The South Africa Rand vs United Kingdom Pound

The ZAR/GBP currency pair
ZAR (Rand) is the Currency of South Africa.
GBP (Pound) is the Currency of United Kingdom.


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Real-Time ZAR Quotes (Bid/Ask)

(as of May 26, 2016 12:22:52 pm US/Eastern)
CurrencyBid (Price to Sell)Ask (Price to Buy)Change (Today)
AUD/ZAR11.250211.25740.0020 (0.02%)chart
CAD/ZAR12.003112.00910.0075 (0.06%)chart
CHF/ZAR15.738915.75730.0502 (0.32%)chart
EUR/ZAR17.425217.44490.0341 (0.20%)chart
GBP/ZAR22.838122.86390.1628 (0.71%)chart
HKD/ZAR2.00932.00970.0073 (0.36%)chart
JPY/ZAR0.14179030.14215310.0001513 (0.11%)chart
SGD/ZAR11.345811.35300.0093 (0.08%)chart
USD/ZAR15.598215.60950.0564 (0.36%)chart
ZAR/AUD0.08880.08890 (0%)chart
ZAR/CAD0.08330.08330.0001 (0.12%)chart
ZAR/CHF0.06350.06350.0002 (0.32%)chart
ZAR/EUR0.05730.05740.0001 (0.17%)chart
ZAR/GBP0.04370.04380.0003 (0.69%)chart
ZAR/HKD0.49760.49770.0018 (0.36%)chart
ZAR/JPY7.037.050.01 (0.14%)chart
ZAR/SGD0.08810.08810.0001 (0.11%)chart
ZAR/USD0.06410.06410.0003 (0.47%)chart

Latest News

  • Pound To Rand Rate Forecast: GBP/ZAR Closes In On 14-Week Best Conversion Level
    Today's British pound to euro exchange rate forecast for the week ahead. The pound to dollar exchange rate rallies sharply with forecasts predicting 1.47 for GBP/USD in the near-term outlook. Will Best Pound to Euro Exchange Rate to Return for Sterling ...
  • ZAR Edges Higher on Fed Rate Bets
    As a result of this, emerging market assets climbed on Monday. The Pound Sterling to South African Rand (GBP/ZAR) exchange rate cooled by around -0.2% during Monday’s European session. As explained above, reduced bets regarding a near-term Federal ...
  • Pound Sterling (GBP) Remains Dominant against South African Rand (ZAR) as Brawls Erupt in ZA Parliament
    The Pound has soared against the South African Rand today, with a recent EU Referendum poll eclipsing the effect of the earlier mixed UK domestic data. The Rand has conversely been faring poorly against a majority of its peers, due to the national ...
  • Pound to South African Rand Rate Outlook: Chart Biased Towards Further Upside
    The GBP/ZAR pair has risen strongly since bottoming at the April 20 lows, at 20.35. The steepness of the rise indicates that the pair will probably continue higher. The break above the 22.8790 highs established a higher high, and therefore signalled a ...
  • Euro to US Dollar (EUR/USD) Exchange Rate Slumps as Eurogroup Meeting Begins
    The various shifts of the Euro today have included gains of 0.5% against the Australian Dollar (EUR/AUD) and South African Rand (EUR/ZAR), but losses of -0.3% against the US Dollar (EUR/USD) and -0.7% against the Pound Sterling (EUR/GBP). The appeal of the ...
  • Forex - Emerging Europe Closing Summary and Highlights 24 May
    While the koruna was generally stable against the euro on Tuesday with the EUR/CZK trading in the 27.018-27.042 range, it weakened against the US dollar amid heightened expectations of the Fed's June rate hike, aggravated by a substantial EUR/GBP sell ...
  • Ratings agencies and politics: What will happen to the Rand?
    Let’s look at those two recent examples in numbers: Political event Total Rand deviation Event Volatility* Finance Minister reshuffle GBP/ZAR dev.: R3.97c 18% Constitutional court ruling GBP/ZAR dev.: R0.94c 4.3% The event ...
  • Now Allows Users to Buy Bitcoin through Card Payments in 5 Different Currencies
    The platform currently supports 8 different currencies viz., USD, GBP, AUD, CAD, CZK, RON, and ZAR, out of which 5 currencies – USD, EUR, GBP, CAD, and AUD have credit and debit card support. “We’re constructing a global exchange platform which is ...
  • Enables Bitcoin Purchases Through Card Payments In 5 Different Currencies
    The platform currently supports 8 different currencies viz., USD, GBP, AUD, CAD, CZK, RON, and ZAR, out of which 5 currencies – USD, EUR, GBP, CAD, and AUD have credit and debit card support. Vereshchagin said that the platform aims to become the ...
  • Further Gains Predicted for GBP ZAR exchange Rate
    The Bank of England (BoE) opted to maintain its headline interest rate at 0.50% yesterday and did not extend the £375bn which it has committed to its controversial Quantitative Easing up to this point. However, the Old Lady of Threadneedle Street’s ...
  • Forex Prices at 09:00
    Name Price Change %Change AUD / USD 0.716 -0.007 -0.930 EUR / CHF 1.110 -0.000 -0.040 EUR / DKK 7.436 -0.000 0.000 EUR / GBP 0.769 -0.006 -0.730 EUR ... 0.021 0.250 USD / SGD 1.383 0.006 0.400 USD / ZAR 15.858 0.143 0.910 Story provided by Stock Market ...
  • buy high quality counterfeit bank notes( s.s.d chemicals for washing black money
    gbp – british pound ,inr – indian rupee ,aud – australian dollar ,cad – canadian dollar ,aed – emirati dirham ,zar – rand chf swiss franc ,cny – chinese yuan , myr – malaysian ringgit ,thb – thai baht, nzd – new zealand dollar ,sar ...
  • Pound Sterling to South African Rand (GBP/ZAR) Exchange Rate sees Marginal Decline after BoE’s Dovish Blowout
    The next economic publications due to move the Pound Sterling (GBP) will be the impending UK Industrial and Manufacturing Production results for September, along with the Trade Balance results for the same month, which have been forecast to show small ...
  • CAPITAL & COUNTIES PROPERTIES PLC – 2015 Final Dividend – Exchange Rate and Scrip Calculation Prices
    will be 21.70580 ZAR to 1 GBP. UK (principal register): 1 new ordinary share for every 335.60 ordinary shares held South Africa: 1 new ordinary share for every 339.74763 ordinary shares held As no fraction of a share can be issued, the number of shares to ...
  • FXTF to terminate offering of High Speed FX, to focus on MT4
    The switch will be automatic for positions in all instruments (unless a client refuses to move to MT4), apart from seven currency pairs: EUR/ZAR; GBP/ZAR; HKD/JPY; SGD/JPY; USD/HKD; USD/SGD; USD/ZAR. These instruments are not supported in FXTF MT4 and ...
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