CHF/PLN 3.62435
Today's change -0.00415 (-0.11%)
Today's High 3.63125
Today's Low 3.62016
Today's Open 3.62085
52wk High 4.04740
52wk Low 3.52076
52wk Open 4.02096

Switzerland Francs / Poland Zlotych

CHF (Francs) is the Currency of Switzerland.
PLN (Zlotych) is the Currency of Poland.

Current Switzerland Zlotych Cross Rates

CurrencyBid (Price to Sell)Ask (Price to Buy)Change (Today)
AUD/CHF0.734470.734900.00058 (0.08%)AUDCHF Chart
AUD/PLN2.661932.663880.00135 (0.05%)AUDPLN Chart
CAD/CHF0.740750.741200.00003 (0.00%)CADCHF Chart
CAD/PLN2.685132.686480.00055 (0.02%)CADPLN Chart
CHF/AUD1.360731.361530.00109 (0.08%)CHFAUD Chart
CHF/CAD1.349161.349980.00006 (0.00%)CHFCAD Chart
CHF/CNY6.76166.76410.0008 (0.01%)CHFCNY Chart
CHF/CZK22.001922.01330.0185 (0.08%)CHFCZK Chart
CHF/DKK6.465086.465530.00360 (0.06%)CHFDKK Chart
CHF/ETH0.001249750.001275020.00001890 (1.48%)CHFETH Chart
CHF/EUR0.868180.868560.00019 (0.02%)CHFEUR Chart
CHF/GBP0.763990.764260.00046 (0.06%)CHFGBP Chart
CHF/HKD8.351178.354600.00445 (0.05%)CHFHKD Chart
CHF/HUF271.786271.8850.151 (0.06%)CHFHUF Chart
CHF/INR69.2769.280.14 (0.20%)CHFINR Chart
CHF/JPY114.165114.2070.026 (0.02%)CHFJPY Chart
CHF/LTC0.004810470.004907730.00032243 (6.22%)CHFLTC Chart
CHF/MXN19.8146319.816880.01119 (0.06%)CHFMXN Chart
CHF/NOK8.377418.378410.00120 (0.01%)CHFNOK Chart
CHF/NZD1.464131.465180.00012 (0.01%)CHFNZD Chart
CHF/PLN3.623833.624880.00065 (0.02%)CHFPLN Chart
CHF/RUB59.950059.97500.0290 (0.05%)CHFRUB Chart
CHF/SAR4.00154.00250.0034 (0.08%)CHFSAR Chart
CHF/SEK8.729888.731530.00699 (0.08%)CHFSEK Chart
CHF/SGD1.409191.410040.00003 (0.00%)CHFSGD Chart
CHF/THB33.54933.5970.030 (0.09%)CHFTHB Chart
CHF/TRY4.044634.045680.00440 (0.11%)CHFTRY Chart
CHF/TWD31.282131.30710.0450 (0.14%)CHFTWD Chart
CHF/USD1.067501.067870.00058 (0.05%)CHFUSD Chart
CHF/XAG0.064510.064710.00001 (0.02%)CHFXAG Chart
CHF/XAU0.000802970.000803530.00000056 (0.07%)CHFXAU Chart
CHF/BTC0.000109400.000111610.00000024 (0.22%)CHFXBT Chart
CHF/ZAR12.3455212.365080.01488 (0.12%)CHFZAR Chart
CNY/CHF0.14780.14790.0001 (0.07%)CNYCHF Chart
CZK/CHF0.04540.04550 (0%)CZKCHF Chart
DKK/CHF0.154670.154680.00008 (0.05%)DKKCHF Chart
ETH/CHF784.30000800.1600011.68500 (1.50%)ETHCHF Chart
EUR/CHF1.151331.151840.00025 (0.02%)EURCHF Chart
EUR/PLN4.170314.177900.00076 (0.02%)EURPLN Chart
GBP/CHF1.308461.308910.00078 (0.06%)GBPCHF Chart
GBP/PLN4.738284.748530.00183 (0.04%)GBPPLN Chart
HKD/CHF0.119690.119740.00005 (0.04%)HKDCHF Chart
HKD/PLN0.433730.434180.00019 (0.04%)HKDPLN Chart
HUF/CHF0.003678030.003679370.00000203 (0.06%)HUFCHF Chart
