USD/HKD 7.84420
Today's change -0.00383 (-0.049%)
Today's High 7.84826
Today's Low 7.84353
Today's Open 7.84803
52wk High 7.85025
52wk Low 7.77525
52wk Open 7.77525

United States Dollar / Hong Kong Dollar

Current Dollar / Dollar Cross Rates

CurrencyBid (Price to Sell)Ask (Price to Buy)Change (Today)
AED/USD0.2722350.2722720 (0%)AEDUSD Chart
AUD/HKD6.014036.019730 (0%)AUDHKD Chart
AUD/USD0.766770.767340.00001 (0.00%)AUDUSD Chart
BCH/USD1093.300001094.9000033.55000 (2.98%)BCHUSD Chart
BHD/USD2.65252.65390 (0%)BHDUSD Chart
BRL/USD0.29290.29300 (0%)BRLUSD Chart
CAD/HKD6.141146.147080 (0%)CADHKD Chart
CAD/USD0.783080.783450 (0%)CADUSD Chart
CHF/HKD8.043728.049820 (0%)CHFHKD Chart
CHF/USD1.025451.026050 (0%)CHFUSD Chart
CNH/USD0.159230.159250 (0%)CNHUSD Chart
CNY/HKD1.24561.24640 (0%)CNYHKD Chart
CNY/USD0.15880.15890.0001 (0.06%)CNYUSD Chart
CZK/HKD0.38050.38060.0001 (0.03%)CZKHKD Chart
CZK/USD0.048390.048510 (0%)CZKUSD Chart
DASH/USD451.50000452.9990012.60500 (2.71%)DASHUSD Chart
DKK/HKD1.293981.294480 (0%)DKKHKD Chart
DKK/USD0.164960.165000 (0%)DKKUSD Chart
ETC/USD19.3080019.345000.44750 (2.26%)ETCUSD Chart
ETH/HKD4694.160004789.08000103.00000 (2.13%)ETHHKD Chart
ETH/USD606.52000606.7700012.32000 (1.99%)ETHUSD Chart
EUR/HKD9.636419.641180.00001 (0.00%)EURHKD Chart
EUR/USD1.228641.228940 (0%)EURUSD Chart
GBP/HKD10.9785310.985910 (0%)GBPHKD Chart
GBP/USD1.399691.400410 (0%)GBPUSD Chart
HKD/AUD0.166120.166280 (0%)HKDAUD Chart
HKD/CAD0.162680.162840 (0%)HKDCAD Chart
HKD/CHF0.124230.124320 (0%)HKDCHF Chart
HKD/CNY0.80230.80280 (0%)HKDCNY Chart
HKD/CZK2.62712.62820.0001 (0.00%)HKDCZK Chart
HKD/DKK0.772510.772810 (0%)HKDDKK Chart
HKD/ETH0.000208810.000213030.00000448 (2.17%)HKDETH Chart
HKD/EUR0.103720.103770.00001 (0.01%)HKDEUR Chart
HKD/GBP0.091030.091090 (0%)HKDGBP Chart
HKD/HUF32.15832.1730.001 (0.00%)HKDHUF Chart
HKD/INR8.44088.44130.0001 (0.00%)HKDINR Chart
HKD/JPY13.7206013.726420 (0%)HKDJPY Chart
HKD/KRW136.1400137.14000 (0%)HKDKRW Chart
HKD/LTC0.000826790.000843540.00001641 (2.00%)HKDLTC Chart
HKD/MXN2.363082.363530 (0%)HKDMXN Chart
HKD/NOK0.997480.997930.00001 (0.00%)HKDNOK Chart
HKD/NZD0.176740.176940 (0%)HKDNZD Chart
HKD/PLN0.432630.433080 (0%)HKDPLN Chart
HKD/RUB7.82737.83370 (0%)HKDRUB Chart
HKD/SAR0.47800.47810 (0%)HKDSAR Chart
HKD/SEK1.076481.076930.00001 (0.00%)HKDSEK Chart
HKD/SGD0.167750.167920 (0%)HKDSGD Chart
HKD/THB3.9923.9980 (0%)HKDTHB Chart
HKD/TRY0.515280.515430.00001 (0.00%)HKDTRY Chart
HKD/TWD3.75613.75780 (0%)HKDTWD Chart
HKD/USD0.127470.127490 (0%)HKDUSD Chart
HKD/XAG0.007420.007460 (0%)HKDXAG Chart
HKD/XAU0.000095390.00009546-0 (0%)HKDXAU Chart
HKD/BTC0.000014330.000014620.00000009 (0.63%)HKDXBT Chart
HKD/ZAR1.54171.54220 (0%)HKDZAR Chart
HUF/HKD0.031081960.031096460 (0%)HUFHKD Chart
HUF/USD0.003949030.003957320.00000001 (0.00%)HUFUSD Chart
IDR/USD0.000072020.00007207-0 (0%)IDRUSD Chart
INR/HKD0.11850.11850 (0%)INRHKD Chart
INR/USD0.015078410.015114870 (0%)INRUSD Chart
JPY/HKD0.072850.072880.00001 (0.01%)JPYHKD Chart
JPY/USD0.009288240.009290400 (0%)JPYUSD Chart
KRW/HKD0.00729180.00734540 (0%)KRWHKD Chart
KRW/USD0.00093410.00093500.0000001 (0.01%)KRWUSD Chart
KWD/USD3.33003.33220 (0%)KWDUSD Chart
LKR/USD0.006393860.006397950.00000001 (0.00%)LKRUSD Chart
LTC/HKD1185.480001209.4900024.00500 (1.97%)LTCHKD Chart
LTC/USD153.00000153.130002.83500 (1.82%)LTCUSD Chart
MXN/HKD0.423100.423180 (0%)MXNHKD Chart
MXN/USD0.053950.053990 (0%)MXNUSD Chart
MYR/USD0.25640.25670.0001 (0.04%)MYRUSD Chart
NOK/HKD1.002071.002530 (0%)NOKHKD Chart
NOK/USD0.127740.127870.00001 (0.01%)NOKUSD Chart
NZD/HKD5.651545.657960 (0%)NZDHKD Chart
NZD/USD0.720500.721280 (0%)NZDUSD Chart
OMR/USD2.59742.59880 (0%)OMRUSD Chart
PHP/USD0.019157090.019175460 (0%)PHPUSD Chart
