TRY/SGD 0.34655
Todays change -0.00367 (-1.05%)
Today's High 0.35035
Today's Low 0.34608
Today's Open 0.35023
52wk High 0.39763
52wk Low 0.33889
52wk Open 0.37853

Turkey New Lira / Singapore Dollar

The TRY/SGD Currency pair
TRY (Lira) is the Currency of Turkey New.
SGD (Dollar) is the Currency of Singapore.



Current Turkey New Dollar Cross Rates

(as of Jan 19, 2018 12:00:19 pm America/New_York)
CurrencyBid (Price to Sell)Ask (Price to Buy)Change (Today)
AUD/SGD1.056251.056650.00107 (0.10%)AUDSGD
AUD/TRY3.049133.050180.03175 (1.05%)AUDTRY
CAD/SGD1.059951.060470.00410 (0.39%)CADSGD
CAD/TRY3.058583.059330.02240 (0.74%)CADTRY
CHF/SGD1.373481.374100.00370 (0.27%)CHFSGD
CHF/TRY3.964533.965580.03040 (0.77%)CHFTRY
CNY/SGD0.20640.20640.0007 (0.34%)CNYSGD
CZK/SGD0.06370.06370.0001 (0.16%)CZKSGD
DKK/SGD0.217000.217230.00009 (0.04%)DKKSGD
ETH/SGD1377.780001405.6300040.83000 (3.02%)ETHSGD
EUR/SGD1.615941.616420.00010 (0.01%)EURSGD
EUR/TRY4.663524.665470.04794 (1.04%)EURTRY
GBP/SGD1.829341.829940.00541 (0.29%)GBPSGD
GBP/TRY5.279735.281380.03975 (0.76%)GBPTRY
HKD/SGD0.168890.168940.00006 (0.04%)HKDSGD
HKD/TRY0.482010.482410.00420 (0.86%)HKDTRY
HUF/SGD0.005226190.005227800.00001661 (0.32%)HUFSGD
IDR/SGD0.0000990.0000990 (0%)IDRSGD
INR/SGD0.02070.02070 (0%)INRSGD
JPY/SGD0.011942150.011945720.00004540 (0.38%)JPYSGD
JPY/TRY0.034457810.034487520.00048909 (1.44%)JPYTRY
KRW/SGD0.00123840.00123990.0000043 (0.35%)KRWSGD
LTC/SGD254.29000259.450002.62000 (1.03%)LTCSGD
MXN/SGD0.071020.071050.00002 (0.03%)MXNSGD
MYR/SGD0.33530.33540.0012 (0.36%)MYRSGD
NOK/SGD0.168050.168190.00020 (0.12%)NOKSGD
NZD/SGD0.961780.962220.00149 (0.15%)NZDSGD
PLN/SGD0.386960.387300.00113 (0.29%)PLNSGD
RUB/SGD0.0232830.0233100.000066 (0.28%)RUBSGD
SAR/SGD0.35210.35230.0001 (0.03%)SARSGD
SEK/SGD0.164250.164380.00046 (0.28%)SEKSGD
SGD/AUD0.946390.946750.00096 (0.10%)SGDAUD
SGD/CAD0.942980.943440.00361 (0.38%)SGDCAD
SGD/CHF0.727750.728080.00196 (0.27%)SGDCHF
SGD/CNY4.84484.84580.0146 (0.30%)SGDCNY
SGD/CZK15.688215.69360.0240 (0.15%)SGDCZK
SGD/DKK4.603414.608210.00190 (0.04%)SGDDKK
SGD/ETH0.000711420.000725810.00002174 (2.94%)SGDETH
SGD/EUR0.618650.618830.00004 (0.01%)SGDEUR
SGD/GBP0.546470.546650.00162 (0.30%)SGDGBP
SGD/HKD5.919145.921100.00188 (0.03%)SGDHKD
SGD/HUF191.285191.3440.606 (0.32%)SGDHUF
SGD/IDR10082.994110083.093825.9971 (0.26%)SGDIDR
SGD/INR48.349148.35910.0210 (0.04%)SGDINR
SGD/JPY83.71283.7370.320 (0.38%)SGDJPY
SGD/KRW806.5000807.50002.8400 (0.35%)SGDKRW
SGD/LTC0.003854310.003932520.00004012 (1.02%)SGDLTC
SGD/MXN14.0755114.080510.00490 (0.03%)SGDMXN
SGD/MYR2.98142.98240.0107 (0.36%)SGDMYR
SGD/NOK5.945715.950710.00720 (0.12%)SGDNOK
SGD/NZD1.039261.039740.00161 (0.16%)SGDNZD
SGD/PLN2.581982.584230.00750 (0.29%)SGDPLN
SGD/RUB42.900042.95000.1210 (0.28%)SGDRUB
SGD/SAR2.83842.84030.0003 (0.01%)SGDSAR
SGD/SEK6.083316.088410.01685 (0.28%)SGDSEK
SGD/THB24.09924.1410.044 (0.18%)SGDTHB
SGD/TRY2.884932.886280.03030 (1.06%)SGDTRY
SGD/TWD22.194022.21020.2040 (0.91%)SGDTWD
SGD/USD0.757200.757370.00025 (0.03%)SGDUSD
SGD/VND17172.400417222.40044.5000 (0.03%)SGDVND
SGD/XAG0.044470.044550.00008 (0.18%)SGDXAG
SGD/XAU0.000567410.000567680.00000249 (0.44%)SGDXAU
SGD/BTC0.000064410.000065670.00000216 (3.21%)SGDXBT
SGD/ZAR9.25129.25320.0692 (0.75%)SGDZAR
THB/SGD0.041423300.041495500.00007635 (0.18%)THBSGD
TRY/AUD0.327850.327960.00345 (1.04%)TRYAUD
TRY/CAD0.326870.326950.00241 (0.73%)TRYCAD
TRY/CHF0.252170.252240.00195 (0.77%)TRYCHF
TRY/EUR0.214340.214430.00223 (1.03%)TRYEUR
TRY/GBP0.189340.189400.00144 (0.75%)TRYGBP
TRY/HKD2.072932.074650.01791 (0.87%)TRYHKD
TRY/JPY28.99629.0210.418 (1.42%)TRYJPY
TRY/SGD0.346470.346630.00367 (1.05%)TRYSGD
TRY/USD0.262410.262510.00268 (1.01%)TRYUSD
TWD/SGD0.04500.04510.0004 (0.90%)TWDSGD
USD/SGD1.320351.320650.00045 (0.03%)USDSGD
USD/TRY3.809393.810770.03860 (1.02%)USDTRY
VND/SGD0.0000580.0000580 (0%)VNDSGD
XAG/SGD22.4445822.486880.03768 (0.17%)XAGSGD
XAU/SGD1761.5501762.3877.685 (0.44%)XAUSGD
BTC/SGD15227.8400015526.50000493.90500 (3.32%)XBTSGD
ZAR/SGD0.10810.10810.0008 (0.73%)ZARSGD

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