NZD/ETH 0.00076093
Todays change +0.00006521 (9.37%)
Today's High 0.00077909
Today's Low 0.00067490
Today's Open 0.00069600
52wk High 0.00359596
52wk Low 0.00051082
52wk Open 0.00256674

New Zealand Dollar / Ether Crypto Currency

The NZD/ETH Currency pair
NZD (Dollar) is the Currency of New Zealand.
ETH (Currency) is the Currency of Ether Crypto.



Current New Zealand Currency Cross Rates

(as of Jan 22, 2018 3:24:58 pm America/New_York)
CurrencyBid (Price to Sell)Ask (Price to Buy)Change (Today)
AUD/ETH0.000824790.000840070.00006849 (8.97%)AUDETH
AUD/NZD1.094791.095290.00311 (0.28%)AUDNZD
CAD/ETH0.000796350.000817050.00007561 (10.34%)CADETH
CAD/NZD1.096731.097080.00212 (0.19%)CADNZD
CHF/ETH0.001067780.001092370.00008723 (8.79%)CHFETH
CHF/NZD1.419451.420130.00743 (0.52%)CHFNZD
ETH/AUD1190.380001212.43000107.73500 (8.23%)ETHAUD
ETH/CAD1223.910001255.73000128.06500 (9.36%)ETHCAD
ETH/CHF915.44000936.5200081.33000 (8.07%)ETHCHF
ETH/EUR795.01000795.7600073.88500 (8.50%)ETHEUR
ETH/GBP560.01000609.0300011.52000 (2.01%)ETHGBP
ETH/HKD7443.650007604.55000664.00000 (8.11%)ETHHKD
ETH/JPY109617.00000110735.000009,308.00000 (7.79%)ETHJPY
ETH/NZD1299.580001328.79000123.30500 (8.58%)ETHNZD
ETH/SGD1255.390001283.73000113.25000 (8.19%)ETHSGD
ETH/USD961.37000965.4000089.25000 (8.48%)ETHUSD
EUR/ETH0.001256660.001257850.00010686 (9.29%)EURETH
EUR/NZD1.674881.675310.00687 (0.41%)EURNZD
GBP/ETH0.001641960.001785680.00003419 (1.96%)GBPETH
GBP/NZD1.910631.911330.00508 (0.27%)GBPNZD
HKD/ETH0.000131500.000134340.00001078 (8.83%)HKDETH
HKD/NZD0.174730.174800.00081 (0.46%)HKDNZD
JPY/ETH0.000009030.000009120.00000070 (8.36%)JPYETH
JPY/NZD0.012309960.012314060.00008717 (0.70%)JPYNZD
LTC/NZD234.81000239.5600025.56000 (9.73%)LTCNZD
NZD/AUD0.913000.913420.00259 (0.28%)NZDAUD
NZD/CAD0.911510.911800.00175 (0.19%)NZDCAD
NZD/CHF0.704160.704500.00367 (0.52%)NZDCHF
NZD/ETH0.000752560.000769480.00006530 (9.39%)NZDETH
NZD/EUR0.596900.597060.00244 (0.41%)NZDEUR
NZD/GBP0.523200.523390.00139 (0.26%)NZDGBP
NZD/HKD5.720875.723010.02615 (0.46%)NZDHKD
NZD/JPY81.20881.2350.571 (0.71%)NZDJPY
NZD/LTC0.004174320.004258760.00041019 (10.78%)NZDLTC
NZD/RUB41.321641.33620 (0%)NZDRUB
NZD/SGD0.965300.965710.00372 (0.39%)NZDSGD
NZD/USD0.731770.732000.00320 (0.44%)NZDUSD
NZD/XAG0.043000.043080.00035 (0.82%)NZDXAG
NZD/XAU0.000548770.000549050.00000297 (0.54%)NZDXAU
NZD/BTC0.000069520.000070980.00000702 (11.10%)NZDXBT
RUB/NZD0.0241920.0242000 (0%)RUBNZD
SGD/ETH0.000778980.000796570.00006454 (8.92%)SGDETH
SGD/NZD1.035511.035950.00401 (0.39%)SGDNZD
USD/ETH0.001035840.001040180.00008801 (9.26%)USDETH
USD/NZD1.366121.366550.00600 (0.44%)USDNZD
XAG/NZD23.2136023.254480.19020 (0.81%)XAGNZD
XAU/NZD1821.3151822.2599.919 (0.54%)XAUNZD
BTC/NZD14089.4500014384.640001,578.83000 (9.98%)XBTNZD

Latest News

  • Private William Ham from the small settlement of Ngatimoti near Nelson died from his wounds at the Battle of the Suez Canal in February 1915. In all, some 18,000 New Zealanders died during World War I from the 100,000 that served …
  • A new strain of the norovirus stomach bug that has hit New Zealand has been linked to a death in Northland. The Sydney-2012 norovirus strain was identified in Australia last year, and is a combination of two strains that originated in Holland …
  • A NEW Zealand heli-ski company says it did not contribute to the death of a Sydney man buried in an avalanche while skiing near Queenstown. ROGER Greville, 58, was pulled from avalanche debris on the Hector Mountains on Monday …
  • For the first time since a deadly string of explosions killed 29 men at New Zealand's Pike River mine last November, their grieving families have something to smile about. "It's a good day, finally. A very good day," said the local mayor Tony …
  • An Australian soldier made a drunken decision to run into Christchurch along the main road, where he was hit and killed by a truck. No one else is to blame for the death of a drunk Australian soldier who made the fatal decision to try and run …
  • PORT MACQUARIE (AFP) - A sweet, sickly smell filled the air as Sherwood Robyn, a 12-year-old koala, was brought into a small examination room at Australia's first hospital for the furry marsupials. From afar, she appeared in fine health. …
  • An 18-year-old New Zealander has been charged with the murder of a 64-year-old Brisbane man. Robert Murray Wilkinson was holidaying at Waihi on New Zealand's North Island when he was stabbed in the head and neck early on New Year's …
  • A RECOVERY team has entered New Zealand's doomed Pike River mine for the first time since it was rocked by explosions that left 29 men, including two Queenslanders, dead. After a frustrating seven-month wait for grieving …

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