PKR/USD0.008654260.008658010.00000001 (0.00%)PKRUSD Chart
PLN/HKD2.309042.311440 (0%)PLNHKD Chart
PLN/USD0.294200.294750.00001 (0.00%)PLNUSD Chart
QAR/USD0.27460.27460 (0%)QARUSD Chart
RON/USD0.26360.26390.0001 (0.04%)RONUSD Chart
RUB/HKD0.127650.127760.00001 (0.01%)RUBHKD Chart
RUB/USD0.0162830.0162960.000001 (0.01%)RUBUSD Chart
SAR/HKD2.09162.09210 (0%)SARHKD Chart
SAR/USD0.266530.266750 (0%)SARUSD Chart
SEK/HKD0.928570.928950 (0%)SEKHKD Chart
SEK/USD0.118350.118450 (0%)SEKUSD Chart
SGD/HKD5.955295.961410 (0%)SGDHKD Chart
SGD/USD0.759320.759840 (0%)SGDUSD Chart
THB/HKD0.250125060.250501000 (0%)THBHKD Chart
THB/USD0.031747040.032052310 (0%)THBUSD Chart
TRY/HKD1.940131.940690 (0%)TRYHKD Chart
TRY/USD0.245270.245380 (0%)TRYUSD Chart
TWD/HKD0.26610.26620.0001 (0.04%)TWDHKD Chart
TWD/USD0.03390.03400 (0%)TWDUSD Chart
USD/AED3.67283.67330 (0%)USDAED Chart
USD/AUD1.303201.304170.00001 (0.00%)USDAUD Chart
USD/BCH0.000913330.000914660.00002719 (3.07%)USDBCH Chart
USD/BHD0.37680.37700 (0%)USDBHD Chart
USD/BRL3.41263.41460 (0%)USDBRL Chart
USD/CAD1.276411.277010 (0%)USDCAD Chart
USD/CHF0.974610.975180.00001 (0.00%)USDCHF Chart
USD/CNH6.279446.280340 (0%)USDCNH Chart
USD/CNY6.29286.29710.0001 (0.00%)USDCNY Chart
USD/CZK20.6154720.664630 (0%)USDCZK Chart
USD/DASH0.002207510.002214840.00005995 (2.79%)USDDASH Chart
USD/DKK6.060576.062220.00001 (0.00%)USDDKK Chart
USD/ETC0.051692940.051792000.00117100 (2.32%)USDETC Chart
USD/ETH0.001648070.001648750.00003281 (2.03%)USDETH Chart
USD/EUR0.813710.813910 (0%)USDEUR Chart
USD/GBP0.714080.714440 (0%)USDGBP Chart
USD/HKD7.843677.844720.00001 (0.00%)USDHKD Chart
USD/HUF252.696253.2270.001 (0.00%)USDHUF Chart
USD/IDR13875.0013885.000 (0%)USDIDR Chart
USD/INR66.16066.3200 (0%)USDINR Chart
USD/JPY107.638107.6630 (0%)USDJPY Chart
USD/KRW1069.51001070.51000 (0%)USDKRW Chart
USD/KWD0.30010.30030 (0%)USDKWD Chart
USD/LKR156.30156.400 (0%)USDLKR Chart
USD/LTC0.006530400.006535950.00011880 (1.85%)USDLTC Chart
USD/MXN18.5224018.536680 (0%)USDMXN Chart
USD/MYR3.89503.90000 (0%)USDMYR Chart
USD/NOK7.820187.828280 (0%)USDNOK Chart
USD/NZD1.386421.387930 (0%)USDNZD Chart
USD/OMR0.38480.38500 (0%)USDOMR Chart
USD/PHP52.1552.200 (0%)USDPHP Chart
USD/PKR115.50115.550.01 (0.01%)USDPKR Chart
USD/PLN3.392653.399060.00001 (0.00%)USDPLN Chart
USD/QAR3.64133.64230 (0%)USDQAR Chart
USD/RON3.78873.79370 (0%)USDRON Chart
USD/RUB61.364061.41400 (0%)USDRUB Chart
USD/SAR3.748863.751860 (0%)USDSAR Chart
USD/SEK8.442078.449720.00001 (0.00%)USDSEK Chart
USD/SGD1.316071.316970 (0%)USDSGD Chart
USD/THB31.19931.4990 (0%)USDTHB Chart
USD/TRY4.075334.077190 (0%)USDTRY Chart
USDT/USD1.000801.001100.00125 (0.12%)USDTUSD Chart
USD/TWD29.448629.48360 (0%)USDTWD Chart
USD/USDT0.998901210.999200640.00124605 (0.12%)USDUSDT Chart
USD/VND22770.0022780.000 (0%)USDVND Chart
USD/XAG0.058340.058470.00001 (0.02%)USDXAG Chart
USD/XAU0.000748300.000748770.00000001 (0.00%)USDXAU Chart
USD/BTC0.000113390.000113440.00000073 (0.65%)USDXBT Chart
USD/XMR0.003801130.003813740.00013997 (3.82%)USDXMR Chart
USD/XRP1.114144061.117555680.03573490 (3.31%)USDXRP Chart
USD/ZAR12.0995012.110870.00001 (0.00%)USDZAR Chart
USD/ZEC0.003671210.003681070.00014094 (3.99%)USDZEC Chart
VND/USD0.000043900.000043920 (0%)VNDUSD Chart
XAG/HKD134.00216134.681660 (0%)XAGHKD Chart
XAG/USD17.1034717.140200.00001 (0.00%)XAGUSD Chart
XAU/HKD10475.76810483.0360 (0%)XAUHKD Chart
XAU/USD1335.5291336.3540 (0%)XAUUSD Chart
BTC/HKD68422.0600069804.36000442.43500 (0.64%)XBTHKD Chart
BTC/USD8815.400008819.3000057.60000 (0.65%)XBTUSD Chart
XMR/USD262.21000263.0800010.02500 (3.68%)XMRUSD Chart
XRP/USD0.894810.897550.02965 (3.20%)XRPUSD Chart
ZAR/HKD0.64840.64860 (0%)ZARHKD Chart
ZAR/USD0.082570.082650 (0%)ZARUSD Chart
ZEC/USD271.66000272.3900010.84500 (3.83%)ZECUSD Chart

