The South Africa Rand vs United Kingdom Pound

The ZAR/GBP currency pair
ZAR (Rand) is the Currency of South Africa.
GBP (Pound) is the Currency of United Kingdom.


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Real-Time ZAR Quotes (Bid/Ask)

(as of Dec 9, 2016 4:37:49 am US/Eastern)
CurrencyBid (Price to Sell)Ask (Price to Buy)Change (Today)
AUD/ZAR10.218910.22610.0364 (0.36%)chart
CAD/ZAR10.364810.36580.0171 (0.17%)chart
CHF/ZAR13.4445113.457920.00842 (0.06%)chart
EUR/ZAR14.5044014.517920.00659 (0.05%)chart
GBP/ZAR17.2277817.244030.05089 (0.30%)chart
HKD/ZAR1.76141.76190.0010 (0.06%)chart
JPY/ZAR0.119345980.119617220.00023604 (0.20%)chart
SGD/ZAR9.60299.60490.0090 (0.09%)chart
USD/ZAR13.6640613.674990.01225 (0.09%)chart
ZAR/AUD0.09780.09790.0004 (0.41%)chart
ZAR/CAD0.09650.09650.0001 (0.10%)chart
ZAR/CHF0.074310.074380.00005 (0.07%)chart
ZAR/EUR0.068880.068940.00003 (0.04%)chart
ZAR/GBP0.057990.058050.00017 (0.29%)chart
ZAR/HKD0.56760.56770.0004 (0.07%)chart
ZAR/JPY8.3608.3790.016 (0.19%)chart
ZAR/SGD0.10410.10410.0001 (0.10%)chart
ZAR/USD0.073130.073180.00007 (0.10%)chart

Latest News

  • South African Rand Leaps Against British Pound Despite Despite Foreign Exchange Reserves Slump
    GBP/ZAR slumped by -1.30% on Wednesday morning, weighed down as confidence in Sterling evaporated. The Pound to Rand exchange rate (GBP/ZAR) is once again sharply lower, seen trading around 17.02 on Wednesday evening. Even though South African foreign ...
  • GBP ZAR Strengthens Despite SA Credit Rating Reprieve
    Stronger-than-expected UK consumer credit and mortgage approvals figures helped to set the GBP ZAR exchange rate on a bullish run last week, with confidence within the UK economy appearing to remain robust in the face of ongoing Brexit-based uncertainty.
  • South African Rand Boosted as Markets Welcome Talk of Italian Banking Rescue
    The Pound to Rand exchange rate (GBP/ZAR) is likely to extend its gradual decline as ZAR benefits from robust global sentiment. A strong bounce in global stock markets in mid-week has played into the Rand's hands. As seasoned Rand-watchers will know ...
  • Pound South African Rand Exchange Rate Forecast: Autumn Statement Fallout to Keep GBP Unsettled
    The GBP ZAR exchange rate has risen by 0.7 to 17.68. On the other side, the Rand has been trading at around 0.05 against the Pound. Recent UK news has been centred on Wednesday’s Autumn Statement, which was abolished after being delivered by Chancellor ...
  • Here's Morgan Stanley's top FX trades for 2017
    Outside of the USD/JPY, the bank says that the buying the US dollar against the Korean won, along with selling rallies in the EUR/GBP, are its second and third ... or countries with external liabilities (TRY, ZAR and MYR)”. It is also “bearish ...
  • Mediclinic International Plc - Tax Treatment Of Ordinary Share Dividend For Shareholders On The South African Register
    per ordinary share (based on the 5 day average ZAR/GBP exchange rate on Friday, 4 November 2016, being GBP1/ZAR16.66). A dividend withholding tax of 15% will be applicable to all shareholders on the South African register who are not exempt therefrom.
  • MAINLAND REAL ESTATE LIMITED – Results of the SA private placement and secondary inward listing on the Alternative Exchange of the JSE
    Mainland placed 292 942 of its shares with invited investors under the SA private placement at an issue price of ZAR35.16 per share payable in ZAR which is equivalent to GBP2.00 per share determined at the GBP:ZAR exchange rate of GBP1.00:ZAR17.58.
  • Forex Prices at 09:00
    Name Price Change %Change AUD / USD 0.750 0.001 0.200 EUR / CHF 1.085 0.002 0.190 EUR / DKK 7.439 0.002 0.030 EUR / GBP 0.851 -0.001 -0.060 EUR / JPY ... 0.013 -0.150 USD / SGD 1.417 -0.000 -0.020 USD / ZAR 13.535 0.072 0.530 Story provided by Stock ...
  • FxWirePro:GBP/JPY trade idea
    GBP/JPY trades higher, good to buy on dips FxWirePro: EUR/GBP hits 4-1/2 months’ lows after breaking strong supports, more bearish streaks likely as SMAs on verge of bearish crossover GBP/USD trades above 1.27000, jump till 1.2800 possible FxWirePro ...
  • Asian stocks mixed amid earnings as dollar firms; oil declines – ndtv profit usd zar chart
    Gbp to usd chart About the same number of shares rose as fell on the MSCI Asia Pacific Index in early trading, with Australia’s benchmark retreating and South Korea’s advancing. Funny quotes about love and life Equity index futures foreshadowed gains ...
  • Top 10 2017 Exchange Rate Calls According To Morgan Stanley FX Forecasts
    They are suggesting to clients a long (forecast to rise in 2017) on the USD/JPY, RUB/ZAR and several others. Morgan Stanley has released their top 10 foreign exchange trades for 2017. Covering the US dollar, euro, British pound, Japanese yen, Korean won …
  • OPEC to Save Face with a Disappointing Deal
    USD/JPY is up +0.7% at ¥113.01 and GBP/USD flat at £1.2491. Elsewhere, the NZD and the CNH each rose at least +0.3%, paring their declines in the month, while the ZAR fell -0.7%. 5. ECB to extend QE German and Spanish inflation numbers released yesterday ...
  • Morning Report APAC: New high for US equities; ECB to speak
    GBP: The combination of weak data and parliamentary approval ... Emerging markets: A huge rally in the most beaten-up EM currencies, with the likes of TRY, ZAR and RUB all up over 1% yesterday as the buoyant risk-on sentiment and softer US yields gave ...
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    GBP, AUD, CHF, CAD, SGD, BRL, KRW, MXN, CNY, HKD, NZD, AED, ZAR, ARS, RUB, INR, -function-v (root), ^, sin, cos, tan, acsc, actn, sinh, sec, csc, ctan, cosh, tanh, sqrt, asin, acos, atan, exp, log, ln, asec, lg, choose, th root of, pi, gravity on earth ...
  • Morgan Stanley top 10 FX trades of 2017:
    Short EUR/GBP on GBP recovery with no negative newsflow from the UK ... Long BRL/COP on reform momentum. - Long RUB/ZAR due to tight monetary policy from Russia. - Long CHF/JPY on yield differentials and political hedge on Eurozone.
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