SAR/GBP 0.1926
Todays change +0.0007 (0.36%)
Today's High 0.1926
Today's Low 0.1916
Today's Open 0.1919
52wk High 0.2202
52wk Low 0.1914
52wk Open 0.2155

Saudi Arabia Riyal / United Kingdom Pound

The SAR/GBP Currency pair
SAR (Riyal) is the Currency of Saudi Arabia.
GBP (Pound) is the Currency of United Kingdom.



Current Saudi Arabia Pound Cross Rates

(as of Jan 19, 2018 12:17:23 pm America/New_York)
CurrencyBid (Price to Sell)Ask (Price to Buy)Change (Today)
AED/GBP0.19640.19650.0005 (0.26%)AEDGBP
AUD/GBP0.577240.577360.00103 (0.18%)AUDGBP
AUD/SAR2.99933.00100.0024 (0.08%)AUDSAR
BGN/GBP0.45150.45360.0015 (0.33%)BGNGBP
CAD/GBP0.579170.579290.00074 (0.13%)CADGBP
CAD/SAR3.01103.01210.0103 (0.34%)CADSAR
CHF/GBP0.750060.750260.00046 (0.06%)CHFGBP
CHF/SAR3.89853.89950.0116 (0.30%)CHFSAR
CNH/GBP0.11260.11270.0005 (0.45%)CNHGBP
CNY/GBP0.11280.11290.0007 (0.62%)CNYGBP
CZK/GBP0.03470.03480 (0%)CZKGBP
DKK/GBP0.118560.118590.00028 (0.24%)DKKGBP
ETH/GBP547.10000642.9900040.04000 (7.21%)ETHGBP
EUR/GBP0.882510.882670.00180 (0.20%)EURGBP
EUR/SAR4.58804.58870.0005 (0.01%)EURSAR
GBP/AED5.09035.09280.0109 (0.21%)GBPAED
GBP/AUD1.732021.732370.00309 (0.18%)GBPAUD
GBP/BGN2.20462.21460.0076 (0.34%)GBPBGN
GBP/CAD1.726261.726610.00220 (0.13%)GBPCAD
GBP/CHF1.332881.333230.00082 (0.06%)GBPCHF
GBP/CNH8.87238.88230.0392 (0.44%)GBPCNH
GBP/CNY8.85978.86220.0574 (0.64%)GBPCNY
GBP/CZK28.764128.78510.0020 (0.01%)GBPCZK
GBP/DKK8.432238.434780.02000 (0.24%)GBPDKK
GBP/ETH0.001555230.001827820.00015891 (8.59%)GBPETH
GBP/EUR1.132931.133130.00230 (0.20%)GBPEUR
GBP/HKD10.8369210.839140.02215 (0.20%)GBPHKD
GBP/HUF350.141350.3310.180 (0.05%)GBPHUF
GBP/INR88.5288.540.25 (0.28%)GBPINR
GBP/JPY153.324153.3510.891 (0.58%)GBPJPY
GBP/KRW1476.33001481.33007.1600 (0.48%)GBPKRW
GBP/LTC0.007097230.007240610.00004994 (0.69%)GBPLTC
GBP/MXN25.7674125.772810.07060 (0.27%)GBPMXN
GBP/NOK10.8866110.891110.01175 (0.11%)GBPNOK
GBP/NZD1.902351.903050.00189 (0.10%)GBPNZD
GBP/PLN4.726164.730200.00319 (0.07%)GBPPLN
GBP/RON5.27825.28070.0069 (0.13%)GBPRON
GBP/RUB78.549078.57900.0310 (0.04%)GBPRUB
GBP/SAR5.19135.19380.0179 (0.34%)GBPSAR
GBP/SEK11.1377811.140630.00310 (0.03%)GBPSEK
GBP/SGD1.830471.831070.00428 (0.23%)GBPSGD
GBP/THB44.12744.1960.167 (0.38%)GBPTHB
GBP/TRY5.281385.283030.04140 (0.79%)GBPTRY
GBP/TWD40.637140.66210.4610 (1.12%)GBPTWD
GBP/USD1.386291.386490.00281 (0.20%)GBPUSD
GBP/XAG0.081310.081450.00044 (0.54%)GBPXAG
GBP/XAU0.001038740.001039100.00000711 (0.68%)GBPXAU
GBP/BTC0.000146410.000168910.00000655 (3.99%)GBPXBT
GBP/ZAR16.9228716.935260.08033 (0.48%)GBPZAR
HKD/GBP0.092260.092280.00019 (0.21%)HKDGBP
HKD/SAR0.47970.47980 (0%)HKDSAR
HUF/GBP0.002854440.002855990.00000147 (0.05%)HUFGBP
INR/GBP0.011294330.011296880.00003180 (0.28%)INRGBP
JPY/GBP0.006520990.006522140.00003768 (0.58%)JPYGBP
JPY/SAR0.033886820.033886820.00012015 (0.36%)JPYSAR
KRW/GBP0.00067510.00067740.0000033 (0.49%)KRWGBP
LTC/GBP138.11000140.900000.96500 (0.70%)LTCGBP
MXN/GBP0.038800.038810.00011 (0.28%)MXNGBP
NOK/GBP0.091820.091860.00010 (0.11%)NOKGBP
NZD/GBP0.525470.525670.00052 (0.10%)NZDGBP
PLN/GBP0.211410.211590.00014 (0.07%)PLNGBP
RON/GBP0.18940.18950.0003 (0.16%)RONGBP
RUB/GBP0.0127260.0127310.000005 (0.04%)RUBGBP
SAR/AUD0.33320.33340.0003 (0.09%)SARAUD
SAR/CAD0.33200.33210.0011 (0.33%)SARCAD
SAR/CHF0.25640.25650.0007 (0.27%)SARCHF
SAR/EUR0.21790.21800 (0%)SAREUR
SAR/GBP0.19250.19260.0006 (0.31%)SARGBP
SAR/HKD2.08422.08460 (0%)SARHKD
SAR/JPY29.5129.510.10 (0.34%)SARJPY
SAR/SGD0.35210.35230.0001 (0.03%)SARSGD
SAR/USD0.266540.266760.00002 (0.01%)SARUSD
SEK/GBP0.089760.089780.00003 (0.03%)SEKGBP
SGD/GBP0.546130.546310.00128 (0.23%)SGDGBP
SGD/SAR2.83842.84030.0003 (0.01%)SGDSAR
THB/GBP0.022626480.022661860.00008531 (0.38%)THBGBP
TRY/GBP0.189290.189340.00150 (0.79%)TRYGBP
TWD/GBP0.02460.02460.0003 (1.23%)TWDGBP
USD/GBP0.721250.721350.00146 (0.20%)USDGBP
USD/SAR3.748743.751740.00017 (0.00%)USDSAR
XAG/GBP12.2774412.299040.06612 (0.54%)XAGGBP
XAU/GBP962.367962.7086.543 (0.68%)XAUGBP
BTC/GBP5920.200006830.00000250.10000 (4.08%)XBTGBP
ZAR/GBP0.059050.059090.00028 (0.47%)ZARGBP

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