SAR/CAD 0.3477
Today's change 0.0000 (0.00%)
Today's High 0.3487
Today's Low 0.3470
Today's Open 0.3487
52wk High 0.3678
52wk Low 0.3217
52wk Open 0.3563

Saudi Arabia Riyal / Canada Dollar

Current Riyal / Dollar Cross Rates

CurrencyBid (Price to Sell)Ask (Price to Buy)Change (Today)
AUD/CAD1.002161.002410.00303 (0.30%)AUDCAD Chart
AUD/SAR2.88172.88340.0009 (0.03%)AUDSAR Chart
CAD/AUD0.997600.997840.00301 (0.30%)CADAUD Chart
CAD/CHF0.731570.731800.00053 (0.07%)CADCHF Chart
CAD/CNY4.85354.85450.0100 (0.21%)CADCNY Chart
CAD/CZK15.881115.89110.0090 (0.06%)CADCZK Chart
CAD/DKK4.653714.654210.00185 (0.04%)CADDKK Chart
CAD/ETH0.001324220.001395320.00007796 (5.42%)CADETH Chart
CAD/EUR0.624840.624930.00043 (0.07%)CADEUR Chart
CAD/GBP0.545330.545430.00077 (0.14%)CADGBP Chart
CAD/HKD6.018226.019970.01963 (0.33%)CADHKD Chart
CAD/HUF194.532194.6290.109 (0.06%)CADHUF Chart
CAD/INR50.0250.030.11 (0.22%)CADINR Chart
CAD/JPY81.57581.5960.138 (0.17%)CADJPY Chart
CAD/LTC0.004384810.004473870.00009439 (2.09%)CADLTC Chart
CAD/MXN14.2500314.252580.09655 (0.67%)CADMXN Chart
CAD/NOK5.937585.940430.01750 (0.30%)CADNOK Chart
CAD/NZD1.070271.070560.00458 (0.43%)CADNZD Chart
CAD/PLN2.647532.648880.00689 (0.26%)CADPLN Chart
CAD/RUB44.055044.15500.0970 (0.22%)CADRUB Chart
CAD/SAR2.87572.87680.0081 (0.28%)CADSAR Chart
CAD/SEK6.301086.302730.01734 (0.28%)CADSEK Chart
CAD/SGD1.011331.011850.00286 (0.28%)CADSGD Chart
CAD/THB23.92823.9730.083 (0.35%)CADTHB Chart
CAD/TRY3.015833.016580.00840 (0.28%)CADTRY Chart
CAD/TWD22.418622.43360.0980 (0.44%)CADTWD Chart
CAD/USD0.767050.767170.00234 (0.31%)CADUSD Chart
CAD/XAG0.047080.047160.00011 (0.23%)CADXAG Chart
CAD/XAU0.000582870.000583050.00000074 (0.13%)CADXAU Chart
CAD/BTC0.000087640.000088540.00000011 (0.12%)CADXBT Chart
CAD/ZAR9.19729.19820.0367 (0.40%)CADZAR Chart
CHF/CAD1.366491.366920.00101 (0.07%)CHFCAD Chart
CHF/SAR3.93123.93220.0092 (0.23%)CHFSAR Chart
CNY/CAD0.20600.20600.0004 (0.19%)CNYCAD Chart
CZK/CAD0.06290.06300.0001 (0.16%)CZKCAD Chart
DKK/CAD0.214860.214880.00009 (0.04%)DKKCAD Chart
ETH/CAD716.68000755.1600040.19000 (5.78%)ETHCAD Chart
EUR/CAD1.600171.600420.00113 (0.07%)EURCAD Chart
EUR/SAR4.60344.60410.0115 (0.25%)EURSAR Chart
GBP/CAD1.833411.833740.00257 (0.14%)GBPCAD Chart
GBP/SAR5.27355.27600.0233 (0.44%)GBPSAR Chart
HKD/CAD0.166110.166160.00055 (0.33%)HKDCAD Chart
HKD/SAR0.47800.47810.0002 (0.04%)HKDSAR Chart
HUF/CAD0.005137980.005140540.00000291 (0.06%)HUFCAD Chart
INR/CAD0.019988010.019992000.00004406 (0.22%)INRCAD Chart
JPY/CAD0.012255500.012258660.00002092 (0.17%)JPYCAD Chart
JPY/SAR0.035248500.035260930.00004964 (0.14%)JPYSAR Chart
LTC/CAD223.52000228.060004.71000 (2.13%)LTCCAD Chart
MXN/CAD0.070160.070180.00047 (0.67%)MXNCAD Chart
NOK/CAD0.168340.168420.00050 (0.30%)NOKCAD Chart
NZD/CAD0.934090.934340.00403 (0.43%)NZDCAD Chart
PLN/CAD0.377520.377710.00099 (0.26%)PLNCAD Chart
RUB/CAD0.0226470.0226990.000050 (0.22%)RUBCAD Chart
SAR/AUD0.34680.34700.0001 (0.03%)SARAUD Chart
SAR/CAD0.34760.34770.0011 (0.32%)SARCAD Chart
SAR/CHF0.25430.25440.0006 (0.24%)SARCHF Chart
SAR/EUR0.21720.21720.0006 (0.28%)SAREUR Chart
SAR/GBP0.18950.18960.0009 (0.47%)SARGBP Chart
SAR/HKD2.09162.09210.0004 (0.02%)SARHKD Chart
SAR/JPY28.3628.370.05 (0.18%)SARJPY Chart
SAR/SGD0.35150.35180.0001 (0.03%)SARSGD Chart
SAR/USD0.266550.266760.00001 (0.00%)SARUSD Chart
SEK/CAD0.158660.158700.00044 (0.28%)SEKCAD Chart
SGD/CAD0.988290.988800.00281 (0.28%)SGDCAD Chart
SGD/SAR2.84272.84460.0002 (0.01%)SGDSAR Chart
THB/CAD0.041713590.041792040.00014521 (0.35%)THBCAD Chart
TRY/CAD0.331500.331580.00093 (0.28%)TRYCAD Chart
TWD/CAD0.04460.04460.0002 (0.45%)TWDCAD Chart
USD/CAD1.303491.303690.00400 (0.31%)USDCAD Chart
USD/SAR3.748673.751670.00003 (0.00%)USDSAR Chart
XAG/CAD21.2027421.238240.04662 (0.22%)XAGCAD Chart
XAU/CAD1715.1061715.6612.164 (0.13%)XAUCAD Chart
BTC/CAD11294.7000011410.7000013.15000 (0.12%)XBTCAD Chart
ZAR/CAD0.10870.10870.0005 (0.46%)ZARCAD Chart

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