LTC/NZD 263.82500
Todays change +0.05000 (0.02%)
Today's High 278.81500
Today's Low 257.02000
Today's Open 263.50500
52wk High 591.92500
52wk Low 46.29500
52wk Open 65.26000

Litecoin Crypto Currency / New Zealand Dollar

The LTC/NZD Currency pair
LTC (Currency) is the Currency of Litecoin Crypto.
NZD (Dollar) is the Currency of New Zealand.



Current Litecoin Crypto Dollar Cross Rates

(as of Jan 19, 2018 6:24:13 pm America/New_York)
CurrencyBid (Price to Sell)Ask (Price to Buy)Change (Today)
AUD/LTC0.004122180.004205570.00000355 (0.09%)AUDLTC
AUD/NZD1.097531.099030.00076 (0.07%)AUDNZD
CAD/LTC0.004126770.004210350.00001762 (0.42%)CADLTC
CAD/NZD1.099281.100470.00467 (0.42%)CADNZD
CHF/LTC0.005351600.005460010.00001303 (0.24%)CHFLTC
CHF/NZD1.424361.426610.00421 (0.29%)CHFNZD
ETH/NZD1401.600001429.9300013.42500 (0.96%)ETHNZD
EUR/LTC0.006260170.006267630.00000275 (0.04%)EURLTC
EUR/NZD1.678941.680410.00210 (0.13%)EURNZD
GBP/LTC0.007147450.007291820.00000077 (0.01%)GBPLTC
GBP/NZD1.902991.904990.00060 (0.03%)GBPNZD
HKD/LTC0.000659710.000673070.00000179 (0.27%)HKDLTC
HKD/NZD0.175700.175900.00043 (0.25%)HKDNZD
JPY/LTC0.000046540.000047490.00000022 (0.47%)JPYLTC
JPY/NZD0.012397720.012406020.00005261 (0.43%)JPYNZD
LTC/AUD237.78000242.590000.20500 (0.09%)LTCAUD
LTC/CAD237.51000242.320001.01000 (0.42%)LTCCAD
LTC/CHF183.15000186.860000.44500 (0.24%)LTCCHF
LTC/EUR159.55000159.740000.07000 (0.04%)LTCEUR
LTC/GBP137.14000139.910000.01500 (0.01%)LTCGBP
LTC/HKD1485.720001515.810004.04500 (0.27%)LTCHKD
LTC/JPY21059.0000021486.0000097.50000 (0.46%)LTCJPY
LTC/NZD261.18000266.470000.05000 (0.02%)LTCNZD
LTC/SGD251.02000256.100000.69000 (0.27%)LTCSGD
LTC/USD193.03000193.670001.51500 (0.79%)LTCUSD
NZD/AUD0.909890.911140.00064 (0.07%)NZDAUD
NZD/CAD0.908700.909690.00384 (0.42%)NZDCAD
NZD/CHF0.700960.702070.00206 (0.29%)NZDCHF
NZD/ETH0.000699330.000713470.00000677 (0.95%)NZDETH
NZD/EUR0.595090.595610.00075 (0.13%)NZDEUR
NZD/GBP0.524940.525490.00016 (0.03%)NZDGBP
NZD/HKD5.685165.691580.01378 (0.24%)NZDHKD
NZD/JPY80.60680.6600.343 (0.42%)NZDJPY
NZD/LTC0.003752770.003828780.00000072 (0.02%)NZDLTC
NZD/RUB41.321641.33620.0442 (0.11%)NZDRUB
NZD/SGD0.960420.961980.00229 (0.24%)NZDSGD
NZD/USD0.727360.728140.00165 (0.23%)NZDUSD
NZD/XAG0.042670.042830.00021 (0.49%)NZDXAG
NZD/XAU0.000546140.000546820.00000274 (0.50%)NZDXAU
NZD/BTC0.000062950.000064220.00000120 (1.85%)NZDXBT
RUB/NZD0.0241920.0242000.000026 (0.11%)RUBNZD
SGD/LTC0.003904720.003983750.00001070 (0.27%)SGDLTC
SGD/NZD1.039521.041210.00247 (0.24%)SGDNZD
USD/LTC0.005163420.005180540.00004085 (0.78%)USDLTC
USD/NZD1.373361.374840.00312 (0.23%)USDNZD
XAG/NZD23.3492423.438300.11578 (0.50%)XAGNZD
XAU/NZD1828.7561831.0169.121 (0.50%)XAUNZD
BTC/NZD15571.4900015886.08000289.90000 (1.88%)XBTNZD

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