The South Africa Rand vs United Kingdom Pound

The ZAR/GBP currency pair
ZAR (Rand) is the Currency of South Africa.
GBP (Pound) is the Currency of United Kingdom.


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Real-Time ZAR Quotes (Bid/Ask)

(as of Apr 17, 2015 4:59:29 pm US/Eastern)
CurrencyBid (Price to Sell)Ask (Price to Buy)Change (Today)
AUD/ZAR9.39519.40230 (0%)chart
CAD/ZAR9.85859.86450 (0%)chart
CHF/ZAR12.664312.68380 (0%)chart
EUR/ZAR13.033013.05400 (0%)chart
GBP/ZAR18.046018.07360 (0%)chart
HKD/ZAR1.55741.55790 (0%)chart
JPY/ZAR0.10133340.10153400 (0%)chart
SGD/ZAR8.96548.97260 (0%)chart
USD/ZAR12.063712.07500 (0%)chart
ZAR/AUD0.10640.10640 (0%)chart
ZAR/CAD0.10140.10140 (0%)chart
ZAR/CHF0.07880.07900 (0%)chart
ZAR/EUR0.07660.07670 (0%)chart
ZAR/GBP0.05530.05540 (0%)chart
ZAR/HKD0.64190.64210 (0%)chart
ZAR/JPY9.859.870 (0%)chart
ZAR/SGD0.11150.11150 (0%)chart
ZAR/USD0.08280.08290 (0%)chart

Latest News

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    The British Pound to Rand exchange rate - GBP ZAR - traded within a narrow range on Tuesday, with Sterling eking out a modest advance. South African President Jacob Zuma announced this week that Lesatja Kganyago will be appointed as Governor of the South ...
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    The British Pound to South African Rand (GBP/ZAR) and British Pound to Canadian Dollar (GBP/CAD) exchange rates were trending higher in the first half of Tuesday’s European session while the British Pound to Indian Rupee (GBP/INR) exchange rate softened.
  • US stocks lift, $US retreats
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    The British Pound trends higher vs the Rand exchange rate as the week closed, whilst the Euro fell against the South African currency. A quick FX market summary before we bring you the rest of the report: The Pound to South African Rand exchange rate: GBP
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    Photo: ENCA/Scott Smith JOHANNESBURG – The South African Rand (ZAR) was trading at firmer levels on Tuesday ... at R12.8890 from a close of R12.8898 and was at R17.5973 against the Pound from a previous close of R17.5579. The Euro was at $1.0924 from ...
  • USD/ZAR traded in a consolidative manner during the European morning Friday
    It was higher against JPY, SEK, NOK, GBP and AUD, in that order ... the downgrade implications are likely to keep ZAR under selling pressure. On top of that, the recent deterioration of the country’s trade balance and the poor manufacturing data kept ...
  • AUD Exchange Rate Forecast to Fluctuate against US Dollar, Pound. AUD/ZAR Softer
    The Australian Dollar to Pound (AUD/GBP) exchange rate is currently trading in ... The Australian Dollar to South African Rand (AUD/ZAR) exchange rate fell following the release of South Africa’s inflation figures. the inflation data showed a month ...
  • Daily Summary USD, EUR, GBP, JPY, AUD and ZAR
    v EUR falls to a new all-time low against the JPY, below 100, as investors fear the Eurozone's debt crisis will weigh on economic growth in 2012; v JPY heads into the end of the year well supported after a report showed the BoJ did not sell any JPY in ...
  • British pound vs South African Rand: GBP heads higher against ZAR and other high yield currencies
    The pound sterling vs South African Rand exchange rate (GBP ZAR) is 0.404% lower on Friday's close at 12.8652. The British pound advanced against the South African Rand and the other higher-yielding currencies like the Australian Dollar and New Zealand ...
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