INR/CHF0.014434180.014436260.00003133 (0.22%)INRCHF Chart
JPY/CHF0.008756030.008759250.00000200 (0.02%)JPYCHF Chart
JPY/PLN0.031735960.031747040.00000907 (0.03%)JPYPLN Chart
LTC/CHF203.76000207.8800012.80500 (6.63%)LTCCHF Chart
MXN/CHF0.050460.050470.00003 (0.06%)MXNCHF Chart
NOK/CHF0.119350.119370.00002 (0.02%)NOKCHF Chart
NZD/CHF0.682510.683000.00006 (0.01%)NZDCHF Chart
PLN/AUD0.375390.375670.00019 (0.05%)PLNAUD Chart
PLN/CAD0.372230.372420.00007 (0.02%)PLNCAD Chart
PLN/CHF0.275870.275950.00005 (0.02%)PLNCHF Chart
PLN/EUR0.239350.239790.00005 (0.02%)PLNEUR Chart
PLN/GBP0.210590.211050.00008 (0.04%)PLNGBP Chart
PLN/HKD2.303192.305580.00107 (0.05%)PLNHKD Chart
PLN/JPY31.49931.5100.009 (0.03%)PLNJPY Chart
PLN/SGD0.388740.389080.00005 (0.01%)PLNSGD Chart
PLN/USD0.294250.294820.00011 (0.04%)PLNUSD Chart
RUB/CHF0.0166740.0166810.000008 (0.05%)RUBCHF Chart
SAR/CHF0.24980.24990.0001 (0.04%)SARCHF Chart
SEK/CHF0.114530.114550.00009 (0.08%)SEKCHF Chart
SGD/CHF0.709200.709630.00002 (0.00%)SGDCHF Chart
SGD/PLN2.570182.572430.00030 (0.01%)SGDPLN Chart
THB/CHF0.029764560.029807150.00002664 (0.09%)THBCHF Chart
TRY/CHF0.247180.247240.00027 (0.11%)TRYCHF Chart
TWD/CHF0.03190.03200.0001 (0.31%)TWDCHF Chart
USD/CHF0.936440.936770.00050 (0.05%)USDCHF Chart
USD/PLN3.391923.398510.00126 (0.04%)USDPLN Chart
XAG/CHF15.4529715.501510.00284 (0.02%)XAGCHF Chart
XAU/CHF1244.5131245.3790.867 (0.07%)XAUCHF Chart
BTC/CHF8959.390009140.3900020.66000 (0.23%)XBTCHF Chart
ZAR/CHF0.080870.081000.00010 (0.12%)ZARCHF Chart

Latest News

  • Everything changed in 2008, when the global crisis triggered a rally in CHF, making CHF/PLN gain around 50%, from 2.00 to 3.00 in a matter of six months, and putting an immense strain on those with CHF-denominated mortgages. The …
  • Along with USD/PLN, EUR/PLN and CHF/PLN, GBP/PLN is the fourth currency pair futures contract available for trade. 'The GBP/PLN exchange rate has been very volatile in the past few months. The volatility started with a sharp …
  • Average CHF/PLN and CHF/HUF exchange rates since May-04 until Jul-08 (after which credit activity dried up) were 2.48 and 160, respectively. He goes on to alert that Hungarian banks were actually accepting bids for JPY-denominated …
  • Research and Markets has announced the addition of the "Mortgage Lending In Poland 2017-2019" report to their offering. This report builds on the success of the 2016 edition and provides an updated view of emerging trends on the …

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