JPY/SAR 0.03388108
Todays change +0.00011441 (0.34%)
Today's High 0.03392706
Today's Low 0.03376667
Today's Open 0.03376667
52wk High 0.03489792
52wk Low 0.03247280
52wk Open 0.03271181

Japan Yen / Saudi Arabia Riyal

The JPY/SAR Currency pair
JPY (Yen) is the Currency of Japan.
SAR (Riyal) is the Currency of Saudi Arabia.



Current Japan Riyal Cross Rates

(as of Jan 19, 2018 6:28:34 pm America/New_York)
CurrencyBid (Price to Sell)Ask (Price to Buy)Change (Today)
AUD/JPY88.54388.5790.318 (0.36%)AUDJPY
AUD/SAR2.99993.00160.0018 (0.06%)AUDSAR
CAD/JPY88.66388.7050.763 (0.85%)CADJPY
CAD/SAR3.00293.00400.0184 (0.61%)CADSAR
CHF/JPY114.934114.9760.812 (0.70%)CHFJPY
CHF/SAR3.89603.89700.0141 (0.36%)CHFSAR
CNY/JPY17.3217.330.02 (0.12%)CNYJPY
CZK/JPY5.333985.336830.02400 (0.45%)CZKJPY
DKK/JPY18.19218.1970.050 (0.27%)DKKJPY
ETH/JPY115952.00000118206.000008,242.00000 (6.58%)ETHJPY
EUR/JPY135.395135.4290.432 (0.32%)EURJPY
EUR/SAR4.58244.58310.0061 (0.13%)EURSAR
GBP/JPY153.485153.5370.717 (0.46%)GBPJPY
GBP/SAR5.20125.20370.0080 (0.15%)GBPSAR
HKD/JPY14.1735714.179390.02418 (0.17%)HKDJPY
HKD/SAR0.47980.47990.0001 (0.02%)HKDSAR
HUF/JPY0.438150.438340.00259 (0.59%)HUFJPY
INR/JPY1.73561.73610.0018 (0.10%)INRJPY
JPY/AUD0.011289360.011293950.00004040 (0.36%)JPYAUD
JPY/CAD0.011273320.011278660.00009619 (0.86%)JPYCAD
JPY/CHF0.008697470.008700650.00006106 (0.71%)JPYCHF
JPY/CNY0.057703400.057736720.00006671 (0.12%)JPYCNY
JPY/CZK0.187380.187480.00084 (0.45%)JPYCZK
JPY/DKK0.054954110.054969220.00015062 (0.27%)JPYDKK
JPY/ETH0.000008460.000008620.00000050 (6.22%)JPYETH
JPY/EUR0.007383940.007385800.00002349 (0.32%)JPYEUR
JPY/GBP0.006513090.006515290.00003031 (0.47%)JPYGBP
JPY/HKD0.070520.070550.00011 (0.16%)JPYHKD
JPY/HUF2.281312.282310.01340 (0.59%)JPYHUF
JPY/INR0.57600.57620.0006 (0.10%)JPYINR
JPY/KRW9.60409.65400.0040 (0.04%)JPYKRW
JPY/LTC0.000046650.000047590.00000032 (0.68%)JPYLTC
JPY/MXN0.168020.168060.00050 (0.30%)JPYMXN
JPY/NOK0.070947140.070987440.00029342 (0.42%)JPYNOK
JPY/NZD0.012397720.012406020.00005261 (0.43%)JPYNZD
JPY/PLN0.030808100.030818540.00017654 (0.58%)JPYPLN
JPY/RUB0.511060.512370.00257 (0.50%)JPYRUB
JPY/SAR0.033875340.033886820.00011441 (0.34%)JPYSAR
JPY/SEK0.072648020.072679700.00046169 (0.64%)JPYSEK
JPY/SGD0.011915830.011922930.00002085 (0.18%)JPYSGD
JPY/THB0.287330.287740.00012 (0.04%)JPYTHB
JPY/TRY0.034326510.034385530.00037245 (1.10%)JPYTRY
JPY/TWD0.26510.26530.0014 (0.53%)JPYTWD
JPY/USD0.009023400.009025430.00001674 (0.19%)JPYUSD
JPY/XAG0.000529490.000530700.00000044 (0.08%)JPYXAG
JPY/XAU0.000006770.00000678-0 (0%)JPYXAU
JPY/BTC0.000000770.000000770.00000001 (1.28%)JPYXBT
JPY/ZAR0.109709270.109938430.00058789 (0.54%)JPYZAR
KRW/JPY0.1035840.1041230.000043 (0.04%)KRWJPY
LTC/JPY21012.0000021437.00000145.50000 (0.68%)LTCJPY
MXN/JPY5.950185.951830.01751 (0.29%)MXNJPY
NOK/JPY14.08714.0950.058 (0.41%)NOKJPY
NZD/JPY80.60680.6600.343 (0.42%)NZDJPY
PLN/JPY32.44832.4590.187 (0.57%)PLNJPY
RUB/JPY1.95171.95670.0099 (0.50%)RUBJPY
SAR/AUD0.33320.33330.0002 (0.06%)SARAUD
SAR/CAD0.33290.33300.0020 (0.60%)SARCAD
SAR/CHF0.25660.25670.0009 (0.35%)SARCHF
SAR/EUR0.21820.21820.0003 (0.14%)SAREUR
SAR/GBP0.19220.19230.0003 (0.16%)SARGBP
SAR/HKD2.08382.08420.0004 (0.02%)SARHKD
SAR/JPY29.5129.520.10 (0.34%)SARJPY
SAR/SGD0.35190.35220.0001 (0.03%)SARSGD
SAR/USD0.266540.266760.00002 (0.01%)SARUSD
SEK/JPY13.75913.7650.088 (0.64%)SEKJPY
SGD/JPY83.87283.9220.147 (0.17%)SGDJPY
SGD/SAR2.83952.84140.0008 (0.03%)SGDSAR
THB/JPY3.475313.480310.00150 (0.04%)THBJPY
TRY/JPY29.08229.1320.319 (1.08%)TRYJPY
TWD/JPY3.76943.77230.0194 (0.52%)TWDJPY
USD/JPY110.798110.8230.206 (0.19%)USDJPY
USD/SAR3.748743.751740.00017 (0.00%)USDSAR
XAG/JPY1884.311888.611.55 (0.08%)XAGJPY
XAU/JPY147513.5147613.5128.0 (0.09%)XAUJPY
BTC/JPY1295559.000001300000.0000012,788.00000 (1.00%)XBTJPY
ZAR/JPY9.0969.1150.049 (0.54%)ZARJPY

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