG/AUD21.1583121.188810.11297 (0.54%)XAGAUD Chart
XAG/CAD21.1735921.209090.01747 (0.08%)XAGCAD Chart
XAG/CHF15.4998115.531710.03338 (0.22%)XAGCHF Chart
XAG/EUR13.2394813.263080.03031 (0.23%)XAGEUR Chart
XAG/GBP11.5569411.578540.00395 (0.03%)XAGGBP Chart
XAG/HKD127.56890127.804400.65487 (0.52%)XAGHKD Chart
XAG/JPY1729.311731.415.95 (0.35%)XAGJPY Chart
XAG/NZD22.6844122.725290.13706 (0.61%)XAGNZD Chart
XAG/SGD21.4390321.481330.10163 (0.48%)XAGSGD Chart
XAG/USD16.2646216.282120.08019 (0.50%)XAGUSD Chart
XAG/XAU0.012359260.012377000.00000909 (0.07%)XAGXAU Chart
XAU/JPY139891.5139939.5385.5 (0.28%)XAUJPY Chart
XAU/XAG80.79580.9110.059 (0.07%)XAUXAG Chart
BTC/JPY971148.00000979729.000006,640.00000 (0.69%)XBTJPY Chart
ZAR/JPY8.8628.8730.031 (0.35%)ZARJPY Chart

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  • Bears showed a strong indecision above the daily cloud which twisted earlier today and is widening on the Silver Commodities. The pair’s double rejection on the four hour chart and the recent doji is a sign that the pair may be tested …
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