ADX/ETH 0.00196108
Todays change -0.00009232 (-4.50%)
Today's High 0.00205355
Today's Low 0.00194710
Today's Open 0.00205341
52wk High 0.00466458
52wk Low 0.00163497
52wk Open 0.00274837

AdEx Crypto Currency / Ether Crypto Currency

The ADX/ETH Currency pair
ADX (Currency) is the Currency of AdEx Crypto.
ETH (Currency) is the Currency of Ether Crypto.



Current AdEx Crypto Currency Cross Rates

(as of Jan 21, 2018 7:37:46 am America/New_York)
CurrencyBid (Price to Sell)Ask (Price to Buy)Change (Today)
AUD/ETH0.000717060.000733040.00002991 (4.30%)AUDETH
CAD/ETH0.000699330.000715180.00002398 (3.51%)CADETH
CHF/ETH0.000930870.000951200.00003780 (4.18%)CHFETH
ETH/AUD1364.180001394.5900059.30500 (4.12%)ETHAUD
ETH/CAD1398.240001429.9300049.50500 (3.38%)ETHCAD
ETH/CHF1051.300001074.2600044.47000 (4.02%)ETHCHF
ETH/EUR914.19000915.8600034.08000 (3.59%)ETHEUR
ETH/GBP532.00000604.5100014.74000 (2.53%)ETHGBP
ETH/HKD8523.930008714.03000370.55000 (4.12%)ETHHKD
ETH/JPY125009.00000126757.000005,573.50000 (4.24%)ETHJPY
ETH/NZD1498.430001531.8300065.15000 (4.12%)ETHNZD
ETH/SGD1439.650001472.2500062.85500 (4.14%)ETHSGD
ETH/USD1105.000001105.0100052.72000 (4.55%)ETHUSD
EUR/ETH0.001091870.001093860.00003924 (3.72%)EURETH
GBP/ETH0.001654230.001879700.00004617 (2.68%)GBPETH
HKD/ETH0.000114760.000117320.00000479 (4.31%)HKDETH
JPY/ETH0.000007890.000008000.00000033 (4.34%)JPYETH
NZD/ETH0.000652810.000667370.00002723 (4.30%)NZDETH
SGD/ETH0.000679230.000694610.00002844 (4.32%)SGDETH
USD/ETH0.000904970.000904980.00004121 (4.77%)USDETH

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