1337/BTC 0.00000001
Todays change 0.00000000 (0.00%)
Today's High 0.00000001
Today's Low 0.00000001
Today's Open 0.00000001
52wk High 0.00000022
52wk Low 0.00000001
52wk Open 0.00000001

1337 Crypto Currency / Bitcoin Crypto Currency

The 1337/BTC Currency pair
1337 (Currency) is the Currency of 1337 Crypto.
XBT (Currency) is the Currency of Bitcoin Crypto.



Current 1337 Crypto Currency Cross Rates

(as of Jan 22, 2018 7:08:10 am America/New_York)
CurrencyBid (Price to Sell)Ask (Price to Buy)Change (Today)
AUD/BTC0.000070250.000071690.00000151 (2.17%)AUDXBT
CAD/BTC0.000068280.000068420.00000135 (2.02%)CADXBT
CHF/BTC0.000091220.000093070.00000195 (2.16%)CHFXBT
EUR/BTC0.000106240.000106380.00000168 (1.61%)EURXBT
GBP/BTC0.000159850.000171820.00000749 (4.73%)GBPXBT
HKD/BTC0.000011210.000011430.00000022 (1.98%)HKDXBT
JPY/BTC0.000000770.000000770.00000001 (1.31%)JPYXBT
NZD/BTC0.000064040.000065340.00000146 (2.31%)NZDXBT
SGD/BTC0.000066440.000067760.00000137 (2.08%)SGDXBT
USD/BTC0.000087990.000088000.00000167 (1.93%)USDXBT
BTC/AUD13949.7100014235.11000304.67000 (2.12%)XBTAUD
BTC/CAD14615.7000014646.50000295.15000 (1.98%)XBTCAD
BTC/CHF10745.0600010962.14000234.57500 (2.12%)XBTCHF
BTC/EUR9400.000009412.50000146.00000 (1.53%)XBTEUR
BTC/GBP5820.000006255.80000294.95000 (4.66%)XBTGBP
BTC/HKD87456.0500089222.920001,759.69500 (1.95%)XBTHKD
BTC/JPY1293198.000001300552.0000014,216.50000 (1.08%)XBTJPY
BTC/NZD15305.6200015614.84000355.64500 (2.25%)XBTNZD
BTC/SGD14759.0100015050.50000310.51000 (2.04%)XBTSGD
BTC/USD11363.0000011365.10000220.70000 (1.91%)XBTUSD

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