Latest News

  • The HKMA has spent about HK$9.7 billion already since Thursday last week, when the HKD fell to the weaker end of the trading band. And seeing that the HKMA having to step in so early and with such force, it shows that outflows in the …
  • It said it is fully prepared to take appropriate action if the USD/HKD exchange rate reaches 7.85 allowing “the Hong Kong Monetary Base to contract gradually and create an environment conducive to the normalisation of HKD interest rates”. …
  • 2015 Dollar Rebound Attempts to Revive Trend as Fed Minutes Massage Rate Speculati.. 02:10a USD/HKD touched a yesterday high at 7.84834 [00:10 GMT] #forex #fx #finance .. 04/06 USD/HKD touched a yesterday low at 7.84801 …
  • Hong Kong’s third quarter GDP growth came in better than expected However, the Hong Kong Dollar still weakened against a generally stronger greenback The currency may be as focused on politics as economics The Hong Kong Dollar had …
  • That is not much of a surprise given the control authorities have in providing stability, but the USD/HKD driving into the upper end of the tolerance band of the HKMA's …
  • Eamonn has been covering this for quite a while as seen here earlier. The Hong Kong Monetary Authority (HKMA) allows the HKD to trade between a range of 7.75 to 7.85 against the USD - with a peg at 7.80. And despite their efforts to talk …
  • “Looking at the intraday chart, it was only for a very brief moment that 7.85 was hit,” said Irene Cheung, a senior strategist at Australia & New Zealand Banking Group …
  • Name Price Change %Change AUD / USD 0.778 0.001 0.120 / 0.000 0.000 0.000 EUR / CHF 1.197 0.002 0.150 EUR / DKK 7.448 7.448 0.000 EUR / GBP 0.870 0.005 0.530 EUR / JPY 132.746 0.381 0.290 EUR / NOK 9.606 0.012 0.120 …

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