The South Africa Rand vs United Kingdom Pound

The ZAR/GBP currency pair
ZAR (Rand) is the Currency of South Africa.
GBP (Pound) is the Currency of United Kingdom.


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Real-Time ZAR Quotes (Bid/Ask)

(as of May 22, 2015 4:59:29 pm US/Eastern)
CurrencyBid (Price to Sell)Ask (Price to Buy)Change (Today)
AUD/ZAR9.30869.31580 (0%)chart
CAD/ZAR9.68149.68740 (0%)chart
CHF/ZAR12.598712.61830 (0%)chart
EUR/ZAR13.082613.10360 (0%)chart
GBP/ZAR18.405018.43260 (0%)chart
HKD/ZAR1.53391.53430 (0%)chart
JPY/ZAR0.09768090.09786730 (0%)chart
SGD/ZAR8.89638.90350 (0%)chart
USD/ZAR11.885611.89700 (0%)chart
ZAR/AUD0.10730.10740 (0%)chart
ZAR/CAD0.10320.10330 (0%)chart
ZAR/CHF0.07920.07940 (0%)chart
ZAR/EUR0.07630.07640 (0%)chart
ZAR/GBP0.05430.05430 (0%)chart
ZAR/HKD0.65180.65190 (0%)chart
ZAR/JPY10.2210.240 (0%)chart
ZAR/SGD0.11230.11240 (0%)chart
ZAR/USD0.08410.08410 (0%)chart

Latest News

  • Rand FX Forecasts: ZAR To EUR, GBP & USD Volatility Predicted Following South African Inflation Data
    South African Data and Interest Rate Decision to Determine Rand (ZAR) Exchange Rate Direction in the Foreign Currency Exchange Markets On Friday the Rand exchange rate was trading in a narrow range against the US Dollar (ZAR/USD) but was slightly softer ...
  • Pound to Rand: GBP/ZAR Exchange Rate Declines as UK Inflation Softens in April
    After disappointing UK data shook the market, the Pound slipped against other majors including the Rand. However, with influential South African domestic data due out over the rest of the week, the Pound may be able to recover some of its losses.
  • Pound Sterling to South African Rand (GBP/ZAR) Exchange Rate Forecast: GBP/ZAR Soars To Best Level Since 2008
    Fears over a possible Greek exit from the Eurozone, a firmer US Dollar and a surprise interest rate cut by China over the weekend all combined to weigh heavily upon emerging market currencies. The South African Rand was particularly hard hit due to the ...
  • Forex focus: election result does a sterling job for the pound
    The best result for sterling was for David Cameron to return to Downing Street. But few expected an outright Tory win. Sterling stumbled briefly last week when the Bank of England downgraded the UK's growth forecast for 2015 but quickly shrugged it off.
  • Eurozone GDP Data Impacts EUR/GBP, EUR/USD, EUR/INR, EUR/ZAR Exchange Rate Trading
    The Euro had an interesting day of trading on Wednesday as investors responded to ongoing Greek bailout concerns and some largely positive economic reports from the Eurozone. The situation in Greece might be looking particularly desperate, with an …
  • South Africa or Tanzania - Investment & Partnerships Manager
    (Salary will be in local currency based on our Global Salary Scale. Here represented in GBP and ZAR for reference) Location:To be negotiated: South Africa (preferred), or Tanzania Restless Development is the banner carrier for youth-led development ...
  • Forex Prices at 12:00
    Name Price Change %Change AUD / USD 0.789 -0.003 -0.350 EUR / CHF 1.043 -0.002 -0.150 EUR / DKK 7.460 0.002 0.030 EUR / GBP 0.715 -0.004 -0.520 EUR / JPY ... 0.041 0.500 USD / SGD 1.337 0.002 0.130 USD / ZAR 11.953 0.058 0.490 Story provided by Stock ...
  • ZAR and other EM currencies firmer on dollar weakness
    The rand’s appreciation against the greenback occurred in line with dollar weakness against all of the major currencies; the dollar posted losses against the euro (1.3%), the yen (-0.6%) and the pound (0.5%). The rand strengthened against all of the ...
  • Pound Sterling to South African Rand (GBP/ZAR) Exchange Rate Forecast to Rally on South African Mining Production
    The Pound Sterling to South African Rand (GBP/ZAR) exchange rate advanced by around 0.80% on Tuesday afternoon. If you're looking to make an international money transfer, we recommend TorFX. As traders speculate that British labour market data will produce ...
  • Unilever links profit slide to Naira, oil prices
    Achebe also said that as at December 2014, if the Naira had weakened or strength­ened by five per cent against key currencies (GBP and ZAR) to which the company is exposed to, with all other variables held constant, post tax profit for the year would have ...
  • British Pound Exchange Rate Forecast: GBP/ZAR, GBP/CAD Advance on BoE Interest Rate Hike Predictions, GBP/INR Softens
    ... were trending higher in the first half of Tuesday’s European session while the British Pound to Indian Rupee (GBP/INR) exchange rate softened. The British Pound exchange rate could be in for some major fluctuations on Tuesday when Bank of England ...
  • 2014 Final Dividend Exchange Rate & Scrip Prices
    will be 18.61730 ZAR to 1 GBP. On this basis, shareholders who hold their shares via the South African register will receive a cash dividend of 18.61730 ZA cents per ordinary share. UK (principal register): 1 new ordinary ...
  • ZAR/GBP - South African Rand British Pound
    Get a ZAR GBP forecast recommendation - strong Buy, Buy, strong Sell, Sell or Neutral signals and gain access to a detailed ZAR GBP technical analysis through moving averages buy/sell signals (simple and exponential for 5,10,20,50,100 and 200 periods) and ...
  • AUD Exchange Rate Forecast to Fluctuate against US Dollar, Pound. AUD/ZAR Softer
    The Australian Dollar to Pound (AUD/GBP) exchange rate is currently trading in the region of 0.5580, near the session high of 0.5581. The Pound softened against the ‘Aussie’ today after the Consumer Price Index highlighted a drop in UK inflation which ...
  • USD-ZAR spikes to 11.2250
    The Dollar strengthened against the Euro and the Pound, while weakening against the Yen. The Rand depreciated against all of the major crosses, with the biggest move seen against the Yen (-0.9%). As mentioned before, all of the commodity and EM currencies ...
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