LTC/CAD 251.02500
Todays change -38.38500 (-13.26%)
Today's High 289.79500
Today's Low 238.03000
Today's Open 289.07000
52wk High 527.89500
52wk Low 40.93500
52wk Open 60.74000

Litecoin Crypto Currency / Canada Dollar

The LTC/CAD Currency pair
LTC (Currency) is the Currency of Litecoin Crypto.
CAD (Dollar) is the Currency of Canada.



Current Litecoin Crypto Dollar Cross Rates

(as of Jan 16, 2018 4:19:30 am America/New_York)
CurrencyBid (Price to Sell)Ask (Price to Buy)Change (Today)
AUD/CAD0.988670.988920.00069 (0.07%)AUDCAD
AUD/LTC0.003889540.003968250.00051208 (14.99%)AUDLTC
CAD/AUD1.011201.011460.00071 (0.07%)CADAUD
CAD/CHF0.776030.776260.00113 (0.15%)CADCHF
CAD/CNY5.17935.18030.0018 (0.03%)CADCNY
CAD/CZK16.771116.78110.0280 (0.17%)CADCZK
CAD/DKK4.899834.901480.01480 (0.30%)CADDKK
CAD/ETH0.000751290.000771880.00012570 (19.77%)CADETH
CAD/EUR0.657820.657930.00197 (0.30%)CADEUR
CAD/GBP0.583660.583770.00043 (0.07%)CADGBP
CAD/HKD6.294126.295870.00042 (0.01%)CADHKD
CAD/HUF203.072203.1690.590 (0.29%)CADHUF
CAD/INR51.4751.490.36 (0.70%)CADINR
CAD/JPY89.00589.0260.004 (0.00%)CADJPY
CAD/LTC0.003944150.004023980.00052845 (15.29%)CADLTC
CAD/MXN15.1858315.188380.00785 (0.05%)CADMXN
CAD/NOK6.341136.343980.00265 (0.04%)CADNOK
CAD/NZD1.106931.107260.00422 (0.38%)CADNZD
CAD/PLN2.748432.749780.01230 (0.45%)CADPLN
CAD/RUB45.363045.46300.0790 (0.17%)CADRUB
CAD/SAR3.01703.01810.0001 (0.00%)CADSAR
CAD/SEK6.462736.464380.01480 (0.23%)CADSEK
CAD/SGD1.064041.064560.00037 (0.03%)CADSGD
CAD/THB25.69925.7440.034 (0.13%)CADTHB
CAD/TRY3.078833.079580.02100 (0.69%)CADTRY
CAD/TWD23.810623.82560.0250 (0.11%)CADTWD
CAD/USD0.804450.804580.00002 (0.00%)CADUSD
CAD/XAG0.046990.047070.00071 (1.53%)CADXAG
CAD/XAU0.000602720.000602930.00000312 (0.52%)CADXAU
CAD/BTC0.000067590.000068960.00000819 (13.63%)CADXBT
CAD/ZAR9.85389.85480.0430 (0.43%)CADZAR
CHF/CAD1.288231.288610.00187 (0.14%)CHFCAD
CHF/LTC0.005083110.005185920.00067902 (15.24%)CHFLTC
CNY/CAD0.19300.19310.0001 (0.05%)CNYCAD
CZK/CAD0.05960.05960.0001 (0.17%)CZKCAD
DKK/CAD0.204020.204090.00062 (0.30%)DKKCAD
ETH/CAD1295.530001331.05000259.57500 (16.50%)ETHCAD
EUR/CAD1.519921.520170.00458 (0.30%)EURCAD
EUR/LTC0.006060610.006075330.00081186 (15.45%)EURLTC
GBP/CAD1.713011.713340.00126 (0.07%)GBPCAD
GBP/LTC0.006737180.006893220.00089278 (15.07%)GBPLTC
HKD/CAD0.158830.158880.00001 (0.01%)HKDCAD
HKD/LTC0.000628160.000642050.00008665 (15.80%)HKDLTC
HUF/CAD0.004922010.004924360.00001435 (0.29%)HUFCAD
INR/CAD0.019421250.019428790.00013488 (0.69%)INRCAD
JPY/CAD0.011232670.011235320.00000051 (0.00%)JPYCAD
JPY/LTC0.000044300.000045200.00000594 (15.31%)JPYLTC
LTC/AUD252.00000257.1000038.15000 (13.03%)LTCAUD
LTC/CAD248.51000253.5400038.38500 (13.26%)LTCCAD
LTC/CHF192.83000196.7300029.68500 (13.22%)LTCCHF
LTC/EUR164.60000165.0000025.45500 (13.38%)LTCEUR
LTC/GBP145.07000148.4300022.11500 (13.10%)LTCGBP
LTC/HKD1557.520001591.95000248.76500 (13.64%)LTCHKD
LTC/JPY22125.0000022573.000003,422.50000 (13.28%)LTCJPY
LTC/NZD275.13000280.7000041.56000 (13.01%)LTCNZD
LTC/SGD264.50000270.6300040.60000 (13.17%)LTCSGD
LTC/USD201.50000202.1500030.83000 (13.25%)LTCUSD
MXN/CAD0.065840.065850.00003 (0.05%)MXNCAD
NOK/CAD0.157630.157700.00007 (0.04%)NOKCAD
NZD/CAD0.903130.903400.00346 (0.38%)NZDCAD
NZD/LTC0.003562520.003634650.00046813 (14.95%)NZDLTC
PLN/CAD0.363670.363840.00164 (0.45%)PLNCAD
RUB/CAD0.0219960.0220440.000038 (0.17%)RUBCAD
SAR/CAD0.33130.33150.0001 (0.03%)SARCAD
SEK/CAD0.154690.154730.00036 (0.23%)SEKCAD
SGD/CAD0.939360.939810.00033 (0.04%)SGDCAD
SGD/LTC0.003695080.003780720.00049256 (15.18%)SGDLTC
THB/CAD0.038844000.038912020.00005146 (0.13%)THBCAD
TRY/CAD0.324720.324800.00223 (0.68%)TRYCAD
TWD/CAD0.04200.04200 (0%)TWDCAD
USD/CAD1.242891.243090.00004 (0.00%)USDCAD
USD/LTC0.004946820.004962780.00065659 (15.28%)USDLTC
XAG/CAD21.2453921.280890.32453 (1.50%)XAGCAD
XAU/CAD1658.5551659.1438.657 (0.52%)XAUCAD
BTC/CAD14500.6000014794.000001,995.70000 (11.99%)XBTCAD
ZAR/CAD0.10150.10150.0005 (0.50%)ZARCAD

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