SAR/AUD 0.3333
Todays change +0.0001 (0.03%)
Today's High 0.3335
Today's Low 0.3325
Today's Open 0.3331
52wk High 0.3637
52wk Low 0.3284
52wk Open 0.3525

Saudi Arabia Riyal / Australia Dollar

The SAR/AUD Currency pair
SAR (Riyal) is the Currency of Saudi Arabia.
AUD (Dollar) is the Currency of Australia.



Current Saudi Arabia Dollar Cross Rates

(as of Jan 21, 2018 7:31:18 am America/New_York)
CurrencyBid (Price to Sell)Ask (Price to Buy)Change (Today)
AUD/CAD0.998050.998800 (0%)AUDCAD
AUD/CHF0.769950.771000 (0%)AUDCHF
AUD/CNY5.11435.11630 (0%)AUDCNY
AUD/CZK16.577816.59640 (0%)AUDCZK
AUD/DKK4.865584.867230 (0%)AUDDKK
AUD/ETH0.000718850.000733980.00003127 (4.50%)AUDETH
AUD/EUR0.653770.654130 (0%)AUDEUR
AUD/GBP0.576730.577080 (0%)AUDGBP
AUD/HKD6.244716.250410 (0%)AUDHKD
AUD/HUF202.069202.1420 (0%)AUDHUF
AUD/INR51.0351.040 (0%)AUDINR
AUD/JPY88.54388.5790 (0%)AUDJPY
AUD/LTC0.003998400.004083130.00025042 (6.61%)AUDLTC
AUD/MXN14.8877114.890210 (0%)AUDMXN
AUD/NOK6.288216.289210 (0%)AUDNOK
AUD/NZD1.097531.099030 (0%)AUDNZD
AUD/PLN2.723082.725030 (0%)AUDPLN
AUD/RUB45.279045.37900 (0%)AUDRUB
AUD/SAR2.99993.00160 (0%)AUDSAR
AUD/SEK6.425666.430760 (0%)AUDSEK
AUD/SGD1.054961.056430 (0%)AUDSGD
AUD/THB25.44825.4950 (0%)AUDTHB
AUD/TRY3.039333.040380 (0%)AUDTRY
AUD/TWD23.475823.50640 (0%)AUDTWD
AUD/USD0.799000.799570 (0%)AUDUSD
AUD/XAG0.046890.047010 (0%)AUDXAG
AUD/XAU0.000599980.000600430 (0%)AUDXAU
AUD/BTC0.000065540.000066760.00000351 (5.60%)AUDXBT
AUD/ZAR9.71639.72350 (0%)AUDZAR
CAD/AUD1.001201.001950 (0%)CADAUD
CAD/SAR3.00293.00400 (0%)CADSAR
CHF/AUD1.297021.298790 (0%)CHFAUD
CHF/SAR3.89603.89700 (0%)CHFSAR
CNY/AUD0.19550.19550 (0%)CNYAUD
CZK/AUD0.06030.06030 (0%)CZKAUD
DKK/AUD0.205460.205530 (0%)DKKAUD
ETH/AUD1362.440001391.1200061.91000 (4.30%)ETHAUD
EUR/AUD1.528741.529580 (0%)EURAUD
EUR/SAR4.58244.58310 (0%)EURSAR
GBP/AUD1.732861.733910 (0%)GBPAUD
GBP/SAR5.20125.20370 (0%)GBPSAR
HKD/AUD0.159990.160140 (0%)HKDAUD
HKD/SAR0.47980.47990 (0%)HKDSAR
HUF/AUD0.004947020.004948800 (0%)HUFAUD
INR/AUD0.019592480.019596320 (0%)INRAUD
JPY/AUD0.011289360.011293950 (0%)JPYAUD
JPY/SAR0.033875340.033886820 (0%)JPYSAR
LTC/AUD244.91000250.1000016.35000 (6.20%)LTCAUD
MXN/AUD0.067160.067170 (0%)MXNAUD
NOK/AUD0.159000.159030 (0%)NOKAUD
NZD/AUD0.909890.911140 (0%)NZDAUD
PLN/AUD0.366970.367230 (0%)PLNAUD
RUB/AUD0.0220370.0220850 (0%)RUBAUD
SAR/AUD0.33320.33330 (0%)SARAUD
SAR/CAD0.33290.33300 (0%)SARCAD
SAR/CHF0.25660.25670 (0%)SARCHF
SAR/EUR0.21820.21820 (0%)SAREUR
SAR/GBP0.19220.19230 (0%)SARGBP
SAR/HKD2.08382.08420 (0%)SARHKD
SAR/JPY29.5129.520 (0%)SARJPY
SAR/SGD0.35190.35220 (0%)SARSGD
SAR/USD0.266540.266760 (0%)SARUSD
SEK/AUD0.155500.155630 (0%)SEKAUD
SGD/AUD0.946580.947900 (0%)SGDAUD
SGD/SAR2.83952.84140 (0%)SGDSAR
THB/AUD0.039223380.039295820 (0%)THBAUD
TRY/AUD0.328910.329020 (0%)TRYAUD
TWD/AUD0.04250.04260 (0%)TWDAUD
USD/AUD1.250671.251560 (0%)USDAUD
USD/SAR3.748743.751740 (0%)USDSAR
XAG/AUD21.2730021.326740 (0%)XAGAUD
XAU/AUD1665.4661666.7290 (0%)XAUAUD
BTC/AUD14979.6800015258.13000846.66000 (5.30%)XBTAUD
ZAR/AUD0.10280.10290 (0%)ZARAUD

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