The South Africa Rand vs United Kingdom Pound

The ZAR/GBP currency pair
ZAR (Rand) is the Currency of South Africa.
GBP (Pound) is the Currency of United Kingdom.


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Real-Time ZAR Quotes (Bid/Ask)

(as of Aug 30, 2016 6:47:11 am US/Eastern)
CurrencyBid (Price to Sell)Ask (Price to Buy)Change (Today)
AUD/ZAR10.892810.90000.0210 (0.19%)chart
CAD/ZAR11.060611.06160.0133 (0.12%)chart
CHF/ZAR14.724014.73620.0053 (0.04%)chart
EUR/ZAR16.105516.11820.0141 (0.09%)chart
GBP/ZAR18.871618.88710.0063 (0.03%)chart
HKD/ZAR1.85921.85960.0013 (0.07%)chart
JPY/ZAR0.14069310.14107030.0005079 (0.36%)chart
SGD/ZAR10.600110.60210.0031 (0.03%)chart
USD/ZAR14.415514.42530.0099 (0.07%)chart
ZAR/AUD0.09170.09180.0001 (0.11%)chart
ZAR/CAD0.09040.09040.0001 (0.11%)chart
ZAR/CHF0.06790.06790.0001 (0.15%)chart
ZAR/EUR0.06200.06210 (0%)chart
ZAR/GBP0.05290.05300 (0%)chart
ZAR/HKD0.53770.53790.0003 (0.06%)chart
ZAR/JPY7.097.110.03 (0.42%)chart
ZAR/SGD0.09430.09430 (0%)chart
ZAR/USD0.06930.06940.0001 (0.14%)chart

Latest News

  • GBP/ZAR Exchange Rate Forecast: Rand On Bullish Run Despite Finance Minister Political Turbulence
    Rising South African inflation was not enough to boost the weakened Pound against the South African Rand, as Brexit-based fears remain a drag on the currency The bullish advance for the South African Rand exchange rates continues today, despite continued ...
  • GBP ZAR Holding Gains despite Record Bets against the Pound
    The GBP ZAR exchange rate has seen gradual but choppy gains over the past seven days, thanks to a combination of Brexit-related speculation in the UK and the results of South Africa’s latest elections. Closing Sterling Short Positions Enables Pound ...
  • GBP ZAR and GBP EUR Exchange Rate Forecasts Improve
    The Pound Sterling (currency : GBP) has jumped in value against the South African Rand (currency : ZAR) following the emergence of a dramatic overnight news story on the South African wires. Reports suggest that South African Finance Minister Pravin ...
  • Pound South African Rand Long-Term Outlook: Article 50 and ZA Elections in Focus
    In a surprising post-‘Brexit’ development, Pound to South African Rand (GBP ZAR) exchange rates have traded strongly during late August, suggesting that recent data has helped lessen the impact of pre-Referendum forecasts that an ‘Out’ vote would ...
  • Pound to South African Rand Surges Higher, But be Warned, this Gordhan Saga Might Not Have a Lasting Impact
    The South African Rand (ZAR) has come under notable pressure over the past 24 hours as the country's finance minister is asked to present himself before authorities to answer questions concerning corruption. The Pound to Rand exchange rate (GBP/ZAR ...
  • Pound (gbp) vs euro (eur), us dollar (usd) exchange rates down, fed holds rates _ euro exchange rate news data recovery raw
    GBP lost ground against the Euro (EUR ... and 0.4% against the South African Rand (EUR ZAR) coming alongside losses of -0.9% against the Japanese Yen (EUR JPY) and the New Zealand Dollar (EUR NZD). The latest news out of the Eurozone has consisted of ...
  • Euro Pound (EUR GBP) Exchange Rate Static Following UK Jobs Data
    For the Euro, gains have included a minor advance against the Pound (EUR GBP), 0.5% against the South African Rand (EUR ZAR) and 0.6% against the US Dollar (EUR USD) and Indian Rupee (EUR INR). While the Euro has more recently traded at 0.86 against the ...
  • ZAR/GBP - South African Rand British Pound
    Get instant access to a free live streaming ZAR GBP chart. The chart is intuitive yet powerful, offering users multiple chart types including candlesticks, area, lines, bars and Heiken Ashi. There are flexible customization options and dozens of tools to ...
  • Mondi : 2016 Interim Dividend euro/sterling Exchange Rate
    The applicable exchange rate is EUR 1 to ZAR 15.35580. Therefore ... it is confirmed that sterling dividend payments will be converted at a rate of EUR 1 to GBP 0.85448. Therefore, the equivalent interim dividend in pence per ordinary share will be ...
  • MONDI PLC – Mondi Group 2016 Interim Dividend euro/sterling Exchange Rate
    payments will be converted at a rate of EUR 1 to GBP 0.85448. Therefore ... converted at a rate of EUR 1 to ZAR 15.35580. Therefore, the equivalent gross interim dividend in rand cents per ordinary share will be 288.84260. Information relating to the ...
  • British pound stabilises as Brexit could be delayed
    Investors have disregarded shaky fundamentals; diving head first into risky currencies likes BRL, PLN, ZAR and TRY. The highlight of this ... only increase expectations for stimulus and send the GBP lower. EUR/USD is increasing towards hourly resistance ...
  • Jubilee Platinum PLC (JLP)
    Project revenue from the sale of chromite concentrate for the month of July 2016 up 33% to GBP 0.692 million (ZAR 12.1 million) compared with the month of June 2016 · Chromite project earnings from chromite concentrate for the month of July 2016 ...
  • Convert decimal to binary c Pound sterling exchange rate outlook poor vs australian dollar, eur usd _ currency news uk convert ip address to binary
    The GBP AUD modify charge arise definition of binary at one ... 2016 • Could Pound US BUCK Foretell Dip convert zar to usd circle to Consistency on Brexit 200 usd Opt? – Jun 17, 2016 • Pound US BUCK Switch Percentage usd to inr rate today Figure ...
  • GBP/JPY trades below 130, decline till 128.65/126.70 likely
    GBP/JPY upside capped by 7 –day EMA, good to sell on rallies FxWirePro: USD/ZAR almost flat around 13.47, faces strong resistance at 13.55 FxWirePro: Gold faces strong resistance at $1368, good to sell on rallies
  • Dollar’s Asymmetric Rally “Unlearn what we have Learned”
    I said yesterday USD/ZAR will be driven by politics going forward but a hawkish ... With a huge amount of short positioning out there GBP has not managed to make a new low since Brexit Day. The absolute low around 1.2800 remains comfortably unchallenged.
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