The Denmark Kroner vs Euro Member Countries Euro

The DKK/EUR currency pair
DKK (Kroner) is the Currency of Denmark.
EUR (Euro) is the Currency of Euro Member Countries.



Real-Time DKK Quotes (Bid/Ask)

(as of Aug 16, 2017 5:26:48 pm America/New_York)
CurrencyBid (Price to Sell)Ask (Price to Buy)Change (Today)
AUD/DKK5.011115.012510.05431 (1.10%)chart
CAD/DKK5.008515.009310.04201 (0.85%)chart
CHF/DKK6.542416.543910.02905 (0.45%)chart
DKK/AUD0.199500.199560.00218 (1.08%)chart
DKK/CAD0.199630.199660.00169 (0.84%)chart
DKK/CHF0.152810.152850.00068 (0.44%)chart
DKK/EUR0.134450.134470 (0%)chart
DKK/GBP0.122780.122820.00012 (0.10%)chart
DKK/HKD1.237881.238110.00298 (0.24%)chart
DKK/JPY17.43517.4400.022 (0.13%)chart
DKK/SGD0.215500.215730.00017 (0.08%)chart
DKK/USD0.158260.158300.00043 (0.27%)chart
EUR/DKK7.436617.437870.00015 (0.00%)chart
GBP/DKK8.142238.144780.00800 (0.10%)chart
HKD/DKK0.807680.807830.00195 (0.24%)chart
JPY/DKK0.057339450.057355890.00007226 (0.13%)chart
SGD/DKK4.635514.640310.00370 (0.08%)chart
USD/DKK6.317046.318690.01723 (0.27%)chart

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